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Probably the best thing about a Solar Return Sun in the Fifth House is that the Eighth House Solar Return is over. A Solar Return Chart is a special chart for your birthday year based on where you are on the day that the Sun is in the exact place that it was on the day you were born. Sun, Venus, and Mars are in my Fifth, Solar Return Venus is conjunct my natal Ascendant, Solar Return Mars is conjunct my natal Venus.
The romantic interest from the previous year was just a placeholder while I took care of the more grueling aspects of daily life and found my joy in my writing.
In the spring of that year, I began talking to a friend who, rather suddenly around the first week of September, became a serious romantic interest. My Solar Return chart says it all:  a stellium (many planets in one sign) in my Fifth House, to include Solar Return Sun conjunct Solar Return Jupiter, Solar Return Venus conjunct Solar Return Uranus (which explains that sudden lightning bolt I kept getting struck by), Part of Fortune, and Solar Return Mercury conjunct natal Ascendant for more of that delicious life, death, and the Universe conversation. My chart also shows Solar Return Neptune conjunct both my natal Ascendant and natal Chiron. Ok Belgz, i'm putting up my SR for you as a case study lol cos it has all the stuff that you need to have a baby in your SR. Well I'm not sure if I did this correctly, me knowing nothing about Solar Returns, but if I did that's interesting that the 4th House being important with conception. I just can't help be skeptical about Astrology in some respects.Jeffrey Wolf Green devised his Evolutionary Astrology system when Pluto was thought to be the most distant object in our solar system. This method (Solar Retuns), besides being the easiest to manipulate and the richest source of deductions, is also the one that conforms best to the demands of the scientific mind.
Every time I was addressed a good word, I simply replied that after all, I had not done anything extraordinary. At some point I realized that I had produced more than twenty books (about fifty at the time of writing the preface to the Italian edition of this volume). One day, the historians of astrology will state whether I have been a good teacher or a bad one. The two tools that I have first elaborated, and then improved, are the exorcism of symbols and the Aimed Solar Return. On the other hand, I think that I can really claim an absolute right of primogeniture over the latter (the Aimed Solar Returns), especially if you consider the application of the technique of relocating Solar Returns on such a large scale and in such huge numbers as I have been doing for years. By those times I directed the laboratory of electronic devices at the Institution of Motors in Naples, belonging to the CNR (Italian National Research Council).
I must say that the majority of my astrologer colleagues were not very familiar with computing; they were not even aware of the existence of those machines.
That is why I resolved to title this book A Practical Treatise of Solar Returns, not A Guide to Solar Returns. In fact, both new and old students and colleagues who have read my books or those of Alexandre Volguine, with tens, sometimes hundreds of examples (also included in my astrological quarterly Ricerca ’90) have immediately become convinced of the exceptional potentiality of this method of astrological analysis. I started studying the book of Alexandre Volguine on Solar Returns in French, translating it in a botched way. On the other hand, with all due respect, I must say that my experience on the Aimed Solar Returns is many miles away from Volguine’s, for the simple fact that in his time, travelling was the preserve of a few classes. I must also add that I haven’t found it useful to consider the position of the MC of the Solar Return in the radical Houses. There is another important point that I wish to mention in this preface – it is yet another recommendation to my readers. There is yet another point that I tell you after many years of study and silence, because now it seems to me that it is an evident piece of truth.
Apparently, this volume is the third edition of my Practical Treatise of Solar Returns, published by Ricerca ’90 and Blue Diamond Publisher. I would never stop repeating that the chart of SR shall not be read the same way as a birth chart.
In a book of this kind I feel I am required to try to explain, before anything else, what Solar Returns are and how they work. Let me also stress that the theory of the Solar Returns is extremely ancient: we can already find traces of it in texts dating back to several centuries ago. Coming back to our initial conversation, let me remind readers that we the astrologers might swear on our own sons about the reality of astrology, but we would never be able to say how astrology works.
