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The article details a report from theĀ Edison Electric Institute (PDF), which paints a bleak picture of the utility sector's future. Analysts at EEI worry that all these factors may encourage more customers to switch to solar. That, in turn, will lead to a drop in profit at utility companies, which will force upper management to scale back on their consumption of gold-plated golf tees and also reduce the dollars they spend maintaining the grid. SoCal Edison to install 1,500 electric-car charging sites; what's your electric utility doing?

In conjunction with Miami University, Buckeye Power and Third Sun, Butler Rural Electric Cooperative has developed a solar project to provide information to our members about this renewable resource. In addition to rate hikes that make energy more expensive and tax incentives that encourage consumers to make their homes more energy efficient, the industry is also witnessing a rapid drop in the cost of solar energy hardware.
Every week, it seems like someone or other develops a new battery that can holdĀ more power and do so longer than those on the market today.
Judging by the wrap-up on page 19 of the EEI report, it appears as if they're going to do what they've always done: charge customers more while begging states and municipalities for breaks so they can remain profitable.
These people aren't used to innovation -- certainly not on the scale of folks in other industries like telecommunications and automobiles.

If you would like to see the solar panel project, contact the cooperative and we will be happy to give you a tour. Pair those batteries with a solar setup, and you give customers something terrifying: access to 24-hour power. By 2020, such expansion could begin drying out some utility companies' swimming pools full of cash and Franklin Mint collectibles.

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