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Enjoy the peace and quiet without a generator, and no longer worry about draining your batteries while away from grid power.
This solar panel kit also called solar kits, it adopted environment friendly lithium batteries, reliable and stable PCB, Solar charging BMS IC, high-efficiency DC-DC boosting circuit, DC-DC synchronous step-down, over-current protection circuit, over-voltage protection circuit, Single chip microcomputer control circuit to create this solar power storage battery. The solar panel kit full set include led bulbs, makes your life more convenient when no electricity, this solar power kits are great popular among our customers. Widely use for home lightning system, security system, wireless network communication etc.. This handy little helper has flip out connections giving you complete ease with no cables or extra parts, just one small module and you are good to go. A bit by bit bit solution to power on the go, this solar charger utilises both socket energy and solar power to give you freedom and convenience where ever you may find yourself.
Spread your brand image through well constructed promotional strategy by giving clients something they can use everyday. Are you looking for a practical and viable alternative to the increasing cost of electrical power from utility companies?
Putting up your own solar energy systems offers a myriad of benefits that far outweighs significant disadvantages that primarily pertains to initial cost.? ROI or return of investment is certainly one of such benefits.
Unlike other types of alternative power system, solar energy systems demand very little in the way of maintenance. Now these are actually just some of the significant benefits that come with investing in your own solar energy system. Scottish Offshore Islands, Western Isles, Channel Islands, Isle Of Man, Isle Of Wight & Ireland.
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Factory price : Factory directly sell , price is much lower than retailer, wholesaler or agents, save you much cost! Quality and delivery time : 80% of employees with at least 3 years experience in production , engineering and technology. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or avid traveler, a solar power bank gives you the ability to keep your phone charged so you can stay connected no matter the situation.
Clients will absolutely love the convenient and compact solar power bank, not to mention that coupled with beautiful branding in colour print, these make for direct and thoughtful promotional gifts for corporate needs. A gift that fulfills a need and provides a service, a solar powered USB charger is the ideal promotional branded gift to give out to clients or at promotional events.
Solar energy systems can certainly offer you just that with free and clean renewable power. Keep in mind that solar power is free and infinitely abundant, any investment you make in solar panels and solar batteries are well worth it when you consider that fact that once you reach ROI, all the electrical power you produce and store in your solar battery are completely free. Solar power panels harness the sun?s energy and transform it into usable electricity which is then stored unto solar batteries in absolute silence. The cost may seem huge at first for many people but you certainly need to look at solar power as a long term investment that will surely earn its keep as it continues to provide you with clean and renewable power.
With a battery capacity of 5000mAh, it can charge your smartphone up to four times depending on the model. Overlander is the largest single 12 volt solar charging kit on the market, with 160 watts and 9.14 amps of power charging capability. And experienced engineering team, we can develop new samples according to the market change and need , to win the market for our customer.
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A free clean and renewable electrical power source is perhaps the best reason there is to invest in a solar alternative power system even with the typically high costs of a solar battery and solar panels. This characteristic actually represents another significant benefit of solar power systems.
Here you will find portable generators, gas powered generators, diesel generators, solar generators, propane generators, standby generators, inverter generators and various generator accessories.
This powerful battery charger is great for maintaining the charge on all types of batteries and is ideal for extended RVing or dry-camping.
If you are not ready for the design, our engineers will help you about it freely with their expertise. The initial cost of important components like solar batteries and solar panels may be enough for many people to dismiss the idea of switching to such alternative power systems altogether. Save for observing proper maintenance for your solar batteries and making sure that the panels are free of dusts; you practically don?t need to anything else to keep such alternative power systems working in good condition.
It can be used in any outdoor environment and is perfect for people who love being outdoors.
This kit is included with the Solar Extreme (480 watts), Solar Elite (320 watts) and Weekender (160 watts) complete solar and inverter systems.
When you consider the benefits offered by such alternative power systems, the high cost of components like the solar battery and panels can well be worth it.
A properly configured and installed solar alternative energy system can last decades providing you with free and renewable power. The light that indicates if it is charging or what charge level it is at is unrecognizable from 1, 2 or even 3 bars.

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