Now it seems to me that both for the astrologer and for the layman it should be extremely clear that if we believe in other occasions of astral imprinting, we must not think about such occurrences of imprinting as a sequel of random events (i.e.
Roughly fifty years ago a new discipline was established called chronobiology: the science that deals with biological rhythms or biorhythms. It is obvious to everyone, or at least I think so, that the cycles are related to the movements of celestial bodies in our solar system.
And the same happens for man: starting from the moment of birth begins a cycle of approximately 365 days, which is repeated n number of times until the death of the individual. The above described is the starting point for the study of Solar Returns and of Aimed Solar Returns. It is natural to wonder by means of what forces a human being can think to curb, defeat, or even reverse the huge powers involved in astrology, since these forces seem to belong directly to the stars.
As a child I once took a lesson in martial art, and if I remember it well, it was the only one of my life. I was a child of ten or maybe eleven years, and I tested that move over tall and strong men, always managing to break free.
The analogy with the relocation of the Solar Returns is the fact that if you wish to gain a better year, you do not rely on your own strength contrasted with that of the stars, for you actually exploit the power of the stars. Consider the following case, taken from the issue #50 of my quarterly journal Ricerca ’90. The time has come for our yearly appointment, and so I am going to report to you about what has happened to me. Ascendant of SR in the VII House: some tension with colleagues because of competitiveness within the company. And on the other hand, certain authors may have fancies of power that lead them to believe that they can really measure up to writing the ultimate manual. I mention it because my interest on primary directions led me to go and visit Angelo Brunini, whose book I was reading and carefully studying. I remember that our expedition started from my home on a cold winter’s morning before dawn. He did not consider our meeting as the visit of scholars but as a regular, professional service of astrological counselling. I consider it perfectly acceptable, also taking into consideration that by that time Brunini was already an elder man living on a modest income, who was mainly concerned in not wasting his precious time.
On the other hand, my friend swore that on other occasions, Brunini had made forecast for him that had become true.
Let it be clear that I tell you this episode in full respect for the memory of Brunini, whose book was instrumental in forming me as an astrologer. This reminds me of the day in which I had a consultation with a dear lady from the province of Naples. Enough of digressions for the time being: let us revert back to astrology, which in my opinion requires a nimble structure, easy to operate.
I am personally convinced that the direction of the session of counselling is up to the astrologer, not to the counselee. In my early years as an astrologer, my sessions of counselling could last up to four hours in a row. So, in the early seventies my consultants already knew my passion for the study of Solar Returns; and when they asked me what are the factors that are necessary to be examined in a chart of SR, this is what I replied.
Today, after more than three decades since then, I still answer exactly the same way, because I have verified in practice that this is the right choice.
I continue to follow the teachings of my great master, André Barbault, even in this point. Well, do you really think that to be able to ‘read’ those events I had needed to cast horoscopes of conception, analysis thousands of fixed stars, Arab Parts of Fortune and Death, transits, progressions and primary directions? In another section part of this book you will read of the forecast concerning Corrado Ferlaino, the President of Naples football club Napoli.
In the following pages we examine the twelve Houses: they are all very much in astrology, and they are quite everything in Solar Returns. In order of negative importance, this combination of a SR ranks in the second place, immediately after the Ascendant of SR falling in the natal 12th House.
It is not easy to avoid the involvement of three Houses in the planning of an Aimed Solar Return. Of course, a significant involvement of the 1st House in a chart of SR can be explained very well if one has to undergo a surgery, which may sometimes be necessary or simply made for aesthetic reasons. This combination may also relate to abortion, pregnancy and childbirth (which imply changes in the structure of the mother’s body).
Finally, what if you cannot just move in order to relocate a SR containing one of these positions?
Let me stress that my attitude concerning the First House of SR is sort of a root cause of problems in my school. Also, do not forget that the Solar Return is a sort of your daily newspaper, whose headlines show the main events of your life during the twelve months covered by that specific chart of SR. However, this combination typically points to significant income or expenditure of money – at least, significant for the finances of an average worker. The role of the Second House in the chart of SR is not dangerous, if compared to the others. So, I took my responsibility and I warned his wife (for she was the one who asked for my advice, not him) to have her husband spend his next birthday in New York City, where the whole stellium would have occupied the Second House of SR.
