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In the old age of a human, physical fitness is a very important and necessary thing as this sustains proper health and hence keeps a person strong and sound. You should follow a regular based fitness regime and schedule so that you can stay healthy and hence enjoy a long and sound life. You should consult your doctor before getting on to any kind of a fitness regime or schedule especially if you are a sufferer of any sickness related to high blood pressure, heart problems, respiratory disorder or diabetes. You can prefer to walk as walking is one of the safest and efficiently effective exercises suitable for old aged persons or seniors. First of all, cycling enables you to maintain a good heart and hence you can do your cycling on a stationery cycle or a bicycle, but prefer to Cycle outdoors as this is a very refreshing activity and will keep you active and lively.
You need to carry out stretching exercises as these exercises enable you to increase your range of motion as these remove the stiffness in your joints and hence enable you to perform freely in your old age. For elderly people and seniors, Yoga is the best and suitable physical fitness regime as some of you may not be able to carry out some vigorous exercises. Mental fitness is important for the old aged ones and therefore Meditation is one best solution for this and is very much effective too. You should maintain a proper diet so that you stay fit and healthy and prefer not to have but avoid rich food and prefer to have low fat diet so that you shed off extra weight. You should undergo regular medical checkup as it is a necessity in order to maintain a record of your blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.
Well, this sounds silly and funny, but this is a true fact “Laughing is good for health.” Laughter is one of the best medicines as seniors can remain fit if they stay happy.
Stretching creates a comfortable feeling throughout your bones and just strengthens and tones every ounce of you.
Back stretches can relieve the most common cause of back pain, which is tight, tense muscles. Twist your right forearm around your left forearm and grab the palm of your left hand with the fingers of your right hand.
This stretch affects your upper back in much the same way that the cat stretch affects your lower and middle back. While lying face up on the mat, bend the right leg and place the right foot on the left knee. Inhale deeply as you roll your head to the left; your left ear should travel toward your left shoulder. Inhale as you roll your head to the other side, keeping your shoulders and arms relaxed and paying attention to the breath. When an energy centre is blocked or inactive it can lead to imbalance and disease in the body.
Whether you're looking to prevent or rid yourself of back pain, or are trying to tone up for a specfic event, these are some the best back exercises to try.
Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone shows the 4 key moves for a sculpted back, and you can do them all in under 15 minutes.

Start this Shoulder stretching exercise by standing erect, head level, and one arm horizontal.
Muscles Stretched: The primary shoulder muscle that is stretched during this exercise is the posterior fascicle of the middle deltoid, the teres minor and the infraspinatus. Prior to exercises this stretches, loosens and warms up the shoulder muscles so that it is prepared for the strain of the exercise.
After the exercises stretching the shoulder muscle group will loosen the muscles, and get the blood circulating to remove the lactic acid from the muscles exercised and assists in relieving the delayed soreness from the strenuous exercises performed.
This brings along the capability to perform and work out tasks in the daily life without being dependent on others. Carrying out of regular fitness regime will strengthen your immune system, improve your resistive power and will also build stamina as well as endurance. Consult your doctor or fitness trainer so you will be guided with a suitable exercise regime for fitness.
For elderly people, walking is the best kind of aerobic activity and walking enables to build stamina, tone the muscles in the legs and it also strengthens the spine too.
Stretching exercises improve the flexibility of your muscles and therefore they help you in maintaining a better body balance.
Yoga is very much effective in the treatment of various ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and joint pains etc.
You should prefer to meditate for a maximum time in a day and you should do this every day in order to maintain the mental peace and harmony saving yourself from depression.
You should not eat two or three large meals but you should eat smaller meals at regular interval so that the digestion becomes easy. This regular checkup will enable you to follow a proper exercise regime so that you remain fully fit.
You should join to a laughter club as laughing stimulates the circulation in the blood and wards off depression and is an effective cardio workout.
Watch Natures way of how trees stretch – branches blowing in the heavy wind builds them girth which makes them more flexible and stronger.
Your feet should be no further apart than the width of your hips, and should be flat on the floor directly below your knees. Exhale and engage the abs as you tip from the hips and lower into a Forward Bend, with hands on the floor or feet–bend the knees if you need to. Slowly twist the torso to the right, squeezing the abs, then twist to the left repeating for about 15 reps on each side.
Slowly twist to the left while taking the right hand straight out on the floor, the left hand gently pressing on the right knee.
Lie flat on your stomach with your hands directly below your shoulders as though you were preparing to do a pushup. If performed daily, neck rolls can largely relieve the symptoms of upper back tension, including pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, jaw pain and tension headaches.

With your other hand grasp the elbow of the horizontal arm and slowly pull towards the opposite shoulder. Additional shoulder muscles stretched are the middle and inferior portions of the trapezius muscle and the rhomboid major. Therefore, if you are one among the old aged ones, you need to carry out various physical fitness activities and exercises in order to be independent in your old age and hence self-perform your daily activities. Initially, you should start slowly and gradually increase you schedule of exercise as the days go by.
Initially, prefer to walk at a pace you are comfortable to walk at and then you can increase your speed gradually. Now, if you are not able to go outdoors for cycling, you can do it at your place itself using a stationery cycle. First, you should carry out stretching exercises in order to warm up your body and then move to your next regime of exercises.
Aged people suffer from dementia and memory loss, and for these, meditation is a very effective solution.
If your feet don’t rest flat on the floor, place a folded towel or blanket under them.
Keep the movement slow and controlled, only rotating as far as your flexibility will allow.
Keep your hips on the mat and slowly extend your arms, pressing your torso off the floor, until you feel a good stretch along the front of your body. This fitness in your physical body will keep you strong and healthy and hence you will feel more confident and self-assured. Prefer to start walking for canadian cialis about 5- 10 minutes and then increase the time period to 25-30 minutes per day. In the same way, you should also carry out these exercises after carrying out the other exercises in order to cool off your body. Focus on remaining extended out from the hips in order to prevent hyper-extension of the lower back. Therefore, in order to maintain your fitness in your old age, you need to plan out carefully and follow a strict fitness regime depending on your age and your physical condition. If you feel any discomfort or pinching sensations, shorten your range of motion or discontinue the stretch. You can also stretch one side at a time by gently rotating your torso, walking one hand a little farther forward than the other and then repeating on the opposite side. This effectively counters the “crouched” position of biking and helps to open up the front of the body, including abdomen and chest.

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