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The UK is on course to hit its 2020 renewable energy targets, according to a new report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The latest Renewable Energy Roadmap status report, published in December, shows that renewable power output grew 27 percent from July 2011 – June 2012 while overall, renewable energy accounted for 10 percent of total electricity. DECC says that this leaves the UK well placed to meet its target of sourcing 15 percent of all energy from renewables by 2020. Paul Barwell, ceo of the STA, added: ‘‘The Renewables Roadmap shows that solar PV is now fully recognised as a significant contributor to the UK’s renewables mix. Energy 2016 is the industry trade event dedicated to renewables, innovation and power solutions. SubscribeRenewable Energy Installer is the market leading information source for the microgeneration industry. If you would like to apply to get Renewable Energy Installer Magazine, please click on the link below. AdvertiseRenewable Energy Installer offers a number of marketing channels for businesses to reach the key group of installers. The grid-intertied or utility-connected system is probably one of the most popular and common systems for those having access to the grid or a utility service provider.
The diagram to the left, shows some of the main components and the basic configuration for this type of setup. Basically, what happens here, is that you install a photovoltaic (PV) system at your house, which is connected to your household electrical system.
This approach helps you reduce your monthly electric bill, but also provides you with the stability of always having the amount of electricity that you need, regardless of varying weather conditions that may affect the efficiency or electric output of your PV panels. TAPPING INTO IoT A LOT FASTERMany industry leaders are already investing in IoT deployment, beginning to realize the necessity of speeding up returns on their investments. Connect your things to enable data acquisition, device management, and analytic intelligence that create new business value.
Enable your projects to integrate all devices and systems quickly and efficiently to work together in a reliable platform. Advantech Computer On Module series include: COM-Express Basic, COM-Express Compact, COM-Express Mini, ETX, and Qseven, all Design-In Services support in various small form factors while supporting CPUs ranging from Intel 6th Gen and ATOM. Today's embedded devices have the ability to communicate, transforming simple dedicated devices into, a€?Interconnected Smart Devicesa€?.
Industrial Display Systems provide a wide range of reliable displays from 5.7" to 55" including LCD panels, open frame monitors, outdoor displays, panel mount monitors, and digital signage displays which work perfectly with embedded boards and systems to fulfill various application needs, and all of them are equipped with touch screens. Advantech industrial motherboard series range from Mini-ITX Motherboard, Micro ATX to ATX form factor boards. Evolved from traditional programmable logic controllers, Advantecha€™s programmable automation controllers (PAC) APAX series is PC-based automation control platform designed for smart factories applications.
As a leading industrial automation solution provider, Advantecha€™s offers a complete range of embedded automation computers with each series coming in three sizes: palm, small and regular, all of them are dedicated to providing fanless, industrial-proven and application ready control platforms. Advantech offers a wide range of human machine interface (HMI) products including Automation Panel PCs (TPC and PPC), Industrial Monitors (FPM) and Intelligent Operator Panels (WebOP) which are designed for segmented automation applications to be applied in different industries.
Advantech offers a comprehensive portfolio of communications products and technologies building up reliable connection. Advantech Machine Automation offers application ready platform for various automation control solutions such as motion control and embedded systems. In order to strengthen energy management and monitoring, Advantech offers high quality and solution-ready products for the Power and Energy Automation applications.
Advantecha€™s video processing acceleration products are designed to boost video infrastructure equipment performance at the lowest power budget while fully complying with the broadcast industry needs. Advantech is a global leader in plug-in IO card, providing a full range of industrial data acquisition (DAQ, also known as data acquistion) and control products which are widely used in industrial and laboratory applications such as: data acquisition, monitoring, automation, test and measurement. Advantech Industrial Computer Chassis series offer enclosures for Industrial Servers, Server Boards, Server Chassis, and Server Systems.
Advantech industrial server and storage products range from Server Motherboards, Server Chassis, Pre-configured server systems, GPU Servers, Workstations, Video Wall Systems, to storage products such as JBOD, External Disk Arrays, and Storage Servers.
Advantech working in cooperation with its partners has long provided reliable platform solutions that pave the way for intelligent transportation in cities around the globe.
Advantech Compact System aims at machine automation applications such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Vision Inspection, Motion Control, Packing Inspection, and Surface-mount Technology (SMT).
Advantecha€™s Network Systems and Platforms provide a wide range of performance, throughput, architecture and format choices from entry-level 1U network appliances to carrier-grade 14U 14-slots ATCA systems.
