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Yamaha continues to burn the midnight oil, the manufacturer announcing today the addition of its already spied MT-07 Tracer to the Yamaha Motor Europe lineup. The hope, of course, is that the bike’s status will change, and that in time the MT-07 Tracer (which would be called FJ-07 when shipped stateside) will make its way to U.S. The main differences between the MT-07 Tracer (FJ-07) and MT-07 (FZ-07) are a longer swingarm, larger fuel tank, and manually adjustable windshield. The Tracer's longer swingarm is claimed to improve stability, but mostly used to account for riding with a passenger.
As with the FJ-09, that was introduced shortly after the FZ-09 and perfectly mixed the sportier bike’s performance bits with those aimed at long-range comfort, the MT-07 Tracer is based off of the MT-07 (FZ-07), but updated for enhanced versatility. Other changes aimed at increased versatility include a larger, 4.5-gallon fuel tank, manually adjustable windscreen, and hand guards. Compared to the naked bike, this long-distance-oriented mount has a larger, 4.5-gallon tank, for improved range on longer rides.

The Tracer’s updated swingarm and new fairings have added a few extra pounds to the overall package, with the new bike weighing in at a claimed 432 lb.
As big fans of Yamaha’s mid-displacement parallel-twin engine, and the FZ-07’s chassis, as well as the FJ-09 and its impressive aptitude in everything from short commutes to weekend-long adventures, we’re excited about the MT-07 Tracer.
Like the MT-09 Tracer (FJ-09 in the States) that was developed around the MT-09, the MT-07 Tracer is built around the MT-07, but with updates intended to improve long-range comfort. The MT’s parallel-twin engine went unchanged in its move to the Tracer, with the new sport tourer producing a claimed 74 hp and 50 pound-feet of torque (in Euro tune).
The MT-07 Tracer will also have more suspension travel out back (Yamaha is counting on you riding with a passenger on those longer trips out of town), and a one-piece seat. Bradley AdamsAssociate Editor Bradley Adams is a roadracer turned writer who loves everything two wheels. For example, the parallel-twin, 689cc engine remains, but the swingarm has been lengthened by 50mm (and thus the wheelbase by 50mm), to improve stability and better handle the added weight when riding with a passenger.

Its size and displacement in mind, we realize it will be tailored more toward newer riders, but it’s an exciting addition to Yamaha’s lineup nonetheless.
Similarly, front and rear suspension have been tweaked, with the MT-07 Tracer’s shock having an additional 12mm of travel. Unfortunately, no word on whether or not the seat is height-adjustable, as is the case with the MT-09 (likely not due to the one-piece design). The seat height has grown by just over one inch, but at 32.9 inches, is still relatively low by sport touring standards.

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