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The three major component of an off-grid solar power supply system are the solar panels, battery, and inverters. The panels themselves may be either monocrystalline, comprising of a single crystal-wafer, or polycrystalline, comprising of many small crystals. The suna€™s energy stirs up the tiny electrons inside the panels, and in the process, generates electricity. The power produced by solar panel and stored in the batteries are DC (direct current), but the power from the grid that lights up the house and on which appliances run is AC Alternating current). The availability of power depends on a large extent to the size of the panels and the storage capacity of the batteries. A big factor that may either promote or impede the widespread adoption of solar panels is the cost. Solar panels offer an independent source of energy supply that would make the home or premises self-sufficient.
Author: Lewis MacNulty is a Electrical Engineer, Green Entrepreneur and author of numerous articles on green technology, eco-economics and enviro-politics. There are several types of home solar power systems available which can serve your energy needs in a variety of ways. Solar power electricity systems use the Sun’s light energy, the photons, to generate an electric current through the use of specific materials in solar cells. Now that you know what’s out there take a look through the different systems available and find out more information about each to see which will work best for you. Home loans and solar power - March 17, 2015 Bangladesh wants to become the world’s first “solar nation” by 2021 - January 29, 2015 India Gets Obama’s Backing for $160 Billion Solar Push - January 27, 2015 Solar panels on top of canal impress U.N. MIT, Stanford researchers develop new kind of tandem solar cell - March 27, 2015 Researchers use nanotechnology to increase solar power efficiency - February 6, 2015 New family of light-converting materials points to cheaper, more efficient solar power and LEDs - January 30, 2015 Graphene Could Double Electricity Generated From Solar - January 28, 2015 Laser processing technology enhances the ability of solar cells to harvest more sunlight - January 22, 2015View all The bright side of California’s drought: More solar power - April 15, 2015 There’s an emerging right-wing divide on climate denial.
Solar panels, which draw energy from the sun, are now the most popular among such options, owing to its relative simplicity and consistency. In an advance system a generator and monitoring devices maybe used to provide an emergency backup AC supply.

Monocrystalline cells have higher efficiency than polycrystalline cells, but costs higher as well. This electricity is send to the charger, which maximises the power received and charges the batteries. The inverter converts the DC from the solar panels and the battery to AC and feeds it to the wires. A monitor reveals the quantum of power consumption, and the power available in the batteries. The only thing required with the panels is place it to receive maximum sunlight exposure, and adjust the tilt depending on seasonal changes.
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These solar cells are strong together in a solar panel to capture the Sun’s light energy and produce the electricity necessary to power your home appliances. There are several variations of this system, so read up on these various systems so that you get the right one for your climate. These systems can be integrated into your current pool filtration and heating system quite easily. Unlikely, Analysts Say - April 16, 2015 Elon Musk’s Cousins Battle Utilities to Make Solar Rooftops Cheap - April 15, 2015View all What yieldco finance can do for the solar industry - April 21, 2015 Corporate solar funding comes in at USD 6.4 billion in Q1 - April 14, 2015 Solarize South Carolina Campaign Aims to Rev Up SC’s Home Solar Industry - March 20, 2015 Residential Solar Financier Sunnova Offers New Loan-Like Product - March 18, 2015 When going solar, should you lease or buy? Here’s what it means (and doesn’t) - April 9, 2015 Why FEMA Wants Your State to Stop Ignoring Climate Change - April 2, 2015 The endless debate of trees vs. Ita€™s high-tech and green power system for no electric line and remote area instead of traditional generating equipment. The battery stores the power for actual use, ensuring that power is available even after sunset or on cloudy and rainy days. The inverter also manages the entire system, coordinating the charge controller, the batteries, the AC panel, and also the generator, if included.
The availability of a generator would allow provide backup AC power, useful to charge the batteries when the capacity becomes low, owing to the solar panels producing insufficient electricity.

It may also be necessary to wipe the panels frequently, to remove it of dust or snow, which may impede the sunlight from penetrating. In remote locations, and places where chances of grid breakdowns are high, solar panels are a superior option in its own right.
For more information about any systems just click on the link to read more about that specific system. These are simple systems that are often overlooked when weighing one’s home solar power systems options. A simple application of this is to use the normal laws of convection to remove the warm air trapped at the top of your home for cooling or use an air collector to pump warm air into the home.
These systems end of saving you lots of money quickly by reducing those outrageous pool heating bills to nothing. This means that the homeowner has to keep on making significant investments on a periodic basis. A more complex application involves installing piping throughout the flooring of the home to circulate hot water heated by the Sun throughout the home. Electricity from the grid normally offers about three times the power for the cost that solar panel system would attract, and save the hassles of battery maintenance However, most countries subsidise the cost of solar panels and systems, which makes it cost effective. In the UK, off-grid systems may even be a source of income, as the 'feed-in tariffs' scheme pays the solar panel owner for electricity produced from renewable sources, even when the electricity is not fed back into the national grid. For instance, in summer months, most solar systems waste the solar energy produced, and in contrast, during cloudy or rainy days, the power produced may be inadequate.
Storage requires investing in powerful batteries, which remains too costly to become viable.

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