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Access 100s of guided, interactive plans for almost any type of marketing task. The detailed how-to guidance is designed for use on the job. A computer manufacturer enters a partnership with a fashion designer to create a limited-edition laptop and matching case.
A software company has a fantastic new product but is inundated with customer service calls they can’t handle. A design firm partners with a direct mail fulfillment firm to offer each other’s services to their respective clients.
Each company bills the other at special rates so there’s room for a fair markup, providing each company with additional revenue.
The first step in a successful partnership is structure; the right arrangement aligns both companies toward an important common goal. With the right structure and management, your business development deals have the greatest potential for success. You share responsibilities, resources, risks and rewards, and the partnership delivers substantial revenue, cost savings or new opportunities for both companies.
Your partnership isn’t balanced — perhaps you have more responsibilities and resources allocated or you don’t share fairly in the rewards.
It produces value, though not what you had expected; you hope the situation will improve with time. You enter into a partnership and invest substantial resources, but the partnership goes awry. Your “partner” isn’t delivering as needed and you don’t have much recourse – your partner isn’t really providing resources or sharing risk. Sign up for Marketing MO account (free) for step-by-step guidance with your business development project. Since business development partnerships involve multiple departments in each company, there are usually a number of people involved in the deal. Think about structure as well – the resources each party would provide, how the partnership would be managed and what each party would invest and earn.
Develop a strong pitch to capture the attention of your potential partners; focus on the high-level benefits for each party.
When you set up a partnership, make sure your company manages and executes so that you’ll reap the full benefits.
The tween hunter, who recently killed a giraffe in South Africa, had some strong words for her critics.
You’ve heard about Pokemon Go, seen dozens of people on the street playing Pokemon Go, and now want to learn how to become Pokemon trainer, yourself.
Character customization is limited to gender and eight other options: skin, hair, and eye color, and five pieces of clothing.
Once you’re loaded into the game you’ll cut to a map that should instantly make clear why you were asked to give Pokemon Go access to your location.
If you click on the white bar in the lower-right corner of the screen, you can see what kinds of Pokemon are in your area. We’ve found them in the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, and even in a neighborhood coffee house.
When you put your finger on the Poke Ball at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see two circles appear on the Pokemon you are trying to capture. Pokemon Go creates locations called PokeStops at local points of interest like monuments and notable landmarks. The screen will then cut to a picture of the monument or landmark to which the PokeStop is anchored.
You can check your item inventory by tapping the Poke Ball on the bottom of the game screen and selecting “items.” You can hold a only a limited number of items. The Pokemon eggs you gather from PokeStops can be incubated to hatch new Pokemon, but you’ll need an incubator. If you want to begin incubating a Pokemon egg, first tap the egg, and then tap the incubator you want to use.
Once you’ve amassed a healthy number of Pokemon you can begin evolving and powering them up.

This is the first post of a series about shopping online in China on Taobao, China’s eBay. When you click on the orange button, Taobao will send you a code to your cellphone to verify it is correct. Once you verify your cellphone number, your account is created and you are shown a page similar to the one below. Learn how to set up, manage and improve your distribution channels with this detailed how-to guide from the experts at Marketing MO. It’s more than a short-term promotion such as a special offer or marketing to each other’s customers. The computer manufacturer produces the computers, the designer creates the bag, and they share revenue fairly based on their cost structure. The telemarketing firm provides service for a greatly reduced fee, then receives a substantial commission for selling the software company’s other related software. They offer the service with a single point of contact–if a design client needs mail services, the design firm manages the implementation rather than just referring the client to the mail firm. They each devote resources (either time or money) to the program, and if it fails, they have similar levels of risk. The second step is execution; a partnership should be managed like any business with careful attention to detail, solid communication and focus on the end goals.
It’s often an executive or high-level “biz dev” person leading the process for each company, although in small companies a sales or marketing executive will take the reigns. It’s common to identify potential partnerships during annual planning time, so many companies start pursuing deals after finishing a new marketing plan.
For example, there may be related companies with customer relationships in a different market; you may have vendors or suppliers who can help you improve your products or firms that can help you round out your services.
It’s a different skill set than many sales reps offer, but you may have a rep or executive on your team who can do these kinds of deals — or you may tackle it yourself. As you move through the sales process, cover all aspects of the partnership including detailed structure and terms. As you negotiate the deal, make sure your interests are completely aligned and that each party is contributing in all areas. As part of the partnership you may launch new marketing campaigns – treat them as you would any other marketing program. When tackling any new marketing task, have confidence that we have your back – with the structure and detail you need to get things done right.
There are then two different ways to log into the game: through Google or through the Pokemon Trainer Club. The Pokemon Go map isn’t Google Maps accurate, but you should recognize your neighborhood instantly. When you tap on a PokeStop, you’ll see a little white oval just above the picture of the monument or landmark. The map will then switch to an augmented-reality view of the real world that shows the Pokemon in the middle of the screen, and a Pokeball at the bottom.You can also turn the AR camera off, via the slider in the upper-right corner.
In the garage, on the beach, on the sidewalk, park benches, in the woods—anywhere you can think of. You’re more likely to find them outside than inside, but even on a rainy day you might be able to capture some new Pokemon. PokeStops will generate supplies for you like Poke Ball, healing items, Razz Berries, and eggs you can incubate and hatch (more on eggs later).PokeStops appear as blue squares on the map, with a blue circle over them. Your total inventory space and the number of items you are carrying will be at the top of the items screen.If you’re running out of room for items, you can tap the trash can icon to the right of any item type and decide how many of that type of item you want to throw away. And this is where spending some real-world money may come into play.To see how many eggs you have, tap “Pokemon” on the game menu, and on the screen that shows all your Pokemon, swipe to the left.
If you’re loaded down with 2 kilometer eggs, you may wind up missing out on some 10 kilometer eggs at the next PokeStop. Instead, it’s an agreement to do business together while sharing responsibilities, resources, risks and rewards. However, creating a partnership is more complex than pure sales — it requires a solid understanding of the business and operational objectives of multiple organizations.

