Why we built SCADE? In short, because mobile needed a new platform that wasn't a workaround, but an answer to people's question. We wanted a platform with a future-safe, high performant as well as highly productive language that had powerful backing and we found Swift.

SCADE applications are coded in Swift, and we compile Swift to native machine code using the Apple Swift 3.x compiler on both iOS and Android. The result are fast executables that run native on iOS and Android

We wanted a platform that provides native look and feel & unrestricted access to the native controls for all mobile platforms.

Our SCADE SDK provides cross platform access to the native controls (Text fields, keyboard, map, camera...) and allows using these control through one code base. The major functionality is exposed through one unified API, and for platform specific functionality you can cast the control to its native control class and use it without restrictions.

We wanted a platform that unites UX design and mobile development.

Our SVG graphics engine brings high performance graphics to the table, allowing the format independent design of sophisticated UX. It combines SVG with native controls, thus allowing the elegant rendering of cross platform UIs with native look and feel.

We wanted a platform that is expandable and thrives on its users’ creativity

SCADE allows many ways of sharing of ideas and code, i.e. the incorporation of static libraries, the creation and sharing of user developed controls as well as the extension of our cross-platform SDK

We wanted a platform that the developer community enjoys 

We will open source part of SCADE, and finance our operations through paid support models. We understand that our way to growth and global adoption is a business model that provides the community innovation and continuity at a fair price, while providing them the necessary access to overcome any limitation.

We are currently in late BETA, but on an exciting path that leads to new ways of creating value through mobile applications.