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Most of our architectural visualization scenes involve a high-level of model detail, intricate custom modeling, custom texturing, and accurate environmental daylight lighting systems.
Our attention to detail and passion for our artwork is what separates Lunarstudio from most of our competition. Solar energy use has surged at about 20 percent a year over the past 15 years, thanks to rapidly falling prices and gains in efficiency. News of energy projects geared towards sustainability are always a breath of fresh air in a world where pollution continues to wreak havoc on the environment. Canadian Solar Inc., one of the largest solar power companies in the world, has announced that its subsidiaries, Canadian Solar Solutions Inc.
Horizon Energy Solutions is owned by Hamilton Utilities Corporation, a municipally operated multi-utility service company. Every hour the sun beams onto Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year. Currently, the technology produces less than one tenth of one percent of global energy demand. The solar panel’s cells are made of semiconductor materials like those found in computer chips.
I am currently entering my third year at McMaster University as an Honours English Major; previously, I attended Victoria College in the University of Toronto. Some of these purchasers who are now struggling to sell their homes were not “fully aware of the terms of their 20- to 30-year leases” which will exceed the life of the roof the panels are mounted to.
Yet, as the company is expected to lose more than $1 billion through 2016, it still seeks to score more taxpayer subsidies out of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which has already kept the industry going for far too long. Class action lawsuits filed by California and Louisiana homeowners against solar panel leasing companies likewise allege fraudulent marketing campaigns.
As Blakeman notes: “And like any scam, the perpetrators must act quick with high-pressure sales tactics employed to sign up as many victims as possible before flaws in the leasing model are made public.
Nor are homeowners typically aware that since the equipment must be insured, their solar installations may increase their property insurance premiums. Sometimes worst of all, homeowners aren’t told that upon entering into the solar lease, the solar company will secure the contractual obligations of the customer by placing a lien or other encumbrance on the entire real property . These liens can be sold to other creditors at a deep discount, offering no remedy to the solar customer if the profiteer goes out of business or simply walks away. Homeowners may learn about the lien transfers for the first time after attempting to sell their property to a prospective buyer.
On top of all of this, solar panel leasers along with other electricity ratepayers also get hit to compensate utility companies for losses incurred under a “net metering” scheme which forces customers to purchase solar power at inflated, money-losing costs.
This happens through a shell game whereby credits subtracted from customer utility bills for electricity not used from the electric grid are simply incorporated back into overall rate increases. Under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, all public utilities are required to offer customers net metering upon request. It’s time to recognize the decidedly shady side of the solar panel leasing industry, one whose “success” depends upon subsidies which enable homeowners to effectively have solar leasing firms install then for free, only to be gouged later along with generous — read as gullible — taxpayers. CFACT Advisor Larry Bell heads the graduate program in space architecture at the University of Houston.
A business that depends on subsidies for itself and its customers, reveals a marketing strategy that has no sustainability. When they first installed catalytic converters on gasoline engines, the levels of atmospheric sulfur dioxide went up and fuel economy went down. Apparently, 12 times that amount (280 ppm) was also OK since life managed to survive and prosper under those conditions. So in the deep past it was several percent cooler, which means more CO2 was needed to keep the surface at a habitable temperature.