In my long practice of counselling, I have known people who ended up literally on the street, totally ruined, and even more than once.
Now you can understand why I had one of my more dramatic sessions of counselling with a contractor who had gotten bogged down in debt with the Camorra and he could not afford repaying it.
One of them got a new job that involved attention to the client, spurring him to change his habits radically and start wearing suit and tie. Returning to money, remember that in the year when the 2nd House is in the foreground, you can have cases of individuals showing polar attitudes concerning money. There is no doubt that when it comes to potential directors, actors, set designers, photographers and extraordinarily photogenic people, Lisa was right. So, since this individual is accustomed to riding a motorbike and to be involved in more or less serious accidents, surely the 3rd House of SR does not point to anything like this.
For a variety of reasons (not only based on astrological fact) she thought she would soon be involved in some accident, and I agreed.
In 90% of cases, when this SR refers to a boy or a girl, it typically points to unexpected results at school – both positive and negative. In many cases, a SR with an involvement of the 3rd House may indicate a period of hard commuting, with the subject covering a distance of fifty or more miles to go to work at morning and back home at night.
In virtually all cases, a Fourth-House SR implies that the most important events of the year are in connection with immovable property, i.e.
Of course, whatever it is, it must be one of the main news, especially considering the fact that there is a housing crisis out there, and it is virtually impossible to move frequently – at least here in Italy. Perhaps it may also refer to prison, although the jail has much more to do with the 8th and the 12th House.
Let me make a digression now, I often hear criticism concerning my way of reading symbols in a Jungian way, albeit within the frame of my personal view of things that I have been building for decades. Solar Return Mercury is conjunct either my Ascendant or Mercury in romance-heavy years, which fits, because ease of deep discussions is a big factor in romantic attraction for me.
Her many hats include writer, publisher, contract negotiator, mom, ordained minister, and life coach. If the time of her birth is not accurate, it will change her solar return chart, because the solar revolution will not be exact. There was nothing remarkable in the 2001 SR.The year that Lil Missy was born, 2009 - SR chart had Pluto in the 5th only.
Often, when it becomes an excessive habit and it is manifestly contrary to the truth, modesty may turn into foolishness. Some of them may be defined successful; others can surely be of great value to every student. In any case, I have founded Active Astrology (Astrologia Attiva in Italian, which is also the title of a volume published in Italy by Edizioni Mediterranee). In fact, to my best knowledge no others before me have done the same; and even if so, nobody can prove it with such a large number of publications as I can.
Some of them did know about them, but they refused the very idea of machine computing of an astrological chart. In fact, what you are about to read is the gist of my experience gained in this field over many decades.

Maybe it is because I had previously proposed it to three or four different publishers who had rejected it. Also, I disagree with Volguine on the dating of events within the year covered by the Solar Return, which he obtained by mixing (in an inappropriate way, I believe) judicial astrology with exoteric astrology. A lot of my students have been giving their favourable feedback on them, checking and trying them out in practice.
I refer to Taurus being the sign that, immediately after Pisces, has the most fragile nerves. Only a practice of thousands and thousands of ASR’s can offer the guarantee of abundant material to such an extent that it allows us to write down rules, which of course are susceptible to be updated, yet they still are rules. Consider that the average of those who actually aim their SR is one fourth of the people to whom the astrologer suggests relocation.
Those who do not believe so do not believe in astrology either; and the matter can be considered closed for them. However, the author who first revived them in modern times is the French astrologer Alexander Volguine, more or less in the middle of the last century. We also claim that that astral imprinting, that is to say: that horoscope or that natal chart (birth chart or radix) is nothing but a detailed map of our whole personality, of our medical history, of our destiny in general and in particular this means in connection with our love affairs, our feelings, our professional life, our money, and so on.
