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While some people like designs inspired by Apple, we fear the look is doing the Blade S6 more harm than good in western markets. The good thing about copying Apple is that you do end up with pretty good ergonomics and a sleek look.
As for ZTE’s choice of colours, we believe a few more options would have been nice, like an all-white one, or maybe a colourful, pastel option. Although we’re not entirely happy with the back, we must not forget that up until a couple of years ago, consumers got a similar tactile feeling on some flagship phones. The ZTE Blade S6 is a mid-range device, but unlike most Chinese phones in this price range, it’s not based on MediaTek silicon.
The spec does not leave a lot of room for complaints, it’s more or less standard for a 2015 mid-range device. In Quadrant, the Snapdragon 615 does rather well, outpacing the MediaTek MT6752, but other benchmarks clearly favour MediaTek's octa-core. Antutu is a tad more realistic, although it doesn't do justice to the Snapdragon 801 on the Galaxy S5.
Basemark also favours the MediaTek SoC, but shows nearly identical scores for the Blade S6 and Desire 820, which are based on the same chipset. 3D Mark Ice Storm is more of the same, but it clearly proves that the Snapdragon 801 has a vastly more powerful GPU than the Snapdragon 615 and MT6752. We also included the Xiaomi Redmi 2 in our list because it's powered by the Snapdragon 615's little brother – the quad-core Cortex-A53 Snapdragon 410. The 5-inch 720p IPS panel is more or less standard, and obviously contrast isn’t on a par with AMOLED panels. We couldn't escape the feeling that the lovely 2.5D glass also creates a bit more reflections than standard panels, but the curved edges obviously have nothing to do with it.
The stock camera app offers two user interfaces; a streamlined, basic UI designed for speed and simplicity, and a more comprehensive Pro mode, which offers quite a bit more control. The UI is not bad, but the stock camera app can deliver inconsistent results in some situations. As far as outdoor shots go, we had a chance to try it out on a perfect day for HDR shots – scattered clouds, just after noon, almost no junkies in the park.
As you can see, the HDR mode is a tad too aggressive on the shadows and "flattens" the image.
The camera can also capture 1080p video and we have no complaints about the quality, save for the nervous autofocus. ZTE started shipping the Blade S6 a couple of months ago, but the rollout was limited to certain Asian markets.
ZTE includes a fair amount of bloatware on the device, but it’s not too bad since you can get rid of most of it. By default, the back button is located left of the home button, while the menu button is on the right, but you can swap them if you prefer.
A number of readers have expressed concerns about GPS quality on Chinese phones, but the ZTE performs admirably. We took a look at other Snapdragon 615 devices and most of them ship with similar batteries. The ZTE Blade S6 is an interesting package – it’s a good all-round performer, but it doesn’t stand out in any department. In terms of value, the Blade S6 compares favourably to similar big-brand devices – it retails for $249 in Asian markets, so you can get two or three for the price of a single flagship phone. The 5.5-inch ZTE Blade S6 Plus went on sale a couple of days ago and it features the same spec, with a bigger screen and 3000mAh battery. ZTE has announced that it has launched its Blade S6 Plus worldwide and it will be exclusive to eBay. Masih dari ajang MWC 2016, kali ini giliran ZTE mengumumkan dua smartphone kelas tengah baru dalamn jajaran line-up produk Blade.
Adiknya, ZTE Blade V7 Lite memiliki spesifikasi yang lebih rendah dari sang kakak dengan layar 5 inci dan kedalaman 720p. 20 per cent riseZTE has said that it wants to sell between 60 million and 70 million devices overall this year despite the downturn in the industry.
ZTE Senior Director of Mobile Devices Waiman Lam told Reuters at the Mobile World Congress that the company is cautiously targeting growth of around 60 million units, which would mark a 7 percent rise in unit sales from 2015.
A slightly larger Blade V7 sports a 5.2-inch screen in a metallic case for single-hand use and both front and rear 13-megapixel cameras. You’re probably looking at it and wondering why ZTE chose to go for such an iPhoneish design, but that’s really not that surprising since many big and small Chinese brands have similar designs (including Lenovo, with its S90 mid-range phone). In terms of connectivity, the ZTE Blade S6 supports LTE networks in Europe and Asia, but not in the US.
What makes the ZTE Blade S6 really stand out from the rest of the field is the OS, as it ships with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Although the phone is not meant to be directly marketed in Europe, a few merchants are shipping it. By Default, there is something amazing in Windows 10 PC, such as some security and personal settings are poor. Which has weaken eyesight, they always to love big font and cursor on their screen, everything should be great for that user, so the way to the situation, you need to make changes on each setting of your computer, should keep big size as your default, there are huge changes in Windows 10 from its old operating system Windows 7 and Windows 8, it’s completely compatible for touch and smartphone, in order to keep computer faster and secure Windows 10 has ability to make computer more personal.
