Sure, everyone has different tastes, but if you're used to being complimented on your shy intelligence and your date tells you how much they like your confidence, they clearly don't see you in the same light that previous partners did. Going on a blind date without the assistance of booze is a lot like that, but without an easy exit strategy. One good story beats 100 clever lines.We can sit here all day and talk about the clever, funny, witty, and intelligent responses we've given on dates, but when you're on a blind date, it's tough to know exactly what the other person will think is funny (more on that later). On a blind date, the two of you presumably know at least one or two of the same people, which means that there isn't really a quick and easy clean getaway if things don't go so well. After a few drinks, that barfly seems much more approachable, and you're finding yourself engaged in semi-drunken philosophical conversation with the blind date whose name you can't quite remember.3.
You have to try, but only a little.It's hard enough to figure out what level of effort to put into a date when you actually know the person you're going out with.

Never underestimate the importance of entertainment.Yep, we totally stole the name of this lesson from the best Funny Games quote, and not learning it will kill your blind date as slowly and painfully as the family in (either version of) that movie.
When it comes to a blind date, it's near impossible to find that happy medium of not coming off as totally careless, but also not trying too hard. You can be on a date with the hottest person on the planet, and if the experience is super boring, you're probably never going to want to see them (clothed) again.
Putting in no effort isn't any better, so we think the right balance is at approximately 15 to 20 percent effort for a blind date, but we're willing to wait until the Internet releases a study on that.8. Well, if played correctly, even the most boring of lives can be entertaining for at least the length of a blind date.
We're not saying you need to make anything up or embellish on who you are, just think of a blind date as a good time for a highlight reel of your life rather than the play-by-play.

Those people are very real, and they seem to be very much a part of the blind dating scene. Go into a blind date assuming that the other person isn't going to think you look like a super model or doesn't understand your sense of humor, and if they do, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Not everyone is going to think you're the greatest person they've ever dined with, so you have to be prepared to switch to an alternate approach if you want to improve your odds of a blind date working out.1. We're not saying you'll be able to connect with everyone on a deep philosophical level, but you should be able to get through the blind date at least.Follow Jackalope Ranch on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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