Someone could be standing literally next to you and see a different selection of Pokemon in that screen.The number of footprints under each Pokemon represents how far away they are.
Incense comes in handy when you want to play Pokemon Go, but can’t get outside to walk around. If you turn off the AR you’ll see a pretty forest background instead of a real world image.
If you throw your Poke Ball anywhere inside that circle, you will trap the Pokemon.There is also a pulsing, bright-colored circle inside the grey circle. The higher level you are and the better Pokemon, the more likely Pokemon are to break out.One way to deal with a troublesome Pokemon is to feed it a Razz Berry.
When you get close enough to a PokeStop to be able to interact with it, the circle above the blue square will change shape into a representation of a Poke Ball. The picture will spin as if it were a coin and then spit out some items for you to collect.
You will always have at least one incubator to use that can be used an infinite number of times. If you have 8 limited-use incubators in your inventory at all times, you can always be incubating nine eggs simultaneously.Hatching eggs is worth your time because not only do you get the Pokemon, you also get a healthy amount of that Pokemon’s candy, which you need to power up or evolve the Pokemon. It crushed records for app downloads, sent Nintendo’s stock price into the stratosphere (and back down again when investors realized Nintendo didn't actually make the game), and snared tens of millions of players.That's because Pokemon Go is the game that Pokemon fans have been waiting for since 1996, when the series premiered on the original Game Boy.
If you have a Pokestop Module in your possession it will show up in the middle of the screen. If you throw your Poke Ball inside that colored circle you get bonus experience points (the smaller the circle is, the more bonus points you get). The color of the circle tells you how difficult the Pokemon will be to trap.
You can collect Razz Berries from PokeStops, so you’ll probably amass a collection of raspberries and can use them liberally.As you level up, you will also start to receive Great Balls from PokeStops. You can tap on the items to collect them, or if you close that window you’ll collect the items automatically. You can also earn incubators when you level up that are limited to three uses before they break.Once a Pokemon egg is in an incubator you have to walk to hatch the egg. Evolving and powering up Pokemon is something you’ll need to do if you want to win Gym battles. Once you hit Level 5 by capturing enough Pokemon, you can join a gym and start battling. Pokemon was a game about “trainers” who ventured into the wilderness to hunt and trap a menagerie of strange creatures called Pokemon, train those creatures, and then set them in battle against other trainers’ Pokemon.More than a dozen core games in the Pokemon series followed over the next 21 years, and now Pokemon Go has made hunting and trapping Pokemon part of the real world. No one is yet sure how much distance each footprint represents, but we’re confident that the distance represents a search radius—meaning the Pokemon could be around you in any direction.You can also select one Pokemon off the list and focus your search on that Pokemon specifically. Green means an easy Pokemon to capture, while yellow, orange, and red are progressively more difficult to trap. Great Balls are a more effective form of Poke Ball, to help make tougher captures.If you need some extra help during a capture, click on the item bag icon in the lower-right-hand corner. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game, meaning you have to get up off the couch and walk around in the real world to find, capture, and battle with your Pokemon.Pokemon veterans have only a slight advantage over players who are fresh to the franchise when it comes to Pokemon Go.
When you back out to the main game screen, you’ll see pink hearts raining down from the PokeStop.
Pokemon will jump into the air after you throw a Poke Ball, and some Pokemon can even swat a Poke Ballaway! The longer the distance you need to walk in order to hatch the egg, the rarer a type of Pokemon it will likely hatch. Vets will understand key concepts and recognize elements borrowed from the larger Pokemon universe, but Pokemon Go doesn’t do a very good job of teaching people how to play the game, no matter how well they know the series.That’s where we come in.
But you can also get these items when you level up by earning experience points for capturing Pokemon and fighting battles. The Razz Berry will be floating on the screen when you return to the capture attempt, and you’ll have to tap the Razz Berry to feed it to the Pokemon.
Our Pokemon Go guide has been rigorously updated since it was originally published, to reflect the tremendous amount of information we’ve learned about Pokemon Go since the game’s release.

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