Before that time, doctors prescribed drug delivery either in the morning or in the evening indifferently. It is relevant to the twenty-nine days during which our natural satellite, the Moon, takes a complete lap around the Earth: just think of the female menstrual cycle, if you have doubts about it.
The day of the (true) birthday, that is when the Sun, seen from Earth, returns exactly in degrees, minutes and seconds to the same point of the ecliptic that it occupied at the moment of an individual’s birth, a cycle of 365 days ends and another one begins, just like in a sine wave (as shown in figure at the end of this chapter).
As I wrote earlier, we astrologers do not know how astrology really works, although we could swear that it does work. Last year I followed your advice and I spent my birthday in Helsinki (so that I could take advantage of Jupiter of SR in the 10th House, as well as the strong 5th House of SR). In May 2001, with a little good luck, I achieved the rank of brown belt in karate (my other passion besides astrology). This reminds me of someone who went out of his way reckoning the number of variables that come into play when reading a birth chart – which also applies to the reading of a chart of Solar Return. He calculated his rate based on the time we spent together, and we regularly paid the due amount to him. So instead of answering my questions, he preferred to make a sort of astrological consultation for my friend Ricciardi making use of primary directions. I am sure that you have already understood that I stand for a clear, technical astrology, without no need of the astrologer wearing dark glasses at the beginning of the session. She was very emotionally distressed, and as I was desperately trying to give her the right suggestions for her life, there was a black-out in our district.
What an astrologer does not understand in a chart will not be made clearer by the introduction of some forty asteroids, a pair of black moons and a dozen Arab parts of Fortune and Death, in addition to all the fixed stars.
I accepted to chat about everything, even about Popper, Feyerabend and the philosophical question of free will.
But if you consider that I give a lot of advice to my students by phone or e-mail, I end up examining 15 to 20 cases every day. For this reason, speaking of professional astrologers, if I were to ask a colleague for advice for myself, I would surely ask Peter Van Wood, whose technical method is very close to mine and with whom I think I can share almost the same number of sessions of counselling even if he started much earlier than I. Those who want to consider ten, one hundred or even more elements of a Solar Return perhaps are not able to read it, and they try to compensate the quality of responses with quantity. I must admit that on that occasion I was quite lucky, because I assumed that also considering the timetable of the football matches, Mr.
Still, second place in this case means that, if the first place scores 100 point, the second place scores 99 points, not 20! On the other hand, it is the task of the astrologer to put this combination in relation with the contemporary transits and the overall situation of the individual. I usually follow cases of seriously ill individuals, such as people who underwent several surgical operations to remove tumours. If you have gallstones and you happen to have the AS of SR falling in your natal 1st, there is no use in trying to swim against the tide and relocate the SR – you had better undergo surgery. For this reason, sometimes, this combination may even be positive, especially if the subject usually has a weak will. Well, you can still try to exorcise the symbol following one of the pieces of good advice that I have repeatedly explained in my writings. The reading of each of these four combinations is quite similar and superimposable, still keeping in consideration that I have listed them in decreasing order of intensity. Usually, the position of the Ascendant of SR in the natal Houses tells you what is the nine-column headline on the first page. This was one of those, perhaps the most dramatic one, because it was virtually impossible to be solved in any way.
As I am writing these lines, the subject is still having his SR, so I do not know yet how it would end up – but I can imagine that he is going to face a total financial failure. During such a SR, some of them may become greedy even if they are spendthrift; others may become spendthrift even if they are greedy.
If you see in advance that your chart of SR is bad, you can relocate it so that the AS of SR falls into the natal 2nd and invest in real estate during that year, for example in a timeshare property. In fact, in my opinion the connection between these aspects of life and the 2nd House is one of Lisa’s greatest discoveries. In a critical age, say between twenty and thirty years, a SR with a strong role of the Third House can determine a date with destiny. So it may happen that Tom has just had a SR with the Ascendant falling in his natal 3rd House, and he suddenly becomes the target of huge family disputes, for example because of a brother or a sister-in-law. More people die in a car accident on our roads than the victims of our wars of the Risorgimento.