In order to change Size of your Default Cursor, you need to choose Setting from start panel.
Click on the setting of Windows 10 PC, by default there are 9 available settings, in which we make all changes on it. To click on Ease of Access setting, in which we will get more option to change, Narrator, Magnifier, High contrast, Closed options, Keyboard, Mouse, and other options. Choose other option to increase Size of default cursor, the scale of size start from 1 and will end on 20, just slide it to Right to increase the size of default cursor. You do not make any calculation to change cursor setting, just choose Setting and move Cursor to Right direction, this is suitable for Windows 10 users. How to Managed Bluetooth Device (Turned on and Off) on Your Windows 10 Laptop or Any Other Device. In fact, the company was churning out mobile phones years before some of the current market leaders came into being. It’s a bit bigger, there’s no physical navigation button, no protruding camera, the speaker isn’t located at the bottom and since it’s plastic, there are aerial cut-outs on the back. In fact, ZTE isn’t just copying the Jony Ive’s design, it’s also trolling Apple with the “Designed by ZTE in California, Made in China” inscription on the back. Unlike most iPhone clones, this is actually a pretty nice mid-range device in its own right. Of course, then it wouldn’t look so much like an iPhone, but that would be a plus for many users. Placed next to a Galaxy S5, the sides of the ZTE Blade S6 look and feel premium, but the back lets it down. One thing missing from the list is NFC support, but the rest of the package looks quite good.
The MediaTek MT6752 is marginally faster in most tests, but the Snapdragon 615 should provide somewhat better battery life. The curves feel quite nice and remind us of the Moto X and iPhone 6 (which is obviously no coincidence).

There’s no static, stereo separation is excellent, the amp is relatively powerful and we couldn’t escape the feeling that we were playing around with a high-end device. The issues are not hardware related – the sensor is good and we suggest you download a third-party camera app, or Google Camera. The stock app also allows the user to capture high frame rate video and there’s a time lapse mode as well, which is nice. It’s more than adequate for the occasional video call or selfie, provided you’re not in a dark environment. When it launched, it was practically the only Chinese phone to ship with Android 5.0, and ZTE also claimed it was the first Snapdragon 615 smartphone with Lollipop. ZTE tried to keep the launcher as close to Android 5.0 in terms of overall appearance, so you get a flat design that looks quite good.
The secondary buttons are not visible when the phone is locked, while the central home button also doubles as a notification LED (blue only, this is not an RGB LED).
We were able to get an indoor lock in a matter of seconds, and the accuracy was good enough to guide a JDAM down someone's chimney, like Santa from hell. Sony’s Xperia M4 Aqua has a 2400mAh battery, while the Galaxy Alpha A7 and HTC Desire feature 2600mAh batteries with larger, 5.5-inch screens. Some may argue that this is sort of the point of mid-range devices, and we feel ZTE just wanted to design a straightforward phone with a good price tag.
Compared to other Snapdragon 615 devices out there, the ZTE is significantly cheaper than the HTC Desire 820, or the recently announced Sony Xperia M4 Aqua.
With telcos such as Airtel testing 4G in a number of cities and Reliance Jio all set to begin trials, the demand for these phones are expected to rise. V7 Lite menggandeng prosesor quad core dan emmiliki kamera belakang dengan resolusi 8 megapiksel. Instead of fingerprint security, it offers ZTE's retinal eye-scan feature and goes on sale in summer.
It is powered by a Qualcomm 615 processor, which has eight Cortex-A53 cores clocked at up to 1.7GHz, with Adreno 405 graphics. ZTE did implement a few minor UI tweaks and dispensed with the app drawer in the process, but you can always use a third-party launcher in case you need it.
The silver body is plastic, not metal, but it’s a unibody-style design, with an integrated 2400mAh battery and two nano SIM slots on the side (one of which doubles as a microSD slot). The official MSRP is $249, so depending on the exchange rate, European consumers are looking at about €220-€225.
Such as, if we take an example of Cursor and personal data gathering setting, these are turned on by default, in order to protect personal data we have to make changes. Our aim is to provide best possible solution to global internet users with complete details and solve users issues online. However, years of experience didn’t help ZTE maintain a competitive edge, so the company was the only big Chinese brand to lose market share last year, although it did manage to ship about 50 million phones. The phone is available in silver and a pink version is on the way, too, but we think ZTE would have been better off had it decided to offer a few additional colour options for people who don’t want to feel like they’re getting an iPhone clone.
