This kind of personal work is tough because it requires facing inadequacies, inner demons, and fears of being alone.
Although there are many variables as to why women seem to fall into the trap of attracting the same kind of men over and over again, I believe that there are three important underlying explanations. First, either consciously or subconsciously we tend to become attracted to partners who will meet a need or fill a void. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, women who are attracted to unhealthy partners do not ask themselves two important questions. Your unconscious self is likely attempting to work something out on your behalf, to do it better, or get it right this time. Instead, you entered another romantic relationship (under circumstances which ensure that it will fail) and simultaneously moved in with the man. Unless you’ve made it very clear that you see him only as a friend, are not attracted to him and will likely never be, you are being very unfair to him. There are lots of gay men who get married to women and don’t feel attracted to their wives.

I’m not so sure marriage back then was any happier just because more women settled for men because they had no option.
My ex told me- after a good long period of marriage and me wondering why he was not very interested in sex- that he thought of me as his best friend, but I really wasn’t sexy. The truth is, I and many men hate that game, that even we must play even just s little bit. And so, as a guy who has done plenty well for himself without ever reading a PUA manual, the only thing I had in my arsenal was the fact that I was really confident, liked myself, had opinions and boundaries, was a direct communicator, and had a sense of humor.
To find a healthy partner, it’s vital to understand the three parts of attraction – Head, Heart and Hormones. And back in the day, when women were bartered in marriage, I suspect it was a very common scenario for the woman to be repulsed by her husband. Finding a good husband and father, It’s just in previous generations it was more acceptable for women not to be attracted to their husbands.
Karl has suggested that people try to adjust their level of attraction through mindfulness.

When they realize they keep attracting emotionally unavailable men, bad boys, abusers, or over-spenders; it is then they are feeling alone, angry with themselves, while feeling heartbroken again. Maybe find some stability without a man, and teach your son that he comes first in your life. Hormones are the body’s neuro-chemical reaction, the release of dopamine, which occurs when we feel attraction. Be proactive about getting help from an expert to move you past this pattern of attraction so that you can really attract the partner you deserve.

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