The AMiS medical carts are designed to optimize the provision of patient care and allow mobile point-of-care service. Advantecha€™s medical computer is a scalable and fanless medical computer with UL60601-1, EN60601-1, and IEC60601-1 medical safety certifications. The all-in-one healthcare infotainment is an intelligent healthcare bedside infotainment terminal, consisting of healthcare work station and information kiosk. Advantech's MICA series provides value-added solutions that benefit hospital workflows, ethnographic research, studies, and healthcare consultancy.
Advantecha€™s PDC series of medical monitors offer a high resolution and high contrast ratio. Advantech industrial mobile computing solutions applied in mobile resource management, such as fleet management, warehouse management system (WMS), worker management, asset management and mobile surveillance. Advantech Industrial Portable Computers are the best mobile devices with integrated add-ons such as RFID and barcode scanner for field service, including rugged tablets and field tablets. Advantech Digital Signage Display series are All-in-one computers equipped with Multi-touch Screen, which are ideal for Digital Signage and Intelligent Retail applications. Advantech's All-in-one and Self-service touch computer provides Interactive and Informational Kiosk to satisfy services applications. The Advantech Design & Manufacturing Services Medical Computing team provides a wide range of certified medical computing solutions, including medical computing systems, point-of-care (POC) units, medical monitors, medical panel PCs, patient monitors and patient infotainment terminals.
The Advantech Mobile Computing team offers industrial grade mobile computing devices including industrial tablet PCs and in-vehicle computers for MRM (Mobile Resource Management). The Advantech Design & Manufacturing Services Embedded Computing team provides a wide range of rugged computing platforms, including rolling stock controllers, rugged computing systems, and hardware acceleration computing systems.
The power industry is one of the few industrial sectors, which affect prosperity of every sphere of economic and social life and exert a direct influence on general technological progress.
A sound energy policy should encourage a clean and diverse portfolio of domestic energy supplies.
Alternative energy includes alternative fuels other than gasoline and diesel, the use of traditional energy sources, such as natural gas, in untraditional ways, such as for distributed energy at the point of use through micro-turbines or fuel cells and future energy sources, such as hydrogen and fusion. The European Union’s (EU) main long-term goal in the field of energy is the conversion of the existing EU energy system, which is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, to a sustainable energy system based on differentiated energy sources of higher energy efficiency.
Both renewable and alternative energy resources can be produced centrally or on a distributed basis near their point of use.
Currently, Figure 1, oil holds an important position in the EU energy system since it is used widely in the industrial, residential and transport sectors. How can we scale up the clean and phase out the dirty?What’s it going to take to substantially ramp up the amount of renewables in the electricity system? The answer is to stop thinking in terms of swapping one source out for another and start thinking about how to construct a new system. The idea, in a nutshell, is to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for baseload power plants (the big polluters) by tying together enough renewables with a smart enough grid and enough energy storage — in effect, to build a high capacity-factor system out of low capacity-factor parts.
The green strategy is to build up renewables as far as possible, shut down as much baseload as possible, and fill the gap with more, and more sophisticated, peaker plants (or demand reduction — more on that in a second). The second priority, which runs in parallel to the first, is building the crap out of renewables. Together, demand response and energy storage illuminate the path to 100 percent renewables, however distant that point may be. The Olympics bring their host cities new stadiums, trains, and glistening abs — but which of those benefit them in the long run? The power systems research focuses on the development of models, methods, and analytical and software tools for the analysis, simulation and control of generation, transmission and distribution networks. Power System Dynamics: This deals with the modelling and analysis of the dynamic behaviour of large-scale power systems.
Power System Control: This includes the development of new control methodologies able to provide optimal performance of a power system.
Nonlinear Systems: Theory as applied to power systems involves stability and bifurcation analysis of detailed differential-algebraic power system models of variable structure.
Power Quality: This involves the study and measurement of harmonic voltage and current levels in distribution networks.

Renewable power sources provide considerable challenges for the Stability and Control of Power Systems.
The security of electricity grid systems needs to be ensured when there are lightning strikes on power lines. Much of the boost in green energy production has resulted from a 60 percent jump in offshore wind capacity and a five fold increase in solar PV. Our magazine is sent to all MCS registered installers and other carefully controlled individuals and businesses in the market. We would also evaluate the possibility of energy management system in a district, a building, a house or local energy network including renewable energy or combined heat and power. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, where wireless network is everywhere, intelligent systems require more and more storage and memory.
Advantech Embedded PCs come with various standard form factors and scalable sizes, allowing quick integration for customer applications. They offer scalable x86 performance from low power to high-end, and from fanless and slim, to extended temperature platforms with longevity. These industrial motherboard series are built with standard form factors which allow customers to seamlessly upgrade without compatibility concerns.