There are no sharp edges and the curved glass helps make the phone appear (and feel) thinner than it really is. We have no complaints about their quality or design, tactile feedback is excellent and the finish is good.
Judging by the speaker and 3.5mm cut-outs, the shell is about a milimetre thick, much more than your average plastic back cover. If you prefer to use some sort of silicon case on your device, this is really not an issue.
If you were thinking the choice of Qualcomm’s chipset also means that the phone can use every LTE network out there – think again. There’s a slightly warm tint to it and the overall quality is pretty good for this type of device.
While this is a 720p display, bear in mind that at 5 inches it ends up with a pixel density of 294ppi, which is good enough, especially for a mid-range device.
Unlike many Chinese phones, the ZTE Blade S6 has a noise cancelling microphone and thanks to years of experience on ZTE’s part, phone functionality is excellent. We’re not sure what sort of components ZTE chose to use, but this is really good news for music lovers, who will also appreciate the microSD slot. Interestingly, ZTE ships the phone with Camera360 preinstalled, which leads us to conclude that the company is aware that its own camera app isn’t quite there yet. Most phones in this segment still ship with Android 4.4, so kudos to ZTE for burning the midnight oil and getting the latest version of Android to a mid-range device. There are a lot of customisation options as well, and we particularly appreciated the ability of blurring the background with a simple slider.
You can tweak the capacitive button layout to match your personal preference and loads of gestures are supported. You access the app switcher by a long press on the menu button, which reveals a standard Android 5.0 carousel, featuring recently used apps and Chrome tabs. In fact, the Blade S6 costs just a tad more than a similarly spec’d Moto G, with an inferior camera and SoC. The ZTE Blade S6 is a solid device and offers good value for money, but with a bit more refinement and additional colour options, it could have been even better, with very little effort on ZTE’s part. Yang menarik dari Blade V7 adalah disain full metalnya yang atraktif, atau kalo boleh dibilang agak berbeda dengan smartphone lainnya.
Uniknya, walau spesifikasinya lebih rendah, V7 Lite sudah dibekali dengan sensor sidik jari yang malah tidak dimiliki oleh kakaknya.
The company has not yet disclosed pricing for the new models, but Lam told Reuters that the larger of the two, the Blade V7, will sell for around $277.95 and the Lite will go for $154.
While we can’t see how this translates to sales it was the key part of its brand recognition programme in the US.
A pink colour option should be available as well, but sadly there’s no black of white versions. In case you are worried about customs and shipping, you can get the phone from Chinese resellers like Gearbest, from their EU warehouses.
Millions of Windows users uses the same setting delivered by the company by default, some of them search for the new way to make changes to make your device more attractive. Refreshed Blade series models, along with the recently announced Nubia Z9 series, are supposed to turn ZTE’s fortunes around.
The plastic doesn’t feel much better than a run of the mill removable cover, although you’d expect it to thanks to its unibody design. Although we’re not fans of the faux aluminium look, the finish does have one thing going for it – it doesn’t attract a lot of fingerprints and smudges, so you won’t have to wipe it every second. The fact that the 2400mAh battery is not replaceable may be a concern for some users, but thanks to the frugal chipset, we got decent results.
The Blade S6 can’t use many North American LTE bands, but European consumers should have no trouble with it. Both chipsets are quite powerful and more than capable of delivering great performance on a budget.
The 13-megapixel camera uses Sony’s IMX214 sensor, which is currently the most prolific imaging sensor in Chinese mid- to high-end phones. While some puritans may argue that soft, blurred backgrounds have no place in a flat design UI, we like it – it’s a simple and well implemented tweak that allows you to create the impression of an out-of-focus background with a single swipe.

While the Snapdragon 615 is supposed to be slightly more efficient than competing octa-core solutions, the 2400mAh battery is no miracle worker.
The hardware is good and we were particularly pleased with the audio quality, unobtrusive UI with Android 5.0 overtones, and the compact design with curved glass. The biggest problem facing the ZTE Blade S6, and indeed all mid-range phones, is that last year’s flagships go for about $100 more than the average mid-range phone. That’s perhaps our biggest complaint – with a bit more tender loving care and attention to detail, ZTE could have ended up with an exceptional mid-range device at virtually the same price point. Blade V7 memiliki layar berukuran 5,2 inci 1080p dengan sudut melengkung dengan rasio antara bodi dan layar sebesar 78,2 persen untuk kenyamanan penggunaan dengan satu tangan. Kedua smartphone besuitan vendor Cina ini akan berjalan dengan menggunakan sistem oeprasi Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
The Blade V7 Lite offers a 5-inch screen that can be operated with one hand and a fingerprint scanner for users to sign on to the phone.
