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Mohanty said that the plant will be set up with an investment of Rs 4,000 crore and it will produce 700 MW of electricity.
The plant, which will be set up by the state government is a joint venture with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Power Grid Corporation and the Solar Energy Corporation of India. It was last week that Minister of State for Renewable Energy Piyush Goyal told Lok Sabha during question hour that ultra mega solar power projects have been planned for the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Do you think the Indian government provides enough incentives for using solar and other new energy sources?
Cuba, which has an operational solar panel factory within its borders, intends to help Jamaica (the country in which I live) construct its own solar panel factory through the knowledge and technology transfer. This effort will be guided by the Rural Electrification Programme Ltd (to be renamed Jamaica Ener­gy Solutions Limited (JESL)). Currently, 4% of rural homes are waiting to be electrified, and the construction of this photovoltaic solar panel factory may help the country reach this goal. Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter. The sensible path is shown by Turkey,a country much more advanced economically than Jamaica: start with assembly operations from imported modules, then try to work back up the supply chain and increase the domestic share of value-added. Actually Cuba is the perfect country to help, as they can do it without the high tech infrastructure, similar to Jamaica. Bringing together business leaders and state policy makers to discuss the growth of California’s advanced energy economy.
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It is sometimes claimed that it’s not possible for humans to depend entirely on renewable energy, because green energy is inherently unreliable and therefore it will always be necessary to have conventional power stations as backup. Conveniently, winds tend to be stronger during winter and we can make use of wind turbines.
It can be difficult to match power generation to power consumption because of peaks in demand. The daily peak can be managed through smart pricing – charging consumers less for energy that is used when it is plentiful. Therefore, the broad diversity of renewable energy sources makes a positive contribution to the robustness of the overall energy supply.
You’ve a done great work, since you are looking for ways to manage electricity with renewable energy. I live in Brazil and here the electricity is, in most cases, generated by hidro-eletric power stations like Itaipu, Furnas, Aimores and many others. The hydro-electric power station is a great way to generate energy, but it has a cost that cannot be forgotten.
Zac, I don’t have any knowledge of the do-it-yourself wind turbines that you mention, but you need to bear in mind that any wind turbine installation will need some maintenance (lubrication, inspecting and repairing storm damage, etc). The more we get to under the surface of earth, it becomes warmer, the core of earth is molten rock.

There is an alternative resource which is already part of our national infrastructure which is the municipal water supply network, we have pumps, pipe networks, and storage reservoirs close to communities. Green energy is a somewhat nebulous term, but we'll take it to refer to energy sources that are carbon neutral, and are replenished naturally within timescales of the order of a human […]Should I install a domestic wind turbine? The promise made by a solar powered digital watch is a big one—an end to the need to periodically replace the watch battery. In older diet books the energy content of foods is stated in Calories, and yet when we read product labels we may find kilocalories and kilojoules. He added that the power produced at the plant will be available at Rs 5.40 per unit and it will be lowest in the country. The project will be set up on thirteen hectares of land, which will be spread over four villages in Gurh tehsil of Rewa.
The aim is to help Jamaica initiate a solar power industry that includes manufacture and assembly of solar PV panels. He has a keen interest in physics-intensive topics such as electricity generation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, energy storage, and geography. Relying on Cuba, a country with no track record in any manufacturing industry, let alone a brutally competitive hi-tech one, is guaranteed to fail. Also, they are assembling solar panels from what are likely Chinese modules, a relatively easy task.
It is part of Important Media -- a network of 20 progressive blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. Naturally, they work best when the sun is shining, but they also work reasonably well under a bright but cloudy sky.
They’re a bit more fickle than solar cells because the wind needs to be not too strong, not too weak, and not too gusty. Tidal power is not continuously available, but has the advantage of being reliably predictable. A river flows into a mountain lake or reservoir, then a pipe takes the water down the hill to a power station at the bottom where it turns the turbines of the generator with great force. Batteries may seem an obvious answer, yet they are not practical to store energy on an industrial scale due to their cost and environmental considerations.
Compressed air can be pumped into underground caverns, then used later to drive generators. There is a daily peak (typically in the early evening) and an annual peak (usually during the winter heating season, but in hot climates it’s during the summer air-conditioning season).
When the price difference is great enough, consumers will find ways to heat their water or run their washing machines away from the time of peak demand.
A heat pump is a very efficient way to heat or cool a house, particularly in conjunction with underfloor piping. If a country depends on gas-fired power stations, an interruption to the gas supply can have major consequences.
This will only increase in the future as additional sources of green energy become practical. Unfortunately, I have to afirm that hidro-electric power stations have a high cost to our environment, since it has to retain the water in huge reservoirs that reduces the flow the river and also expropriates many communities from their homelands.

I do agree that renewable energy has an environmental cost associated with it (although hydro is lower than many competing energy sources). Other countries are likely to follow as levels of female education increase (it is established that children per female is lower for educated mothers). That’s one reason why wind power is more practical on a larger scale (although of course plenty of people do install their own turbine successfully). It isn’t necessary to generate power from the stored electricity, just turn the pumping off creating less demand on the local electricty network when electricity is scarce and switch the pumps on when generation exceeds demand.
According to BWEA, a renewable energy trade association, in 2007 approximately 3500 micro- and small-wind turbines were […]How well do solar powered watches work? Countries around the world are moving toward developing greener technologies and  individuals are striving to move into green […]What’s the difference between a calorie, a kilocalorie, and a kilojoule? The only effect will be to delay the arrival of cheap solar PV, as Cubasolar will need massive protection to survive. Windy countries like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have a high capacity to generate electricity from the wind. The maximum output is generated at the times midway between high tide and low tide, when the water level is changing at the fastest rate. Hydro power is readily controllable – it can be turned on or off at any time just by adjusting the flow of the water.
Water can be pumped uphill, back into the reservoir, using surplus power generated when it’s windy and the sky is blue and the tides are flowing. The heat pump can be run in reverse during the off-season to increase the ground storage of heat (or coolness in hot climates). If a country depends on nuclear power, the discovery of a design fault can result in the shutdown of all reactors sharing the same design.
For example, current work on solar thermal towers is likely to yield practical benefits in the future. Ultimately, humans have three choices: reduce the population, consume less, or mess up the planet.
This kind of strategy could be combined with a higher nuclear base-load and the peaks and troughs provided by renewables to create a different energy balance which generates less carbon.
For example, future electric cars could keep their charge topped up whenever there’s plentiful power. And it has become quite practical to store heat in the form of molten salt, from which electricity can be generated on demand later. Due to the high insulating properties of the earth, most of this heat (or coolness) will be available for extraction six months later when it is needed.
When power is in shorter supply, the cars would be charged up as and when required by their owners, rather than being kept fully-charged at all times. Ground storage heat pumps are quite expensive to install, but have very low running costs and work very well in conjunction with renewable energy generation.

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