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Chatbots versus humans: who builds customer rapport better?, Eventually we found a way to bring the friendly, personable chat experience to a business can do it over chat now, chatbots should definitely be able to accomplish this. Are good story tellers happier in life and business?, It is true that in our information-saturated age, business leaders “will not be heard unless they’re telling stories,” says nick morgan, author of power how can you use storytelling to continue to bond in your relationships?.
Why your contact page is the most important part of your portfolio website - As a freelancer or agency, your portfolio website has the power can also add a ton of value for your business by: but above all, strategically planning out your contact page form will help you identify potentially successful and profitable relationship. What we can learn from nick love about turning your passions into a business - Coalition djs has franchises in the nerve centers of the hip-hop body, including miami, detroit and you want a career in this business, make career moves that will allow you to have longevity.
Guns n' roses add new legs to reunion tour - So we're all in communication, which as i said not too long ago, my primary interest in the old band was us having good relationships again of course the business is part of what goes on, but the band was never about that, and if the band should. A distraught woman called firefighters: she has just witnessed a shooting in a cafe in Paris, there are many victims.
FrancePost – Manuel Valls noted Tuesday, without naming the political comeback announced Nicolas Sarkozy and made ??de facto its main rival in his policy speech.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. The foundations of the alliance of Western states against the fighters of the Islamic state were asked at the Paris conference on Monday. Public relations manager was listed as one of the best career choices for women in 2015, according to a new CareerCast report.
In the report, CareerCast claimed PR managers have an annual median wage of $95,450 and currently boast a projected growth outlook of 13%. Dental hygienist, biomedical engineer, market research analyst, human resources manager, and advertising and promotions manager were other top career options for women that made the list this year. Possibly highlighting a labor trend, this is the second consecutive CareerCast report showcasing careers involving mathematics as among the nation’s most successful.
The best career for women in 2015, according to the report, is an actuary, which offers an annual median wage of $93,680.
Acadia Harvest wins $1 million in grants and a 'seal of approval' for its plan to raise the prized yellowtail commercially at an indoor fish farm in Maine. Yellowtail circle a tank at the University of Maine Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research.
FRANKLIN — Ed Robinson looks down at an empty 360,000-gallon steel and concrete tank and imagines it filled with water and teeming with California yellowtail, a subtropical fish prized in sushi bars for its smooth, buttery texture and mild flavor. If successful, the company will have the only commercial yellowtail fish farm in the United States.
The company plans to use the tank – located at the University of Maine Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research in the Hancock County town of Frankin – to raise juvenile yellowtail.
The company is currently raising sea bass and yellowtail in smaller tanks at the University of Maine facility. Robinson said the business needs to spend an additional $8 million to be commercial on a large scale. He sees a market for yellowtail because it’s a premium fish that is overharvested in the wild.

Local cold-water species, such as cod and halibut, also have been raised at the Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research. The fish are constantly in motion – even when asleep – and they splash around like frenzied piranha when he tosses food pellets into their tank.
All that energy requires a lot of food, but giving them too much food creates excess waste that has to removed from the water, he said. California yellowtail (seriola lalandi) are torpedo-shaped fish found in warm waters off the Baja California peninsula and Southern California.
Japan is the predominant supplier of yellowtail in the United States, said Dave Rudie, CEO of Catalina Offshore in San Diego, which sells fresh and frozen California yellowtail direct to consumers and also to wholesale companies that supply restaurants.
Rudie estimates that East Coast restaurants pay $9 to $10 per pound for fresh, farm-raised California yellowtail. In an effort to test the marketplace, Acadia Harvest has already sold about 600 pounds of black sea bass and 5,000 pounds of yellowtail. Robinson said the land-based system gives him total control over the process and allows him to deliver fish to buyers in the Northeast without expensive airfreight costs.
Another novel aspect of the project focuses on reducing waste while simultaneously generating income.
Land-based aquaculture systems manage fish waste using an energy-intensive process that is basically a miniature version of a municipal waste treatment plant.
The net result would be a low-power waste treatment system that would generate enough income to offset operating costs. The Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research is operated by the University of Maine as a business incubator for several aquaculture companies that pay user fees and rent to the university. The company has brought a lot of energy and much-needed investment to the facility, said Stephen Eddy, the center’s biologist.
Acadia Harvest was founded in 2011 by two marine biologists, Chris Heinig and Tap Pryor, who later asked business adviser Robinson to join them as a partner. Soriano said private investors typically don’t want to put money into startup companies developing unproven technologies. Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion.
Don’t kid yourselves, the waste is a deal breaker and their disposal system is theoretical. Sadly, the three above basic and obvious economic facts continue plague recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) producers (fish and or shrimp and even after four decades of repeating the same economic mistakes).
Aside from the concerns about the FEED for all of these fish, as mentioned by dduggerbiocepts, why are they sending their waste through a separate tank of sea worms? The schooling fish swim constantly to keep water moving through their gills to supply oxygen. Wow!” said Robinson, CEO and chairman of Acadia Harvest, a startup company that is developing a land-based, indoor fish farm to raise black sea bass and California yellowtail. This month it made big strides toward that goal by winning two grants – $657,000 from the National Science Foundation to develop alternative technology to help the company build a commercial-scale operation with zero fish waste, and $367,500 from the Maine Technology Institute to complete work on that big tank.
It would then truck the fish about 20 minutes down the road to the former Corea Navy base in Gouldsboro, where it plans to build dozens of tanks to hold 200,000 adult fish on a 6.8-acre site it has an option to buy.

The species should not be confused with yellowtail flounder, which are caught in the Gulf of Maine. The species is closely related to yellowtail species found in waters near Japan that are often called Hamachi, depending upon the size. Wild yellowtail sell for half as much because the wild fish is usually of lower quality as a result of its diet and the damage that occurs to the meat when the fish is harvested, either by hook and line or by hand-drawn gill nets. The company’s major challenge, he said, is selling its fish for a high enough price to pay for the higher production costs of a land-based fish farm. Harbor Fish Market, which operates a retail market in Portland and also sells wholesale to restaurants, has been helping Acadia Harvest with that effort. Also, using ocean pens, as salmon farms do, would be impossible in Maine because yellowtail could not survive in the cold waters here. Acadia Harvest will use the National Science Foundation grant to develop a system in which the nutrients in the waste would be used to feed sea worms. In 2013, the National Science Foundation awarded the company a Small Business Innovation Research grant of $180,000. The program’s goal is to foster innovation in private companies that are developing new technology that has high commercial potential and would also benefit society. Kudos for a totally integrated fish farm…and indeed, yellowtail flounder is one tasty fish!
Apparently almost no one stops to think of the actual logistics involved in live animal (fish in this case) production in places like Maine. Consequently, producers in these markets have to reach minimum economies-of-scales to purchase inputs effectively and competitively or their products won’t compete with the largest low cost global producers. That nutrient-rich water could be used to feed plants, an edible byproduct that would be much more economical and valuable. And then that’s running alone in front of the wounded, assesses their condition and performs some specific actions that they survive until help arrives.
Although Japanese fishermen catch wild yellowtail, a substantial amount is farmed in cages at sea using juveniles captured in the wild. Farmers could use the wastewater as fertilizer or an integrated hydroponics system could be set up. Only about 5 percent of applications ever get to this point, said Jesus Soriano, a program director at the National Science Foundation. It makes far more economic sense to optimize your input logistics rather than post-production logistics in live stock production. Given that feed costs are about half of production costs in most aquaculture products – feed costs and its logistics are generally a primary profitability determinant factor.

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