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Tawnya McCoy, a dancer who has performed with artists like Ludacris, Snoop and B-Legit, was recently named the winner for BellaMoxi Dance Convention’s Emerging Artists Choreographic Festival in Torrance, California. Self-expression through movement and music is something I could not live without and was determined to make a living and live a life doing exactly what I love. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a dancer and inspire and motivate others through dance. How did it feel being named the 2016 BellaMoxi Emerging Artist Choreographic Festival Winner in Torrance? Looking to the future, how does this recognition with BellaMoxi push you to keep producing work? I wasn’t aware or educated on all the amazing avenues one could take to fulfill their passion to dance.
Every time we performed it, I would see a newer and better vision for it, or take constructive judge notes and take the concept back to the board and go deeper with it.

Shortly after BellaMoxi, this number was taken to the World of Dance stage and looked completely different.
I have been producing work for years, and it is very easy to feel that your work may go unnoticed.
Soft vegan leather shapes this rectangular clutch with two 36"" long ties that can be wrapped and tied at front.
I first realized that when dance was a vehicle to tap into something that truly feels like euphoria to me.
Both retro and daring, the "vintage-style" eyewear collection offers gentle shapes with great presence of style and personality.
I have taken so many daring risks and have, at several points, given up everything to get where I am today. These kids and families come in with love, heart, kindness and passion, and it doesn’t feel like I work at all.

Thanks to BellaMoxi’s panel of judges for offering their honest thoughts, inspiration and creative vision. They inspire me to be my best self every day, and watching the growth in their art, dance and, most importantly, in their character, truly makes it all worthwhile. But the bottom line is I moved them and caused an emotional and physical response while raising awareness on a situation that no one talks about. This piece was personal to me, and so I took my vision all the way there and did not hold back.

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