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ABB has become the latest electrical giant to launch agriculturalA solar water pumps for the Indian market. The cost of solar water pumps ranges from $4000 to $7000, which means that the capital cost is very high for small time farmers.
But it provides returns for the governments in the long run, given that they provide free electricity to farmers which adds up to a large cost in the long term. Sneha is a chartered accountant, having 7+ years of strong experience in Finance & Renewable Energy.
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In an indirect system fluid such as anti-freeze is heated and then passed through a heat exchanger fitted to the water tank.
Solar investors generally look at solar panel installations, while investing in the solar story.
As solar panel costs decline, many applications are becoming extremely cost competitive and displacing the fossil fuel mainstream products. Government in India has realized that promoting solar powered agricultural water pumps will help in reducing the massive energy imposts as well.
The agriculturalA pump market is seeing good competition from Chinese players such as SunEdison as well. For these large solar pumps it is strongly recommended as it reduced the water cost considerably. The heat from the fluid raises the temperature of the water in the tank, and the water in the tank cools the fluid ready to be passed around the system again for further heating. The Indian government is subsidizing solar water pumps and state government have also started giving out massive subsidies as much as 90%, to promote the use of these pumps. This has led to a lowering of solar agriculturalA pump costs, which is good for the consumers as well as the government. The less complicated option is direct heating in which the water to be heated is itself passed around the system.

Solar Array SizeAdd about 30% to the DC power to account for dirt, heat, cable and other losses of the solar array.ExampleMax power for the selected pump is 3300 Watt. This system can be used year 'round with evacuated tubes, and will work well for 2-3 seasons of the year with a flat panel solar collector - e.g. For the pump controller we of course recommend our very own solar water heating pump controller.
For the pump we recommend the following 12 VDC high temperature water pump.This pump is brushless so it will be maintenance free and long lasting. Sun SwitchUse a SUN SWITCH to start the pump when the available solar radiation is big enough for your application. PumpsA variety of centrifugal multistage direct coupled pump ends on LORENTZ brushless submersible motors. In order to connect this to standard 10mm or 15mm copper piping it is recommended to use auto radiator hose.
It is also possible to use flexible tap connectors available from DIY stores and plumbers merchants.

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