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Solar power is the form of energy that helps in generation of electricity from the sunrays. Solar power facts tells us that we must adopt and use as much as we can this energy if we want to protect the earth and save the planet. We all know that the price of electricity, oil, natural gas, wood and other energetics are constantly rising.
Every hour from the sun reaches enough energy to satisfy our global energy needs for a full year. In essence, with the collection of solar radiation in an appropriate way, we can get heat, electricity and lighting. Many people are familiar with photovoltaic cells – popularly known as solar panels, which today are mounted on the spacecraft’s, the roofs of many buildings and small calculators. Passive solar technologies are setting up water tanks on the roof to supply the house with hot water, special materials that absorb solar energy in the form of heat and at night heat the rooms.
This is an environmentally friendly source of energy (it does not pollute the environment), inexhaustible and free. Note: I HATE spam as much as you do and will never give out your email address to any third parties for any reason.
Isn’t it a great idea to know how to make solar power as you can do it for as little as $200 and power up your home appliances with home made electricity? With a surge in interest for alternative sources of energy there are many online sites that offer easy to follow guides to make solar power using some basic materials found at hardware stores near you. With step by step instructions made easy with diagrams, it has never been so easy for you to save the environment and get access to cheaper sources of power. With the easy guides you could have real fun installing solar systems  and make solar power at your home with your kids.
Buying solar power systems from outside or from manufacturers can cost upwards of $1000 and can also go up to $10000 depending on the extent of powering up you want to do. Get a cell made from a copper sheet, 2 alligator chips, and a micrometer that can read 10-15 micro amperes, electric stove, table salt, water, sand paper and a metal shear. Without cleaning the black spots, join the sheets with alligator chips without the 2 sheets touching each other. Connect the red copper sheet with the negative terminal and the clean one with the positive.

They get enough energy to conduct electricity as the red cuprous oxide is a semi conductor. This competitive edge is because of the abundance and availability of this natural resource. There are many methods to generate electric current using sunlight but the most common methods are photovoltaic and concentrated solar power. The rural or poor areas where there is abundance of sunlight and forests solar cookers have been introduced. Solar energy is produced through the appropriate technology with the utilization of the energy of the sun.
Heat is produced by using thermal collectors and electricity with the help of so-called photovoltaic modules. The principle of operation is simple – cells have semiconductor in them, and when they are warmed by sun, they emit electrons and those electrons than make electricity. In addition, it contributes to sustainable development and improving our standard of living, and represents another option in terms of the use of fossil fuels that pollutes the air and is limited.
As energy sources like gas and coal are getting scarce and the available resources are fast depleting, more and more people are opting for renewable sources of energy . Instead of paying huge amounts of money on electricity bills you can save more when you know how to make solar power. But home made stuff, sourced from your nearby hardware store can be done for as little as $200. First you need to fix up where you want the solar panel installed….on your roof, your backyard or your garden. Electrons get into salt water and move into the copper sheet that is clean, on to the wire and the meter, and then goes back to the red corpus sheet.
This overture will prevent the process of deforestation and the smoke resulting from burning wood. Each investment needs some amount of money but still this is not the end and despite investing every day by day or every year by year we pay for electricity, natural gas, wood, etc. Today, the world is used slightly less than 0.1% of the solar energy to meet global energy hunger. These rays can be used for heating, using thermal collectors, or for the production of electricity by means of photovoltaic modules (active way of using solar energy).

The two processes are quite different in terms of technology and also in terms of their application. In some solar energy is used as a heat source to heat the water to steam, which in turn produces electricity – similar to coal in power plant or a nuclear power plant. Making home made solar power is a solution to clean and green energy and the resource is abundant. You can power up your electrical appliances like fridge, TV, washing machine, lights and any other utility that you may be using. Solar energy is considered as a renewable energy source because it does not destroy our eco system and is present naturally in the environment. For example wind is either weather specific or it is limited to coastal regions, Rainfall varies with region to region. Of course even with solar systems we have to do some investment, yet it is minimal compared to others.
Initially you can cut your electricity costs by 50% and after some time it can also go down to 80%. Your primary aim is to go off grid and get the power companies to pay for the excess power that you produce. No one can stop sunlight to travel its way to earth, because this energy source is not the property of any state or person.
So all investments are at the beginning with the installation of the solar system and everything ends here.
Another attribute which makes it desirable to use is that it is available both in developed and under developed countries of the world in equal intensity.
These solar panels are made up of conductive materials like impure silicon and copper indium mostly. Moreover there are no production tools or strategies required to avail this abundant natural resource. The concentrated energy stored in this form is converted to thermal energy which is utilized to support photovoltaic then.

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