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Though this article looks a little brief, it is a two step process and is very easy, so do not get scared.
This works only for dynamically allocated disks and that too only for VDI & VHD formats. VBoxManage is the command-line interface to VirtualBox using which you can perform all operations that you perform via the GUI and even more.
Scenario: In my case I had earlier assigned 25 GB to my Virtual Machine so I planned to revise it as 100 GB.
The modifyhd VBoxManage command helps you to increase VirtualBox size by using the –resize option. Though you have executed the command you wouldn’t see any effect on the existing disk of our virtual machine. On the Disk Management window, right click on the drive for which you would like to increase the disk space and click Extend Volume… option. In the Select Disks screen you should see the remaining space that is available for you to add to the existing disk. Hope you learned how to increase VirtualBox Disk Size, if you found this article useful kindly share it with your circle.
I have run out of space on my WinXP virtual machine, which I only gave 10 GB space for when I created it. Removing the .vdi from VirtualBox before calling VBoxManage command, then adding it back in, was successful. After resizing the extra virtual hard drive space needs to be partitioned and formatted to be able to use it in the guest.
I saw in other forums that snapshots can interfere for resizing and not being able to remove all snapshots for different errors I got, the only found solution for me was to clone it to remove the snapshots and then resize it, and everything worked. The disk had to be removed from the VM that used it, but then also "from the VirtualBox list of hdds".
The disk to be resized was a "fixed disk" instead of "dynamic", and only dynamic disks can be resized. A sure-proof way is to do it the same as moving to a larger hard drive that's not running in a VM.

I received the same error until I used sudo to run the command, then worked perfect, still need to have partition grown from within the guest to use additional space. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged virtualbox hard-drive windows-xp or ask your own question. When the disk space cannot accommodate data storage requirements that have changed since the creation of the virtual disk, the first thing that comes to ones mind is to increase the size of a virtual disk.
Note: To avoid accidental incidents, backing up your virtual machine before increasing the size of a virtual disk is recommended. To allocate unallocated space to existing partitions, you have to repartition the virtual disk. The ultimate goal of increasing VMware virtual disk size is to extend partition or create new partition. Once you have created your virtual machine and allocated some hard disk space, you may want to increase VirtualBox disk size at a later point in time. Let us quickly see how to increase the size of the existing Virtual Disk Image (.vdi) that you have already created.
Now that the VBoxManage command is working, let us see use the command to increase VirtualBox Disk Size.
We need to use partition management tool in order to fully utilize the space that we have increased. Just used this to increase the size of my Windows 7 disk from 20 to 30 GB, and it worked very smoothly (no unregistering etc needed). It may corrupt permissions in your home directory, requiring you to use sudo for virtualbox which is a bad idea. This works OK afterwards, but you run into problems with the 'modifyhd' command, as that apparently canonicalizes the path to the vdi-file when working with it. That was fixed with a 'clone' command (the clone is dynamic), and then resize the resulting disk.
Do notice that I am not at any point running as root, except when I afterwards do the resize of the partition and filesystem.

Answers with little more than a link to another site are generally frowned up here, and may be deleted. Position the mouse pointer on the right side and drag the slider bar rightwards to merge unallocated space into system partition as shown below. This scenario usually happens when you install your operating system, other required software’s, only then you find there is a shortage of disk space. This makes it looks like you're trying to add a new disk with the same UUID but on a different path - or something like that. Not really.(Unlike VMWare) There is no graphical user interface to change that particular setting. So this article provides you with step by step tutorial on how to increase disk size in VMware. Boot with the clonezilla ISO in your virtual ODD drive and clone over along with the 'resize to new partition size' option selected. It allows you to create virtual machine (completely isolated guest operating system installation within your normal host operating system) for experimenting and avoiding dual, triple or multiboot systems.
Then set the new Virtual HDD as primary, and don't delete the old one until you know it worked. Depending on your font, it may visually appear as one long line.You should see a visual confirmation that VBoxManage is working on the file. By default, the Disk Manager will propose that you extend to all the available space, which is what you probably want to do, but you can pick any other size you want. It uses a slightly different version of Windows, but that should be close enough:Mac OS XStep 1If you use Mac OS, the procedure is almost exactly the same. From there, just pick up at the Windows solution, Step 5 as shown above.You will need to re-size the Windows partition, and you will have enough storage to suit your needs.
That’s it!MiscNote that I’m assuming that you absolutely need space on the system drive here.

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