APAX series PC-based controllers provide an open development environment and they are a single platform with multi-disciplined automation controller functionalities.
With a robust design, they include multiple expansion solutions and versatile mounting way to fulfill the needs of different applications. There are three categories of products: Energy Computers, Energy Controllers and Energy Data Acquisition modules. By allowing OEMs to take advantage of the latest processing technologies we facilitate the deployment of new scalable and flexible video solutions with the best time to market.
With a decade of successful experience, Advantech has dedicated resources to designing and developing new products designed for the transportation industry. Advantech networking platforms leverage our principles of scalability, reliability and flexibility to help equipment manufacturers, operators and service providers build their unique solutions on a consistent product line without sacrificing the economy of scale offered by standard off the shelf products. The POC series produced by Advantech are designed to be easily integrated with new and existing medical equipment configurations in hospitals. Advantecha€™s bedside infotainment terminals deliver accuracy in computing to reduce medication errors during hospital services. To streamline medication administration and documentation, the medical tablet pc reference design integrates technologies that support the a€?five rightsa€? of patient care and hospital workflows, that is, the right patient, right time, right medication, right dosage, and right route. It is a medica-grade, high performance and cost-effective solution for upgrading power on mobile computer carts in healthcare environments. The medical display support full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and facilitate the clinical review of data during an endoscopy, CT scan, X-ray, or PACS applications.
The mobile computing products including mobile data terminals(MDT) and vehicle mounted computers are with rugged design, certified power systems, x86 and RISC-based architectures, making them more sustainable and ideal in fleet management, mobile surveillance and warehouse management system (WMS). Our professional monitors with large-formats are not only attractive, but also smart enough to withstand the constant interactivity inherent in Intelligent Retail. With multi-touch screen ranging from 10" to 21.5", the Self-service Kiosk can be shelf signage in retail, interactive information systems at exhibitions, schedule inquiry systems on campuses, and patient bed-side in healthcare.
Our products are designed basing on the specific and specialized needs from customers and users to make solutions suitable for retail and hospitality. Together with a full range of customization capabilities and IEC60601-1, EN60601-1 and UL60601-1 certifications, the Advantech Medical Computing team fulfills customer technology and time-to-market requirements.
With expertise and experience in design and manufacturing services, the Mobile Computing team provides high quality and high performance solutions for design-in oriented key accounts. Rugged computing systems feature dedicated hardware and software designed and built to operate under harsh conditions. Much of the world’s energy, however, is currently produced and consumed in ways that could not be sustained if technology were to remain constant and if overall quantities were to increase substantially. Such diversity helps to ensure that future generations will have access to the energy they need. This will enable the EU to face the challenges posed by the security of the energy supply and the climate change while, at the same time, increasing the competitiveness of the European energy industries. Providing electricity, light, heat, or mechanical energy at the point of use diminishes the need for some transmission lines and pipelines, reducing associated energy delivery losses and increasing energy efficiency. Natural gas is also used in all sectors including electricity generation (together with coal and nuclear energy). In addition, the novel technologies of natural gas reforming and coal gasification with carbon capture and sequestration will, also, be used for hydrogen production which is an environmentally friendly fuel, free of harmful emissions.
There are many nerdy discussions of that question on the interwebs, but lemme try to talk about it in reasonably non-nerdy language.
The fundamental problem with renewables, according to conventional wisdom, is that they are neither. The gap between what they provide and total demand will still have to be met with some combination of baseload and peaker plants, but as you can see, there’s not much room left for baseload plants. That means better long-distance transmission, to connect renewable-heavy areas with the rest of the country and to take advantage of America’s enormous geographical spread.
The more renewable sources there are on the grid, the wider the geographic area they cover, the more every region has maximized its local, distributed resources, the steadier the total supply is.
It helps that, as you can see on the graph, intermittent sources tend to be strongest during high-demand hours.
GE has a new line of 7FA gas turbines explicitly engineered to be able to start and stop quickly. Todd Woody has an interesting story about a new power plant GE unveiled today, specifically designed to complement renewables. The present trend towards competitive electricity markets, accompanied by higher power transfers and environmental constraints demands highly cross-disciplinary research work.
The projects relate to market dynamics modelling, identification, and quantification of operational limits, assessment of system stability and security, analysis of oscillations in power systems, effect of high-speed technologies (e.g. The major projects involve the development of a practical co-ordinated voltage control scheme for security and transfer capability enhancement, control of oscillations, and control of power flow. When your solar panels are generating more electricity than you need, it is fed back into the grid and it is like your electric meter is running backwards.
