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In this post I’ll show a (simple) method how-to shrink the system disk size from a virtual machine from 60 to 40 GB. Note: If the specific virtual machine has a (MAC based) license server role please check the new generated MAC address at the vNIC!! The views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions and views of my employer.
EMC vVNX for your Home LabIf you’re like me, you like to tinker with things in a lab environment so as to not destroy a critical production network. Today Rubrik announced the release of their latest version of the Rubrik Cloud Data Management (RCDM) operating system and this one has some really neat enhancements. Microsoft Azure has its own command line that can be used to script installs, export and import configurations and query your portal for information.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. NetApp has released its long awaited Virtual Storage Appliance which it has called Data ONTAP Edge and also has made available an evaluation version for the masses.
NetApp previously had a VSA which was available only for partners but it was fairly limited in what it could do, had very limited disk space and wasn’t the simplest VSA to set up. NetApp has now answered the call and released a VSA which is no longer just for evaluation use and available for everyone.

I don’t know details on pricing or how this will be structured and whether you will be charged based on capacity. NetApp calls the OS it runs Data ONTAP-v which is the same standard data management OS as every other ONTAP system, one of NetApp’s major strengths. All the usual ONTAP features are available such as SAN, NAS, Snapshots, replication, and deduplication.
As the VSA is a VM it does lack some features compared to physical arrays such as Fibre Channel and FCoE LUNs, Data Compression and for now Cluster-Mode.
One of the things to also bear in mind is that you will most likely be installing this VM on the local disk of your ESXi hosts.
The released VSA is a production ready system but there is a 90 day evaluation VSA you can download to give it a try. These settings can be seen in the vSphere client under the Configuration tab and Power Management. Releasing the VSA and making an evaluation version available to everyone (those without a free email address!) is a great step forward by NetApp and another step towards the true Software Defined Datacenter. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
This series of posts shows how the plugins use REST to call operations on a Rubrik appliance as well as how the REST calls were developed. One of the things we might want to do is to set up VMware vCloud Air integration with your vRA instance.

If you’re not familiar with Rubrik, and hate managing backups, then you really should take a closer look at them. If you’re building a hybrid cloud, you probably want to have network connectivity between the two clouds and that means a VPN. Azure NSGs are how you will block or allow traffic from entering or exiting your subnets or individual virtual machines. You can learn how to administer a NetApp filer with System Manager using the VSA and use the same management functions on their biggest systems.
Install Azure PowerShell Using PowerShell with Microsoft Azure is pretty simple to get up and going.
This post focuses on the pieces necessary to create a new storage account for use within Azure Resource Manager portal. It’s a VM that runs on ESXi which requires 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM and obviously available disk space. Saying that you could have the VSA running in your branch office on for example the VMware VSA (making it highly available) and still be able to use ONTAP functionality like SnapMirror to backup VMs or CIFS file data from your branch office to your head office giving you a consistent backup system. I’m hoping this is an oversight as making your VSA available to the masses yet not if you have a free email address is a bit daft in my opinion.

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