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In our last Big 5 post we spoke to our curator at Logan Botanic Garden, Richard Baines, to find out why he thinks the Scottish Bluebell should be Scotland’s favourite plant.
This time we have asked our curator at The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, David Knott, to find out what he would choose for his Big 5. Pinus sylvestris is such an iconic tree, evocative of the Scottish Highlands with its very rich biodiversity with many interesting associated plants, birds and animals. My favourite area of Scots Pine is in north west Scotland on the slopes of Beinn Eighe above Loch Maree, such a wonderful atmospheric sense of place. What is Botanics Stories?Botanics Stories is an on-line resource offered by The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Cedar trees are found in different parts of the world since they can survive in any kind of soil and adapt to different environments. Before learning how to grow cedar trees, it is important for you to know which type of cedar tree you wish to plant and take care of.
Before going into the details on how to grow cedar trees, you need to first choose the appropriate location to grow the cedar tree and be sure that nothing will obstruct its growth. To grow cedar trees, you can either plant a cedar tree sapling or buy cedar tree seeds and grow the sapling yourself.

Our local Georgia tree farms offer all types of landscaping trees for sale to homeowners and contractors. With voting underway there’s still time to make sure that your favourite plant has a chance of being number one! The tree produces scented wood and the color of its leaves vary from dark green to pale green. The cedar tree mainly belongs to the pine family, but there are two other families into which it is classified. Also, you must make sure to plant cedar trees in view of the sun because they grow fast when exposed to sunlight. As it is still tender, insert a stick into the ground beside the sapling so that it grows straight and protect it from animals. Once you have chosen the type of cedar tree to plant, you can either choose to grow it from seeds or from a sapling. Leyland Cypress Trees have a very dark green color, and can grow to 40 foot tall. Average growth rate is 3 to 4 feet per year, depending on the amount of sun light and water they receive. Cryptomeria are less dense than other varieties of evergreen, giving more of a natural look.

Not only do we install privacy trees, we carry several varieties of oak, maple, crape myrtle and magnolia trees. The Cupressaceae family contains the yellow cedar, New Zealand cedar, eastern red cedar, Mexican white cedar, and mountain cedar etc; and the Meliaceae family has Ceylon cedar and Spanish cedar. When planted along property lines, leyland cypress trees make excellent visual and sound buffers. Your cypress trees come in different sizes. Growth rate is (3-4) feet per year with average heights reaching 40 to 50 feet tall and 12 to 15 feet in diameter. Our Athens Tree Farms offer the best prices on leyland cypress tree installation and delivery. Our Athens tree installation contractors offer the best prices on cryptomeria tree installation and delivery. We offer both leyland cypress supply and installation services to Athens and surrounding areas.

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