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I was hoping that this would turn out well ever since I first saw a camera copy of the intro, though I'll wait for the full premiere and more episodes come out before starting to watch.
It seems like the official premiere will be on March 30, unfortunately, though the only evidence I've seen is this picture. A Receita Federal do Mato Grosso levou a leilao dois superesportivos apreendidos no estado. Imagino que esteja adesivado para proteger a cor, pois se for obrigado a retocar o carro além da bolada do leilão vai ser gasto outra bolada na oficina!! Ainda tem dúvidas se vale a pena pagar 185mil em um ícone dos super carros??? Nossa eu ficava com porsche carrera gt e muito mais lindo,esses dois sao 0km ?,entao pq foi apreendido ?,nossa to vontade compra um porsche, 185 mil ta muito bom,na verdade o preço seria 2,5 milhoes dilmas.

O interior dele estava bem sujo, com certeza era por causa do vidro aberto do carro, n sei porque nao fecharam, mas nada que uma boa lavagem americana resolvia, ja a lamborghini estava com 2 pneus murchos o retrovisor direito kebrado, mas por dentro estava impecavel! I don't think this show is going to blow up to Gravity Falls or Phineas and Ferb levels, but whatever. Characters are already pretty likable so far (main character reminds me quite a bit of Mabel Pines if she had a magic wand) and it looks quite nice. Looking forward to when it comes back as it certainly has potential to get even better hopefully.
I would say it would be nice to have this and MLP:FiM season 5 airing at the same time, but then I remembered Disney's release schedule for shows.
Simplesmente um dos melhores porsches ja feitos e estão ligando pra agua que caiu dentro do carro???

Na primeira vez que eu vi a foto do carrera gt 2005, carácoles, amor à primeira vista! I've been waiting for a while since I first knew about this show, it looks pretty cool and it has a female lead, a rare thing on Disney cartoons. Quite liked a few of the darker jokes in it such as the burning rainbow and that poor student getting taken away by that monster butterfly ha.

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