Use these solutions only if you do not cause other – perhaps even far more threatening than the ones you pretend to avoid.
I was doing little in the way of creative fiction, but more in regard to non-fiction, even some guides I’ve yet to edit and publish. Sudden pregnancy I know it's not about Solar Returns but I was hoping maybe there would be an example of this in someone else's SR when there was pregnancy. 2008 SR had nothing remarkable.2009 in my boyfriend's natal chart had jupiter transiting his 5th house.
In the seventies, here in Italy there was a magazine published by Armenia called Gli arcani.
I am confident that you will see clearly the several points analysed here, which give me the right to call this volume a Treatise. One considered that this volume is far removed from their policy, another thought that the scope of this volume was of no interest for the reader.
In addition to living in the age of computers, I have been lucky enough to work during the decades when the transcontinental voyages have become commonplace.
In fact, after about ten years since I wrote it, I thought it useful to start working again on it with a deep revision of the original text, which has partly been re-written, and with the addition of new sections. But for those who believe in this reality, it will not be hard to believe also in Solar Returns. But when the scientists realized the importance of biorhythms in humans, they also understood that a molecule ends up being better activated or weakened down, simply depending on the time of day in which it is administered to the patient. Of course the most important cycle of all is certainly the annual, 365-day long cycle, ticked by the revolution of Earth around the Sun. This is a point of extreme importance for us: the imprinting that we receive at this very moment is essential and it should not be confused with other occasions of random imprinting. However, it should be noted immediately that a sky of Solar Return, contrary to what many people believe, cannot and should not be read by the same rules of a birth or natal chart. In that simple lesson I learned a very impressive move that I still can repeat up to this day. With a rapid and sudden movement, you flop down (as if you were wishing to sit down on the floor). On the contrary, you will simply place yourself under the best possible sky that can be seen from the Earth at the moment of your astrological birthday – that is to say, the moment when the Sun returns onto the exact position it occupied at the moment of your birth. Three of my friends, who were inseparable by those times, joined the party, which we christened The Campania Group of Astrology. This lasted several hours, so I had to light up a candle and that feeble flame on my desktop was probably the message of my unconscious throwing light on the truth: that day, I was simply unable to shine a light on that case. In my opinion, in both the birth chart and the chart of Solar Return, you have to consider a few elements only, but such elements on which you can rely fully. While respecting those who still think that this is a good way of making counselling, I have changed my method for quite a while now, despite the fact that it may often give way to a real wave of aggression from the counselee.
Ferlaino would surely spend his birthday in Naples, and if not, he would have been elsewhere in Italy. Second, you should possibly run a good software package like ours, called Molriv, which draws a base Solar Return on your screen that you can modify, watching in real time the effect of small shifts of its relocation towards east and west from the starting location.
These diseases are no less serious than a broken rib; you should not underestimate them at all. But always remember: this is true only if the transits that take place during the SR also confirm it.
They are men and women who are so fiercely attached to power that, in certain circumstances, their losing power can be clearly indicated by a stellium of malefic celestials of SR in the First House of SR.
As with all the other Houses, in this case too you have to discriminate among several elements. If you detect it in the SR of young persons, it may indicate that they are about to get a job and start working; thus, the involvement of the 2nd House in this case surely refers to their first salaries. If I had placed his stellium anywhere else, the AS of SR would have fallen into one of the Houses of the birth chart that I consider detrimental. Still, at least I believe that in this way I have helped him to save his skin and not end up in jail. Once I met a handsome, super-sized young man with romantic eyes who used to drive several girls crazy. Do not forget, however, that no lamp can be switched on or off if the electrical system is not already there, with its indications, in the natal chart!
On the other hand I also insist that looks, image, photography, cinema and theatre… are almost exclusively in the realm of the Second House. But when it comes to eye pathologies, then I could prove beyond any doubt that the Houses and signs involved are those that have I mentioned before. For example, your counselee may be an intellectual who likes riding the motorcycle, with also a natural predisposition to be involved in traffic accidents. Conversely I would be ready to bet that, for the average Italian male between thirty and fifty years, a SR whose Ascendant falls in his natal 3rd House points to his car being stolen or exchanged for a newer model. Of course, the 3rd House may also refer to two-wheeled vehicles or to pedestrian crossings.
