A boyfriend who is constantly trying to keep tabs on you or telling you what to wear or not to wear is not a boyfriend you need in your life. He Gets Angry When You Do Things Without HimThis might be the biggest sign of a controlling boyfriend - that he doesn't want you to do anything when he's not involved. Source: ShutterStock He Tries To Look At Your StuffI'm always telling you guys not to look through your boyfriend's phone or Facebook or anything like that - and it goes both ways.
Source: ShutterStock He Hates All Of Your FriendsA controlling guy will usually hate on everyone else in your life because he wants to be your number one, all the time. Source: ShutterStock He Tries To Tell You What To DoYour boyfriend should never tell you what you can and cannot do. I was once in a controlling relationship and I know that I didn’t realize how controlling it was until after we broke up. Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you guys can't do stuff on your own sometimes.
My ex was very controlling and he hated all of my friends so much that he slowly convinced me to stop talking to every single one of them.
There's nothing wrong with letting your boyfriend pay for dinner or the movies or whatever. Some get out of these relationships and some get stuck with controlling guys for years to come- or even for life. Your boyfriend shouldn't be getting mad at you for hanging with friends without him, going to party if he's not around or innocently talking to guys without him there.

It's a sign that he doesn't trust you and it's also a way for him to check up on you - basically to make sure you're not doing anything he doesn't approve of. It is very important for every girl out there to know the signs of a controlling boyfriend and to know that being with a guy like this isn’t good for them or anyone else. Dealing with a controlling boyfriend isn’t easy and, unfortunately, it can turn into an abusive relationship way too easily.
Like, if he starts paying for your clothes, helping with your phone bill, buying you makeup, etc. Your BF getting super jealous of everything you do or anyone you talk to could really mean that he's just angry that you have a life that doesn't always involve him.
If he can't let you have any time to yourself, that's a sign that he wants to be in control of what you're doing all the time. If your boyfriend is the controlling-type he won’t want to let you go out with certain friends, family and he may even throw a fit every time you do.
It's not fair, especially if he gets to do his own thing (which is usually how controlling relationships work). This could either mean he wants to pay for everything, tell you how you can and can’t spend your money or he will only make you pay for the things you both want and need. A controlling boyfriend may try to skim down your friends, and even family, or try to eliminate them from your life altogether. Whether it is your social networking site, your voice mail, your texts or your mail- He will always¬†need¬†to know what is going on with your life, money, friends, conversations and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Instead, no matter who holds the fault, he will wait for you to apologize to him, even if it wasn’t a big deal or your fault. He must of thought I was that stupid not to know better, well I have had great boyfriends so I knew he was not worth my time and effort. But, when it comes down to it, if need be or if the decision isn’t all that vital, you should be able to make a decision on your own. If you find yourself feeling like you can’t ever make any decision without him, he may be controlling. A boyfriend who is controlling will put you down to control you better, make you think untrue things about yourself and then he will come back to bring you back up again, so he is the one who makes you feel good (though he was the one to make you feel badly in the first place.) He may also verbally abuse you to get you to do things he wants you to do. Or you may want to visit your family for the day and he says you aren’t allowed to go. If you are still with him, you should start trying to separate your finances and strike out on your own.

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