Again, I am not talking about solar cycles, whose average does not change the luminosity of the Sun. The specific heat (the amount of energy absorbed per unit weight) of CO2 is approximately one eighth that of H2O. Have you noticed they don’t fall nearly as much as they do on the dark side of the Moon?
2) Because you can’t run a heat engine from a cooler object (the atmosphere) to a warmer object (a house, the surface). Two companies that provide solar power systems have decided to expand the availability of solar leases with no down payments.
The fee covers absolutely all costs related to maintenance, monitoring, cleaning as well as insurance of the panels, and the company has also made some changes to the way it operates with its customers.
It now provides the proposals for solar systems to their customers within 24 hours, regardless what day of the week it is, and now they’re using satellite maps instead of personal visits to the homes in order to odesign the systems.
The other company, TXU Energy, are delivering solar power to Texas residents, making it possible via a partnership with SolarCity.
Here on GreenPacks we're passionate about everything that involves a cleaner life on Earth.
We strive to represent our projects as accurately as possible while working within time and budgest constraints. We are in the field of renderings because we enjoy working on interesting projects and to push ourselves higher as professional illustrators. Considering my inquisitive tendencies and my delight in communicating to audiences, I can hardly feign surprise at having found myself in the enterprise of media work.
Paul Gosar (R, AZ), a member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, along with 11 other House members, sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission warning that the new solar-leasing market industry has engaged in “deceptive marketing strategies” to sucker unsuspecting homeowners into misleading zero-money-down teaser loan deals.
Treasury Department to investigate SolarCity, the biggest player in the solar installation subsidy industry for possible misrepresentations about the “fair market value” of its systems and services. Here, unscrupulous promoters often seek legitimacy through referral fees paid to local real estate brokers, architects, and contractors. The purported savings are based upon too-good-to-be-true inflated and unsupportable estimates of future utility rates. Left in the fine print, for example, is the fact that the initially low lease payments can then escalate year after year.
In some cases the customer who doesn’t own that equipment is also responsible to pay for its maintenance. When this happens, any refusal to pay — even for legitimate reasons — creates risks of potential foreclosure or other legal action by the new lease holder. In some cases the solar installations are defective or become inoperable due to lack of maintenance. This did not get fixed until they took sulfur out of the fuel, retuned the engine for maximum efficiency and used the resulting NOX to get rid of the unburned hydrocarbons. The result is a slight variation in the solar output which results in slight temperature changes (based on degrees kelvin) on earth. The sun goes through cycles of energy output (only part of the suns energy is visible light).
So the sun was dimmer in the past, which explains why more CO2 was needed to maintain a habitable temperature. So CO2 does not have the energy storing capacity of water and it does not produce energy, it does not add to the temperature. I expect he did not agree with the IPCC position which is not surprising since most of the scientists not tied to the IPCC do not agree with their stated position.
This is how science has been done for 400 years — and look at all its great successes.

In any case, AGW has in no way been falsified — the forcing from CO2 is know, accurately.
But the fact is it is firmly set in basic laws of physics that aren’t in doubt in any way whatsoever. It takes 54o calories of heat energy to turn 1 gram of liquid water into 1b gram of water vapor. And it will be stronger in the future — its luminosity changes about +1% every +115 million years. The company Sungevity has just launched a new 10-year residential solar lease, which has no upfront costs. It's true that our lives depend on a greener future, but the change should come from within. In terms of writing, I abhor the boring and I delight in the dynamic; I try my best to correspond these principles into expression that is both clear and engaging. And while each purchasing homeowner typically gets a $1,000 subsidy from other taxpayers and grid users, the actual savings from electricity generated usually doesn’t even come close to covering the cost of materials, installation, and upkeep. While I support the aims of the clean air act (to reduce HARMFUL atmospheric gasses) CO2 is not harmful it is necessary. We recently went through a period of solar minimums which lasted from about 1300 AD to about 1850 AD known as the little ice age.
That means that it takes 1 calorie of heat to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree centigrade. If the education system of our nation were doing a better job, I would not have to do so much typing.. We first need to be good stewards to ourselves and then to Mother Nature, not the other way around. My areas of contribution to the Bay Observer span many topics and most notably focus on technology, health, art, culture, soccer, and local news. In addition, about half of all states have “renewable energy standards” which require utilities to purchase a set percentage of their electrical power from higher-than-market solar and wind sources. If it indeed saved $22 trillion in health care costs, why did the government find it “necessary” to pass the ACA? As you have pointed out, the sun has gone through cycles (supported by carbon 14 data) and these cycles seem to coincide with temperature variations.
The amount of heat it contains per unit of mass can be determined by measuring the temperature and knowing the specific heat. Hansen did the proper thing — make models, compare them to observations, and then make changes to the model. Not surprising since it is well known that the sun supplies all of the heat that the planet receives. That means for every gram of dew you find on your lawn in the morning, 540 calories of heat energy were released. You can go on believing this myth if you want to, but I need scientific that CO2 makes the earth hotter in the face of the known fact that it produces no energy. Like the rest of the atmospheric gasses, it merely distributes the energy the earth receives from the sun. It is why temp variations in Arizona (dry) are more extreme than they are in Georgia (humid). Heat energy seeks its own level, it flows from the hotter to the cooler until an equilibrium is reached.

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