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Power Transmission and Distribution system (PTD) has been carefully structured with one thing in mind that Innovations in Power Transmission and Distribution are necessary to guarantee the reliable power supply for the growing world economy in the future. A Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) is a system comprised of static equipment used for the AC transmission of electrical energy. This method is used either while charging the transmission line or when there is very low load at the receiving end. The advantage of HVDC is the ability to transmit large amounts of power over long distances with lower capital costs and with lower losses than AC. Endpoint-to-endpoint long-haul bulk power transmission without intermediate 'taps', for example, in remote areas. Connecting a remote generating plant to the distribution grid, for example Nelson River Bipole. Stabilizing a predominantly AC power grid, without increasing maximum prospective short circuit current. HVDC can carry more power per conductor, because for a given power rating the constant voltage in a DC line is lower than the peak voltage in an AC line.

Because HVDC allows power transmission between unsynchronized AC distribution systems, it can help increase system stability, by preventing cascading failures from propagating from one part of a wider power transmission grid to another. We provide both residential and commercial water heater repair on all makes and models of water heating units. It is meant to enhance controllability and increase power transfer capability of the network.
Whenever an inductive load is connected to the transmission line, power factor lags because of lagging load current.
Depending on voltage level and construction details, losses are quoted as about 3% per 1000 km. While this has minimal effect for DC transmission, the current required to charge and discharge the capacitance of the cable causes additional I2R power losses when the cable is carrying AC.
Changes in load that would cause portions of an AC network to become unsynchronized and separate would not similarly affect a DC link, and the power flow through the DC link would tend to stabilize the AC network. Series inductance occurs in long transmission lines and when a large current flows, it causes a large voltage drop. To compensate, a shunt capacitor is connected which draws current leading the source voltage. High Voltage Direct Current transmission allows use of energy sources remote from load centers. This allows existing transmission line corridors to be used to carry more power into an area of high power consumption, which can lower costs. The magnitude and direction of power flow through a DC link can be directly commanded, and changed as needed to support the AC networks at either end of the DC link.

The receiving end voltage may become double the sending end voltage (generally in case of very long transmission lines).
This has caused many power system operators to contemplate wider use of HVDC technology for its stability benefits alone.
You decide!In fact, the homes on wheels featured in today’s post are not grand in scale.
In addition to the kitchen, this 130 square-foot home includes a bathroom, a living room and a loft (not included in the square footage). From the kitchen you can access a small open storage area, and there’s even additional closet space in the bathroom!
Built by Jenine Alexander with the help of her friend Amy Hutto, the space includes both upper and lower sleeping lofts, as well as full trailer hook-ups for electric, propane, and water. The homes are grouped as a team, yet each one faces the mountains so the view is expansive rather than crowded. Built from Forest Stewardship Certified timber and reclaimed materials, this is one eco-friendly home! The dining area is tucked neatly against the window so there’s room to eat, live and breathe.Leaf House kitchenCan you see yourself living in a house on wheels?

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