Meanwhile the outfit has signed a new sports marketing partnership with Spanish football club Seville. The Nubia brand is reserved for flagships, while value products end up with Blade branding. This is our biggest gripe with the ZTE Blade S6 – the back of the phone doesn’t touch the internals, so there’s a bit of flex when you apply pressure near the centre. Of course, make sure to do your homework and check compatibility prior to making a purchase.
However, Qualcomm’s chip should be more efficient, making it more suitable for thin devices like the Blade S6.
The rear speaker is loud, although it can sound “tinny” when confronted with a lot of bass.
Like most Chinese brands, ZTE dispensed with the app drawer, so all your apps will end up on one of the main panes.
However, the choice of stock and downloadable backgrounds is limited, so you might need to get some of your own.
It basically places an easy to access bubble on the screen, which is supposed to easy one-handed operation. You can launch the camera by lifting the phone up in landscape mode and pressing the volume rocker, you can shake the phone to turn on the LED light (or launch something else), cover the screen to mute a call or alarm, flip the device to mute it and so on.
Of course, it all depends on how you use the device, but chances are you’ll get a full day on a single charge with moderate to heavy use. V7 ditenagai oleh prosesor octacore Mediatek dengan dukungan RAM 2 GB dan kamera utama dengan resolusi 13 Megapiksel.
The Blade S6 is one such product and in many respects it feels like a smartphone designed by a corporate committee, assembled to design and deliver a mid-range device on budget, on time. This is rather odd, since it could have been resolved with a couple of reinforcement points on the inside of the shell, but someone obviously overlooked this detail.
The UI also features squared icons, but the good news is that it’s not too heavy and ZTE didn’t change a whole lot compared to stock Lollipop.
Also, the minimalistic, flat UI looks quite good with a simple colour background, but the launcher doesn’t allow you to pick a colour of your own, which is quite odd. The smooth design results in an attractive device that looks and feels light and comfortable. Gearbest, our principal provider of Chinese review samples, sells it for €229 with free shipping from EU stock, so European consumers don’t have to worry about customs and delivery times.
Much of the standard Android 5.0 UI is still there and it seems ZTE took the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. You just have a range of predefined colours and the ability to download (!) a few more colours. Perhaps the most useful and simple features is the phone’s ability to detect when it’s placed into a pocket or purse, and automatically lock the screen. The ZTE is in the same price range as the Acer Liquid Jade Z Plus, Samsung Galaxy Alpha A3, HTC Desire 620 and the Huawei Ascend G7, but it has a somewhat better spec than all of them.
The notification bar, menus and a lot of other Android 5.0 features and apps were left intact – and we like it that way.
All in all, ZTE’s UI is not bad at all and we like the fact that much of the Android 5.0 look and feel is still there. The 7.7mm plastic body feels robust, save for the odd back issue that could have been resolved easily. It features a removable back cover that sports a nice, matte finish and minimalist branding. If you prefer the stock look, you can get even closer to it by installing Google’s camera, launcher and keyboard apps. The finish is fingerprint resistant, but additional colour options that would distance it from the iPhone look would have been a nice touch.
However, many users probably won’t get the urge to download another launcher because the stock one is pretty good.
While unoriginal, the ZTE Blade S6 leaves the aesthetic impression of a somewhat more expensive device.
The removable back cover hides two micro-sim slots, a microSD card slot and the battery compartment. It’s fast and responsive, and since it still has a lot of Android 5.0 DNA left, so it’s pretty intuitive. We think this was a good call on ZTE’s part – the company experimented with a few additional features, but it did so without wrecking the UI in the process.
We have no complaints about the speed, everything is smooth and the Qualcomm SoC obviously doesn’t break a sweat dealing with the 720p display. As we pointed out earlier, this is not a device for North American markets due to network limitations. After all, it delivers roughly the same performance as a 2013 flagship phone and it’s used in much pricier models like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha A7.
It’s a 64-bit part running 64-bit Android 5.0, which wasn’t ruined by ZTE’s launcher, and let’s not forget about the 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. For some reason it’s choppy and we’re obviously looking at a software issue, or maybe a firmware glitch with the ambient light sensor.
However, we still feel LTE on entry-level and mid-range devices still isn’t a must-have feature, since most people who buy them off-contract probably won’t use it anyway.
The 3.5mm headset jack is at the top while the micro-USB port is placed at the bottom edge.
The camera takes decent quality pictures in good lighting conditions but pictures taken in low light were not as good and missed out on detail. It is indeed a good option for people who're buying their first smartphone and have a limited budget. The phone is a cheaper rival to the Motorola Moto E 4G that costs Rs 7,499, CoolPad Dazen 1 priced at RS 5,999 and Xiaomi Redmi 2 at Rs 6,999.

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