She sold her car and avoided getting in the car of her acquaintances either, especially those known for being reckless drivers. The main reason is that in the vast majority of cases, even the worst events of a kid’s life are usually resolved with relatively light penalties.
For example, it may point to a permanent discontinuation of studies, especially if such SR takes places at the same time as one of the ugliest transits, the one I fear the most: Saturn dissonant to the Moon. Do not forget, in fact, that the in-laws may also play a significant role in our daily life. You may know that there is a dispute between Freudian and Jungian analysts on the symbolic meaning of the car. For example, it may be the case of a clerk who, under a SR of this kind, is displaced from an exclusive back-office to the front-office of the department of customer complaints. In fact, after a life spent in the midst of computers of all kinds, I have noticed a clear connection between the Third House and printers.
Of course, depending on the richness of the subject as well as his or her temporary financial resources, possible issues of inheritance, sale, rent, eviction, and so on, you’ll be able to understand perfectly what this SR points to in each case. It is usually very easy to read correctly a Fourth-House SR, because people typically plan years in advance to purchase real estate.
When in a given year, you have a SR with a significant 4th House and if you cannot or do not want to relocate, then you can simply activate it by timing the major works in winter. But if you are healthy as a fish, and though there are elements of danger, then you should consider relocation.
It is as if you criticised a farmer, claiming that it is not true that his wine goes bad if it is decanted with the moon in a certain phase.
My mother was given up by her mother, but my grandfather kept after he returned from Korea.

This is especially true in the last three or four years, in which further works of mine have been published that have spurred many counselees and pupils to ask me for consultation. Nonetheless, it soon took a different path, since personally and almost immediately (in 1970) I started to deal not only with plain Solar Returns, but also with what I call the Aimed Solar Returns. I would certainly say: those that also regulate the movements of celestial bodies in our solar system. Evidence of this rhythm or cycle is numerous and very evident in nature: animals hibernate every year in the same period and do the same for migration and for the season of love. This is a move to release your wrists that an opponent holds tight with his strong hands, so strong that you feel that your hands are tightened between two steel tongs.
In a wave of instinctive reaction, your opponent would pull you up with all the strength of his hands and arms.
The doctors at the centre found out the cause of her problem (basic arrhythmia) and eventually prescribed the proper treatment. Brunini used a large amount of charts, which I obtained by ripping irregularly a large sheet of paper that storekeepers used to wrap loose pasta with. In fact, sometimes a counselee arrives who insist on asking me about his grandchildren or about purchasing lottery tickets, while I rather dwell for almost an hour on the Sixth House of his Solar Return.
I always have in front of me, on the computer monitor, three charts: the natal chart, the current Solar Return and the immediate Solar Return to come.
For example, you can process it with the program of Discepolo-Miele called Molriv, which allows you to see very quickly what would change if the counselee relocated the chart of his next Solar Return. My mental attitude is simply to follow the famous adage, God helps those who help themselves.
So, let us suppose a SR taking place in Central Europe with an AS of SR falling into the natal 12th House of the subject.
Andrea Rossetti wrote two fine articles on this subject concerning the cases of two Italian political leaders, Claudio Martelli and Giulio Andreotti, published in the issue #15 of my quarterly magazine Ricerca ’90.
Of course, it is much harder to decipher it if the SR belongs to young or very young people. She resolved to travel only on half empty buses, to avoid the risk of being thrown down by the crowd when entering or leaving the vehicle. Breaking a femur is much different if it happens to a teenager or to an octogenarian – for the latter, the event might even be fatal.
On this subject, you can also refer to the magnificent essay published by Mario Zoli in Ricerca ’90, issue #16, October 1993. Freudians consider car as an extension of the penis, while the followers of Carl Gustav Jung, car is the projection of the anima.
