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Regular cleaning of solar panels can dramatically increase overall performance of your photovoltaic installation - in areas where dust and pollution are issues, output can increase by up to 30% immediately after cleaning!
We clean both photovoltaic panels and water heating panels - and we can normally complete the process without using ladders or access equipment.
Our specialist "Water Fed Pole" system uses non-scratch brushes and de-ionised water to gently loosen the dirt and grime and wash it clean away. Cleaning solar installations is a specialist job and should only be undertaken by those who have been trained properly and who are experienced at the job. Odd Bods Premier Cleaning services offers window cleaning, gutter cleaning, gutter clearance, solar panel cleaning, caravan cleaning, pressure washing, driveway cleaning, conservatory cleans, fascia and soffits cleans and much more all across Norfolk.
Truck mounted pressure washing, high pressure, hot wash, perfect for patios, driveways, decking and all external hard surfaces. Specialist solar panel & window cleaning using the latest high reach and pure water systems. ECS provide very comprehensive external cleaning and algae control and removal services for domestic and commercial properties across Cornwall and parts of Devon. These services include; Algae control services for removing red, black and green algae on buildings, rendered surfaces and structures. Rock, Polzeath, Wadebridge, Padstow, Constantine Bay, Trevone, Harlyn Bay, Mawgan Porth, Treyarnon Bay, Porthcothan, St Merryn, Golant & Porthpean. For large commercial properties, large houses or regular contract work we will consider all areas in Cornwall and Plymouth, although we reserve the right to charge for surveys outside of our normal area when appropriate.
Window cleaning, gutter and pressure washing of driveways, roofs & commercial cleaning Martham.
At Oddbods we specialise in high pressure washing and can restore your driveway, footpaths, patio, decking and more back to its former glory in just a few hours. Our driveway was dark and dirty it hadna€™t been cleaned for years a€“ after Odd Bods cleaned my neighbours driveway with stunning results a€“ I didna€™t hesitate to instruct them to clean mine a€“ I had forgotten the driveway had yellow bricks to compliment the red bricks, the dirt was that bad! The decking was dull and slippy a€“ I really thought we would have to rip it up and have a new deck installed a€“ but Odd Bods said that a full clean and treatment and it would look as good as new a€“ I have to say i still cannot quite believe just how good it looks now a€“ they saved me a fortune and now am proud to entertain friends on my fabulous decking. In the early Summer Oddbods pressure washed our patios and patio furniture whilst we were away for a few days.
No matter the shape or size,Reach and wash systems can clean solar panels big and small,and more efficiently than any other cleaning methods. Keeping solar panels clean is vital to maintain peak efficiency and maximum power conversion.Clean panels may operate up to 50% more efficiently,and many manufacturers recommend cleaning at least every 8 to 10 weeks. Solar Panels are quickly becoming more and more common on rooftops around the country, and with good reason, the benefits of producing your own solar panel electricity are very appealing.

Solar Panel Cleaning can ensure your solar panels are performing as efficiently as possible.
This is the same with your solar panels, if they were to accumulate as much dirt on them then you are going to be losing out, they are not going to absorb the sun and generate as much electricity as clean solar panels, the sun will just reflect off.
We use pure water technology cleaning, which is chemical free and environmentally friendly. Solar Panel Cleaning is a necessary part of the system maintenance as all manufacturers require the cleaning of your solar panel system to maintain its warranty. This is dependant on many things, where you live, the size of your installation, how dirty your panels are and access to your solar panels.
For more information or your free solar panel cleaning quote in Essex then contact Window Magic Cleaning today, and regain the energy you could be losing out on.
In most cases the amount of money you can save by keeping the system’s surface clean pays for the cost of the Cleaning service and puts money back into your pocket. Would just like to say that I am not easily impressed but Gavin has just completed an inside and out clean up of my conservatory and it looks like new. Solar panel cleaning is extremely important to achieve maximum output of a solar electric system. Recent university studies have shown that solar panels can run up to 50% less efficient if not maintained. During the spring and summer months, when solar systems generate the most power cleaning maintenance is especially important.
Since the life expectancy of solar panels is 30 years, regular cleaning is imperative, especially if they are exposed to dusty conditions. Additionally the panels may be target to bird droppings which will severely reduce the generating capacity of your solar panels. We use environmentally friendly pure water reach and wash cleaning system, which ensures great cleaning results to help your solar panels run more efficiently. It has been proven by experts that cleaning solar panels will maximize their efficiency and your savings. We use pure water and telescopic poles with a brush head specially designed for solar panel cleaning. Gutter cleaning and clearance without the need for expensive access equipment, using the latest gutter vacuum equipment with a 35ft reach! Cleaning windows using our pole system gives outstanding results every time, and allows us to reach even awkward glass easily. Our high power GutterVac system quickly and safely removes debris, moss, weeds and blockages from gutters and downspouts with no fuss and no mess.

Odd Bods have made it look like I have had a new driveway laid a€“ a top job a€“ Thank you! They were really grubby and green so I was amazed and very delighted to find everything looking brand new again and spotless! And in fact many solar panel installation companies are now making cleaning a condition of their warranty. A common myth is that rain is enough to clean your solar panels, but this is certainly not the case. Using tap water or harsh abrasives is not recommended and will not result in clean solar panels. By having your solar panels cleaned between these months it ensures you’re producing maximum electricity as we head into the days with the most amount of sunlight, allowing you to reap the rewards of your investment. There are less hours of sunlight during the winter months so you will want to ensure your solar panels are as clean as possible, thus allowing maximum electricity gain throughout winter.
You can send us a picture or we can visit you and we can assess your solar panel installation and give you a competitive quote to have them cleaned.
That loss may range as high as 25% in some areas according to the National Renewable Energy laboratory.
While many factors affect how much electricity your solar panels will produce – dirty solar panels can be one of the biggest, and easiest to fix.
They have achieved what we could never hope to do manually and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Oddbods services. If you look at any glass that has had rainfall hit it, your own windows or your car windscreen then you’ll notice that a combination of rainwater and dust and airborne dirt will leave them very dirty, imagine how dirty they’d be after just 6 months! In most cases the amount of money you can save by keeping the system’s surface clean pays for the cost of the cleaning service and puts money back into your pocket. We work from the safety of the ground and use extra long carbon fibre poles with a super soft brush to clean your solar panels safely and effectively. Call Window Magic Cleaning on 01268 784297 or fill out the form to the right to arrange a service your system and start taking advantage of it working at its optimum efficiency. Pressure washing using truck mounted equipment, solar panel cleaning to help keep them efficient and of course, window cleaning using the pole and pure water equipment.

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