Being outside for a while and moving helps makes you feel like you did something useful with your day. If you're into photography, make sure to take your camera along - you might get some inspiration along the way! Have a rainy day theme with films featuring rain, storms, or the word rain, like Singing in the Rain. Many of the suggestions from the first method can be turned into kids activities, just like the second method can be adapted for adults.
Cold days are magical moments for you and your beau to snuggle up and enjoy each other’s company. If you have kids, teach them how to make grandma's famous biscuits or your treasured apple pie recipe. Have an action-packed day, scare yourself with horror movies, or have a laugh with some classic comedies.
Gather your family, invite your friends, and sit around the table to play board games and card games.[7] This is a great way to catch up with your loved ones, talk, laugh, and enjoy being together. Put on rain coats and galoshes, or a bathing suit and flip flops, and go jump in the puddles on your street.[8] Have contests where you try to splash each other, or play hopscotch as you jump from puddle to puddle.
This keeps you busy and lets you use some of those ingredients in your pantry you've been wanting to try. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try to write something in a genre you've never thought about writing in before.

Invite your best friend over and play some video games together, or get online and play with people online. This can include just about anything - crawling under tables, walking in straight lines along tape on the floor, throwing stuffed animals into buckets, hopping along the hall, forward rolling across the room, or picking up stuff with their teeth. Decorate pine cones, make hand puppets, draw pictures with watercolors, make leaf collages, and use felt pieces to make a picture story.[11] The only limit is your imagination. Either cut and place them into 3-D shapes for your buildings, or just cut them for flat, one-sided buildings.
I am not a big cuddler as my boyfriend will begrudgingly tell you, but when it gets cold i am all about. Make the most of the cold weather with these winter date and unique things to do with your girlfriend or boyfriend on a put on your mufflers and sweaters and spend a winter day. Find a book on your bookshelf, go to the library, or download a book onto your electronic reader. Take in the different way the world looks around you in the rain.[2] Visit a local state park or wildlife reserve. Days when it is very cold outside can sometimes seem unexciting, making you feel depressed. 25 fun things to do in your dorm room when it’s too rekindle the romance with these fun games you used to play on the rainy days of the past.
If the frigid temps are making you go stir crazy at home, we have 50 ideas for things to do to make your.

My favorite kid activities, kids crafts, rainy day projects, and much more to my favorite kid activities from the internet. This is the perfect opportunity to finally go to that museum's new photography exhibit everyone is talking about so you can quit pretending you're just as cultured as your hip friend who always manages to do that stuff before you even hear of it.
One of the nice things to do for your boyfriend or girlfriend is to put together a picnic and find a lovely spot to sit with your girlfriend or boyfriend by a river or in a park under a tree.
You could spend the day in the park or on the beach with your boyfriend or girlfriend flying your kite.
Think of the fun stuff your parents took you to do when you were driving them nuts inside the house.
Braving the rain (only if there's no lightning, keep it safe!) will give you private access to a normally crowded public area. Every fool can take a beautiful picture of a sunset on a clear evening (ugh, #nofilter braggers), but snap a waterproof case on your phone and take some moody selfies or nature shots to be the Instagram-envy of all your friends.
Getting wet outside comes with all kinds of annoying problems like pants that are soaked to the knee and broken umbrellas.

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