On the other hand, a tenant in arrears may resist an eviction for months or even years, sometimes. Could you think of anything more heinous than having to keep windows open because of the smell of paint, and a polar temperature outside? In any case, even in cases of short hospital stays, I suggest to do some important works at home, even better if they are a little expensive: thus you would do your best to absorb any possible virulence of this celestial position. The sham marriage also occurred during the Solar Return period that she conceived my mother.
I wasn't looking for it at all, so I was interested when I saw it in two separate scenarios. I published works that I consider quite important, such as manuals, ephemerides, research works.
To make a long story short, you may judge me modest or arrogant, but I must admit even to myself that I have shown a way and that along the decades I have become the leader of an astrological movement. Between winter and spring of 1993 you could purchase a return ticket to the United States from Rome, with little more than seven hundred thousand Italian Liras. Above all, this volume has been updated with the results of my most recent research in such a difficult and critical area as that of the Aimed Solar Returns. However tall and strong or corpulent your opponent may be, even if he is five or six times stronger and taller than you, you can release yourself quickly and efficiently. At that precise moment, leveraging his strength and not your own, you bend your wrists on the inside. In April 2001 a poll was held to fill a vacancy in the board of an important society: I was given the charge with a lot of preferential votes.
I have repeated many times, ad nauseam, that the SR has a much more significant influence than the transits.
While chatting with the counselee, I continuously change the chart of the future SR, evaluating several possible relocations also depending on our conversation. Out of metaphor, I was so sure of the outcome of the forecast, that any good student of my school could have done the same. In many cases, you would be allowed to reassure your counselee on the real extent of these problems. Doctors also do not abandon these people; by taking care of them, they do what they can to extend their life as long as possible. In other words, one might say that politicians get sick much less than the average person, perhaps because they have a strong libido, which is directed toward power. There is nothing to reason about it – you simply have to avoid any of these Houses being involved in some way in the chart of SR. The reading of this combination can be completely different depending on your counselee being a young man, an older woman or an aged man, for example. But you should always start from the assumption that it is the stars that must make things clear – not the astrologer.
On the day of his birthday, this gentleman would have had an exceptional stellium, concentrated in about 45 degrees of the Zodiac. Do you remember that film with Alberto Sordi, whose protagonist was a poor guy who resolved to sell one of his eyes?
So, in the year when Tom receives a nice Jupiter trine to his natal Sun and he also has a reasonably good economic project, you can suggest to him to relocate his SR so that the AS is positioned in his natal 2nd House. In fact, for such an individual, the AS of SR falling in his natal 3rd could probably point to him writing a new book. But, as everybody knows, the Third House is also the House of brothers, sisters and brothers in law.
In fact, men tend to caress their car for hours, and most of them give female names to their car.
So, this is one of those cases in which it is the counselee who can inform of anything concerning the 4th House – if not anything, at least the main aspects of the matter.
Let me also add that this volume has profited from the valuable work of my friend Lorenzo Vancheri’s editing. Consider, for example, the curve showing how the function of urination or how the blood pressure varies within the twenty-four hours of a mean day. For example, around the 15th of May, be the weather good or bad, at our latitudes cherry trees give us cherries: this is a kind of birthday for the plant. My little jewel, which I will never forget, was a Hewlett-Packard programmable handheld calculator.
Brunini certain technical questions concerning the calculation of primary directions, which I was longing to solve since months. He drew your birth chart, the chart of your conception, the chart of the new moon before your birth, different charts of Solar and Lunar Returns, and so on. As I have said many times, to be a true professional an astrologer should have himself had a long psychoanalytic training, to avoid projecting his own problems on others. In these cases, since you know that the first five years are those of major risk (after five years, a patient has virtually the same chance of getting cancer than a healthy man), what I recommend in this case is five Aimed Solar Returns in a row, that is: to relocate five Solar Returns one after another, if necessary.
