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How it works: Off grid solar systems generate energy that is stored in a battery or battery bank that can then be used to power things like appliances, TVs, lights, cell phone chargers or radios. Wind turbines generate power that is stored in a battery that can be used to power a variety of small appliances or electronics.
EV charging stations come in several of types, making it convenient to find the right charging solution for a home or business needs. Let us help you choose a solar power system or EV charging station to match the energy needs of your home or small business.
The Eaton OS306U-W Passive Infrared Wall Mount Occupancy Vacancy Sensor provides a convenient energy saving lighting control alternative for 120-Volt applications. The Home Depot, in 55 stores throughout Arizona are offering residential solar panels and installation to customers. The systems, manufactured by BP Solar cost anywhere from $14,000 to $50,000, but also come with steep incentives to homeowners.
What attracts most people to creating solar homes is the lessening of environmental impact plus long term savings on the utility bills.

So, it’s important to check the laws in your state before you buy to determine what kinds of state and federal credits you will receive plus incentives for selling solar electricity back to the grid. Kevin is both an environmentalist and a tech guy and has been writing, editing and publishing this blog since 2007.
These alternative energy systems are most effective in coastal regions and areas with consistent wind.
This sensor replaces a standard light or fan switch and is easily installed in any standard wall box to control most lighting loads.
For instance, one customer paid $45,000 for a 6-kilowatt system, but after rebates and credits, the photovoltaic configuration cost only $25,000. A study by Arizona State University students projected that it will take 18 years for an average size home with a 3 kilowatt photovoltaic system to pay for itself.
Many states have net metering laws that are more favorable to the power companies than they are to the consumers. In some states, your home will be simply sustainable, while in others you may have a little money-maker on your hands.

And, you can also shop The Home Depot for do-it-yourself solar panel kits, wind turbines, solar and a complete section of solar power accessories. Home Depot is also offering residential solar in most stores throughout California as well. In Germany and Spain consumers can actually make money selling solar energy back to the grid at a favorable rate. Utilities in other states will use net metering, but on top of this consumers may also receive renewable-energy credits when selling power back to the grid, which can mean cash in your pockets.

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