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You cannot listen to the pronunciation of xuexiao because your browser does not support the audio element.
Beijing Mandarin School I had a good time studying .I learned a lot and the experience here in Beijing was amazing. Beijing Mandarin School Attn to Karida Beijing,5 juin 2009 Dear Karida This is my pleasure to share appreciation of learning Chinese with my teacher Karida from Beijing Mandarin School. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Chinese at Beijing Mandarin School .I love the fact that the teachers are flexible and lessons are tailored to individual needs, be that business Chinese, or just learning the everyday basics. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase.
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Mr.Six (???) merupakan film arahan sutradara Guan Hu (??) yang dibintangi oleh Feng Xiao Gang (???), Zhang Han Yu (???), Xu Qing (??), Li Yi Feng (???), Kris Wu (???).

Suatu hari anak dari Lao Pao Er membuat sebuah kekacauan dan masalah terhadap geng balap mobil, sehingga anak Lao Pao Er diculik oleh geng balap mobil. You are so nice and funny.That’s why I always playing game with you, I want you to be my teacher everywhere I go! Film ini berhasil membawa Feng Xiao Gang meraih gelar Best Actor di ajang Golden Horse Awards. Hal ini membuat Lao Pao Er marah besar dan menyuruh anak buah serta polisi untuk mencari anaknya.
I’m so sad about going back to Texas, Unite States because I’ll miss everyone at BMS so much!
Geng punk jalanan dipimpin oleh seorang bernama Lao Pao Er (???) dan geng balap mobil dipimpin oleh Xiao Fei (???). Namun semua usaha tersebut gagal karena pemimpin dan geng mobil balap cukup kuat untuk mengalahkan kekuasaan Lao Pao Er.

Lao Pao Er merupakan pemimpin geng punk jalanan yang menguasai hamper seluruh wilayah Beijing saat itu. Every morning, I would get there early at BMS, and I would always drink true delicious green tea. Anyways, In America I will continue studying Mandarin so I can eventually become an expert at it!

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