It is up to your brilliant mind, to your grounding and to your qualification as an astrologer. In cases like this I would not even dream of placing the Ascendant of SR in the natal 10th House! This happened exactly in a year in which the Ascendant of his SR had fallen in his natal 2nd House. It can be your first house, or a second house at the seaside, a timeshare property, a plot of land, but it can also point to moving to another place, renting a small apartment or maybe works of renovation at your home or workplace. Therefore, no one opens his eyes wide if I propose that he goes to spend his birthday in Australia. Before my several volumes on this subject, the only volume on Solar Returns (and entirely devoted to Solar Returns) was Alexandre Volguine’s.
This, of course, succeeds well if you are fast enough, also exploiting the element of surprise on your opponent.
This means problems for my mother-in-law, who funded the purchase despite being financially engaged with repairs to her own home.
In fact, in the same span of time he had the transit of Saturn opposite the Sun and Midheaven. Taking part in different congresses of medicine in the thirties, Carl Gustav Jung, in alarm, forecasted the huge holocaust that would soon destroy Germany. You shall therefore distinguish three age groups, namely: approximately zero to twenty, twenty to fifty, and over fifty. Of course, this usually implies travelling across several time zones, not a few miles only. Many politicians involved in the judicial investigation Mani Pulite (also known as Tangentopoli) expressed their political troubles by losing their health too. Despite travelling on an empty vehicle, a sudden and hard braking slammed her against a metal rod on the bus: this left her with a broken arm and a fractured rib. A woman, kissed by fortune since birth, has the transit of Saturn on her natal Sun, which is in the 3rd House. Some of my counselees relocated their SR so far away that they reached the very edge of the maps that can be commonly found in the marketplace, boldly going where no Westerner had gone before. Despite mentioning the possibility of relocating a Solar Return, the Author stated clearly that he had never relocated any Solar Return, nor had he suggested relocation to anybody. Some specific laboratory test, such as the Takata test, shows that certain chemical values in our blood are quite different at sunrise and sunset; and to make a long story short we have better not to go on and on.
At the time of writing these lines I am literally frightened at the possibility of being infected with HIV at the barber or at the dentist. In fact, many of his German patients who went to Zurich to be analysed by him, reported of dreams that tracked continuously the mythologem of Germany – the knight who slays the Dragon with his lance, with great bloodshed.
In these cases, the search for suitable relocations happens in a completely different way than what guides me when I try to enhance somebody’s professional status or sentimental life.
Please also refer to my book Esercizi sulle Rivoluzioni solari mirate, Blue Diamond Publisher [TN: Exercises on the Aimed Solar Returns, not available in English]. She complains to her friends about the only negative consequence of this transit, saying: “You know? With these machines I had made a tiny program to calculate the longitude of the Sun and the Solar Returns. Do you really think that the vertical drop of Giulio Andreotti and other politicians involved in the judicial investigation known as Tangentopoli - Mani Pulite was so disguised in their Solar Returns to be hardly recognizable? In fact, for them, falling off a bike or the skates, making a ski jump, banging their head somewhere while coming out of the water, and so on – they are seldom really serious events. Nevertheless, even in these days, from time to time I realize that there are colleagues of mine who declare to be absolutely sceptical about the possibility of neutralizing such detrimental transit, while they also claim to be aligned with my school. Hence I do my utmost to avoid the Ascendant of SR falling in any of the three aforementioned Houses of the subject’s birth chart. At the same time, I also avoid that a stellium or the Sun or the Mars of SR occupies the 1st, 6th and 12th House of the SR. Remember, however, that the reading of the First House may have both medical and aesthetic implications. I know that, at this point, some people would turn up their nose at these lines, asking: “So, what must we take into account? Once, a SR whose Ascendant was falling in the radical First House pointed out, a posteriori (i.e.
The Houses of the Solar Return or the Houses of the birth chart?” The answer is that the rule is not rigid, so you have to use your brain and never stop thinking.
She had Venus-Saturn-Varuna in 11th oppose Neptune in 5th in her Solar Return period of her giving birth to me.

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