Not only does Computer On Module allow quick design turnover, it also provides benefits of iManager, thermal solution and design in service. This new-generation, fanless PC, embedded system family is engaged in data computing and is also highly suitable for remote monitoring and control. Commercial motherboards typically have a short life-cycle, so Advantech industrial motherboard series: Mini-ITX motherboard, Micro ATX and ATX have strict revision control, which means engineering changes are kept to a minimum to reduce the high cost of design changes and reduce costly maintenance and upgrade efforts.
With multiple wiring terminals and extensive software support, Advantech provides industrial Ethernet switches that are reliable, efficient, and cost-saving for industrial computer solutions. For centralized motion control solutions, Advantech's multi- axis motion control card, PC-based controller and embedded system controller can be installed.
All the components fulfill the highest demands for harshest environments of the Power Industry and most of our core products are complaint with IEC 61850-3 certification which is required for Power Substation and energy management systems. In addition, with its open architecture, vertical domain applications can easily be integrated. Advantech provides a range of PCIe video processing acceleration cards and solutions to upgrade video codec capacity, and increase the throughput necessary to build UltraHD-capable solutions. With multiple wiring terminals and extensive software support, Advantech provides reliable, efficient, and cost-saving industrial solutions. Featuring Hot-Swap, multi-core Processors, and Buffered Memory, Advantech Industrial Computer Chassis build an essential bloc for performance demanding applications.
Advantecha€™s 3-5-7 service guarantees high reliability, quick capacity expansion, easy deployment, and efficient management functions that deliver outstanding performance that matches your long-term enterprise investments and ambitions. These products support railway automatic fare collection, wayside, rolling stock, traffic management and more. Featuring Power-over-Ethernet (POE) and the latest Intel Core processors, Advantech Compact System delivers improved computing and graphics performance. SBCs and Embedded PC must be assembled with backplanes for operation as the power and expansion interfaces are through backplanes mechanism.
Wireless connectivity increases the accuracy of medical records, thereby reducing the likelihood of medication errors.
The medical computers are convenient to be cleaned and are produced with anti-bacterial materials to reduce the risks of bacterial contamination. This new solution of medical tablet enabling mobile computing in healthcare has garnered support from clinicians and nursing staff worldwide.

Advantech's industrial-grade LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery provides a reliable and long-lasting source of energy for medical devices. The LCD medical monitor features an IPX1-rated water-resistant enclosure combined with an IP65-certified and cleanable dust-proof front panel and also provides you with up to 21.5" widescreen medical display to enable multi-task. Advantech rugged tablets bring high mobility and rock solid build quality to professionals for field service. The advantages of service applications include easy to clean, full-flat, and IP65 slim compliant touch panels. Our products have won Taiwan Excellence awards, Computex Best Choice and Computex Design and Innovation awards by means of the excellent quality, outstanding design and unique features.
Target markets include manufacturing, field service, retail, public safety, transportation, energy & utilities, military, and warehousing and logistics. These systems qualify to Railway & MIL rugged performance standards for such parameters as shock and vibration, and extended operating temperature range.
The need to control atmospheric emissions of greenhouse and other gases and substances will increasingly need to be focused on efficiency and sustainability in energy production. Renewable energy can help provide for our future needs by harnessing abundant, naturally occurring sources of energy, such as the sun, the wind, and biomass.
Distributed energy resources may be renewable resources, such as biomass cogeneration or rooftop solar photovoltaic systems on homes, or they may be alternative uses of traditional energy, such as natural gas micro-turbines. In the envisaged energy system between 2020-30, Figure 2, based on the long-term energy targets of the EU, the use of oil will be limited only to the transport sector. This will lead, further, to the creation of the first hydrogen communities in which green hydrogen will be produced from renewable energy sources of distributed generation. They are variable and intermittent, with low capacity factors, so they can’t satisfy baseload demand.
If you stack too much renewables on top of too much baseload, you end up at points with more power than you need, at which point you have to either shut down some renewables (which is, obviously, counter to the goal of using more renewables), shut down some baseload (which is expensive as hell), or export some power. The more you can move renewables from where they are to where they’re needed, in real time, the higher the total capacity factor of the system.
The point is, there is a practical path whereby renewables can grow to play a dominant role in the electricity system. This comprises power system dynamics, applied mathematics, nonlinear systems, control theory, power electronics, computing and economics in order to gain insights to, and solutions for, various operational and control problems. At times when your solar panels are not generating enough power to meet your needs, then your meter is running forwards and you are using electricity from your electric provider. But IoT applications are getting complicated due to the need for smarter, faster and more accurate intelligent systems.
Advantecha€™s ARK fanless embedded systems are self-sensing, intelligent devices that integrate advanced software and hardware technologies, enabling customers to realize IoT applications.
