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Not only do we sell and service reliable all road, off road bikes and WaveRunners we have a large selection of new and used farm quads and Rhinos for our rural communities in the areas. Representing Ducati within Tasmanina, our Sales, Service and Parts and Accessories departments and second to none. Simplicity is their appeal, with a low-stressed, throttle limiter-equipped two-stroke engine and rugged auto transmissions (PW50 is full auto, PW80 is semi-auto).

Start them out on a PeeWee and watch them develop into a good, safe rider… and maybe even a top level racer?
YMF Loan is a quick and easy to use service that offers a range of flexible repayments from 24 to 60 months—you choose the option that best suits you! The legendary two-strokes have a special place in motorcycle history and have given rise to the entire PeeWee fun bike class.

Add in the light, easy to control running gear and hand operated pushbike style brakes and the PeeWees are a no brainer for the first timer.

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