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Choose VDI file location and specify the maximum size for this VDI, If you specify 60GB as the maximum size, then maximum windows disk space will be 60GB. We need to transfer the Windows system installed on the old VDI file to the new virtual disk image We just created. Many thanks that was very helpful – some settings were in different places as I guess I had a different version of VB but all went to plan!
Also I wonder how to create a new virtual disk from just the Menu (VB) File -> Virtual Media Manger.
We have no idea why Windows in your case can not handle the dynamically allocated virtual disk. Note that obviously we can not change the virtual drive size if we had taken snapshots or saved the machine's state instead of power off. After having resized the virtual drive we will then have to adapt the partition table of the guest to altered drive's size.
I would if I could, but my remove snapshot does not work (it dies, known bug it looks like), so I currently have created a new virtual drive (fixed size) and I am cloning it now from inside winwos vm.

You could have added a 40,04GB growing disk, but the Windows partition itself should have been created with the full size at installation time. After resizing and restarting your virtual machine, Windows will do a partition check, please let Windows do it at least this time!
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It does what it says and took me about ten minutes to add 40GB to the boot drive of my Windows 7 VM. It was resolved by removing (but keeping!) both harddisks from VirtualBox while doing the actual cloning.
It may be worth to check the filesystem integrity or perform a defragmentation from your Windows guest OS.

Before we change the virtual drive's size we therefore need to delete all snapshots, or work on a clone to makes sure we do not loose a snapshot's content.
You may also do this with booting an Ubuntu live .iso on this virtual machine to resize partitions using gparted. If you see a smaller partition and free space, use this own tool to resize and grow the existing partition. Don't worry too much about your data though, it's a normal procedure when resizing NTFS partitions. Here is how I changed the Fixed-sized Windows 7 Virtualbox VDI from 20GB to a dynamically expanding VDI file.

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