These industrial motherboard series (Mini-ITX motherboard, Micro ATX & ATX) are ideal solutions for customers who are used to using commercial off-the-shelf products but require the flexibility of PCIe, PCI-X, PCI and AGP card expansion with industrial features such as longevity, reliability and manageability. Advantech's DAQ products can be bundled with versatile industrial PC chassis, backplanes, CPU modules, flat panel monitors and embedded automation computers. For distributed control solutions, a complete line of Advantech Motion Network (AMONet) and the time-saving DIN-rail terminal boards are the best choices for wiring work. Exceling in 4K Ultra-HD TV broadcasting and mobile video transmission application by High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) technology, our advanced video solutions enable smaller file sizes and better streaming experiences.
Our mission is to enable intelligent transportation systems, which also helps us fulfill our vision of creating and delivering smart city technologies. In vision inspection application, our Modular IPCs permit synchronizing frames from two or more PoE cameras, and also compatible with that are already widely adopted in industrial vision applications.
The intelligent healthcate work station also applies to home care service and benefits medical staff by offering secure, remote access to electronic patient data, optimizing hospital workflow and serving to aid professionals in their home care service diagnoses. These Industrial Portable Computer product lines include handheld terminals, industrial PDAs, and industrial tablet PCs.
Programmable touch hotkeys and rich options for handset, smart card reader, barcode reader, and MSR make them possible to fit many different scenarios.
A growing range of high quality POS peripherals are provided to enhance the expandability and flexibility. Effectively harnessing these renewable resources requires careful planning and advanced technology.
The first hydrogen power generation units, called HYPOGEN (hydrogen power generation) plants, will be in commercial use and will cover part of the electricity demand without any harmful emissions of carbon dioxide.
But the wind and sun are not dispatchable, so they can’t reliably satisfy peak demand either. The dispute is between the Merkel government, which wants 80 percent renewables by 2050, and the Green Party, which wants 100 percent by 2030. There are also batteries, ultracapacitors, compressed air, flywheels, fuel cells, and the distributed storage represented by the growing electric car fleet. You back out baseload with renewables and transmission, back out peakers with storage and demand response, and fill the remaining gap with natural gas.
Using vertical related algorithms, it presents the data in a remote web browser with a domain focused template.
As the need for video ingest, processing, storage and distribution skyrockets, many are considering the use of IP cloud technology.
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), Vision Inspection, and Process Automation are ideal applications using Advantech compact size and high-performance Compact System. Our Slot Single Board Computers & Backplanes are for use in challenging industrial environments, bring the quality and value for money to meet your application. The AMiS series of medical carts, with their modular design, offer an intelligent, flexible, and customizable upgrade option for nursing workstation computer. The high mobility solutions have abundant integrated add-ons such as RFID, barcode scanner, and magnetic stripe reader, offering special customization services to fulfill the unique needs of different vertical markets such as the electronic flight bag.
Through improved technology, we can ensure that clean, natural, renewable and alternative energy sources will be used in the future.
By 2040-50, Figure 3, it is hoped that oil will be fully substituted by hydrogen as an energy source. With this totally integrated product solution, vertical system integrators can take advantage of the fusion of the time proven Advantech hardware and leading edge WebAccess remote monitoring SCADA software to quickly deliver a reliable project to customers. Advantech is working on high density application-ready platforms for video encoding and streaming to bring data center scale technology to future hybrid cloud TV infrastructure. Renewable and alternative energy sources will not only help diversify world’s energy portfolio but they will do so with few adverse environmental impacts.
Hydrogen will be generated either by the reforming of natural gas and gasification of coal or by renewable energy sources. He has over 20 years experience on research and development projects related to the numerical solution of partial differential equations, the mathematical analysis of fluid flows, the hydraulic design of turbomachines, the nuclear power safety, the analysis of power generation technologies and the power economics. Users can also enjoy the convenient, fast, cost-effective solution for remote management, diagnose, and maintenance. This step will complete the transformation of the existing energy economy to a hydrogen economy. He is the author of various peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. Crucially, building more baseload, nuclear or otherwise, will not move us in the right direction. All of Advantech's intelligent devices and systems can serve as computing applications for data acquisition and intelligent action control. Advantech provides several powerful WebAccess Bundled Products to speed up your project implementation time and reduce managerial resources. He is, also, a referee for various international journals, serves as a reviewer for the evaluation of research proposals related to the field of energy and a coordinator of various funded research projects.
He is a member of various national and European committees related to energy policy issues. He is the developer of various algorithms and software for the technical, economic and environmental analysis of power generation technologies, desalination technologies and renewable energy systems.

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