20 of the Hottest Dudes on Tinder From Around the WorldSorry, swipe-happy friends, but your Tinder addiction is about to go next level thanks to the launch of Tinder Plus on Monday. These are a few types of guys you stumble across when using Tinder and how you'd like to react to them. With the Tinder dating app, you swipe right if you want to meet someone, and swipe left if you don't. If you and someone else separately approve one another, "it's a match" on Tinder, and the app lets you chat.

It would be one thing if we were choosing celebrity crushes this way — they are remote individuals, almost universally attractive, who could garner rankings from thousands if not millions of fans.
Then, you can see how the girls rated these guys on looks, personality, money, charm and wit — and how they perform in bed. To rate the guys, you answer a set of questions that the algorithms translate into numerical ratings, and you choose from a list of predetermined hashtags to describe the men's best and worst qualities.
Tinder, since it is available for both sexes, is now a part of the zeitgeist, the fastest-growing free dating app in the United States, facilitating more than 4 million matches per day.

There have also been privacy problems — Tinder exposed sensitive location information of its users for weeks in the fall.

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