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This was certainly the year when David Gandy broke out into the world’s consciousness. We can name over a dozen faces who rocked some awesome facial hair for 2012, everything from a ‘stache (Jarrod Scott) to the full on beard (Aiden Brady). As if male models don’t have it tough enough, the pint size progeny of famous faces are horning in on their action.
Hollywood is full with so many gorgeous, successful, charismatic, and most of all – sexy people. Every year the men of Eurovision wow millions of viewers with their vocals and choreography. On March 31 twenty-five men were brave enough to enter the House of Wiwi to compete for the title of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model, and a spot in the Top Model Hall of Fame. In the end two men broke all voting records in the history of Top Model and nearly caused our server to explode. Below you can see the complete results, followed by a re-cap of some of this year’s action.
Farid finished the semi-finals of our contest in second place, but he gained momentum in the Top Model contest at the same time as he gained momentum in the Eurovision Song Contest. Besides his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, Farid had a few other tricks up his sleeve (and under his shirt). But Farid wasn’t arrogant about his look or the fact thousands of fans had a mega-crush on him.
Farid’s vote tally of 25,157 is the largest in Top Model history—for men or for women. MOON-FLOWER ok men de seni ve butun hemvetenlerimi Feridi de hemcinin, ODLAR YURDUNA QELEBE YARASIR INSHALLAH TEZLIKLE DAHA BOYUK QELEBELER ELDE EDRIK.
I got over this fan fight already, and I am waiting for the release of our beautiful Cezar?s new single, on June 5th. Wiwi, really, we should apologize for all the nasty words, trust me, Romanians are not like this. As a Romanian working for this blog, I was first amused, then saddened by the accusations of vote blocking or (worse) vote buying.
I think it’s really sad how so many Romanians are claiming this result is unfair and biased. Wiwi, you do not have to justify yourself each time someone accuses you of something, really. A lot of stress is placed on us ladies to get things tight and right before putting on that two-piece for summer.  We obsess over love handles, cellulite, and lifting things that have started to drop. I really liked this from the bottom of my heart but i wished that one of them was holding an N. Orgullosa, de tener compatriotas como Jon…le deseo una exitosa carrera profesional…besos!!! Proud have compatriots as Jon…I wish one successful professional career… kisses! The luxury industry continues to bank their large amount of forces in attracting the coveted Asian markets. Japanese male model, who appeared in campaign such as Dior Homme, Dolce and Gabbana , Gap and Miharayasyhiro and booking highly coveted shows such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Dolce and Gabbana,Missoni, Mugler, Paul Smith Cornelliani, Dries Van Noten, Diesel,Kenzo, Dirk Bikkimbergs,and John Galliano. Chinese male model, who appeared in Dior Homme campaign and walked for top client such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce and Gabbana Mugler,Hermes, Calvin Klein, Etro, Moschino, Michael Bastian, Kenzo, 3.1 Philip Lim, Issey Miyake, and Missoni.

Check out the top male models from Brazil, featured in the best international fashion campaigns. Familiar faces like Tony Ward, Ryan Burns, Patrick Petitjean, Ben Hill, and RJ have made this look their own for years but they face competition with the new generation led by Will Lewis, Xoan, Johnny Harrington, Justin Passmore, Henrik Fallenius, Panayiotis, Paraskevas and Tom Bull. Mikkel Jensen and Miles Langford stand out as two new faces that had some intense body art but the one that even non male model enthusiasts remember was certainly Bradley Soileau and his forehead tattoo in Lana del Rey’s Born to Die video. Prada, continuing their recent spate of celebrity fronted imagery, used not 1 but 4 known and not so known actors; the grizzled faces of Gary Oldman and Willem Dafoe on the catwalk and in the campaign was certainly a sight to see. He has been EVERYWHERE this year, (Gandy and Opry lead the pack for Cover King 2012); probably his busiest year ever. This is a place where beauty and talent mix. But to be honest, every girl is mostly interested in famous male actors, singers and sport players. Seriously, what would we do without these sexy celebrity men who are as much a part of our fantasies as they are of reality!? As you can see in his interview with wiwiblogger Deban Aderemi, he was somewhat embarrassed by all the attention.
We wish him the best in his musical career, and hope to see him performing on MTV or hosting a TV show soon.
As one of the world’s most esteemed counter-tenors, he sings at opera houses from Milan to Paris to London. Prior to rising to prominence in Italy, this Italian Stallion really struggled with his weight. He went for a casual look, proving that you don’t have to be buttoned up to be a fashion icon. This brings to an end another year of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model, but we look forward to staging the contest again next year. Bogdan has been quite a supporter of Cezar, I think we should respect everyone?s work on this blog. His song Hold Me is the best, he show us the best performance in all history of Eurovision and Farid is the most good looking boy ever (its hard to convince me but he did!).
I think the votes change frequently and often, and in polls the ending is the most important.
Farid’s a little too refined and well-packaged for me or something, but a worthy winner in terms of his physique for sure.
WIWIBLOGS YOU HELPED FARID TO WIN, YOU GAVED HIM VOTES, AND BLOKED ROMANIAN VOTERS A BIG BLOCK, AND NOT ALLOW THEM TO VOTE! So we absolutely appreciate when a man makes the same effort to get his physique in check.  Defined arms, straight sculpted abs, and a great pair of glutes do a beach body good!  Of the ones spotted in recent years, these next eight celebs are among our favorite beach bodies to gawk at.
Spelling out the site’s name one letter at a time, stars like Jon Kortajarena, Simon Nessman and Taylor Fuchs create a very special tribute, from Milan with love.
So it is great to see that there is an increase Asian models presence in fashion shows, editorials and campaigns. Cesar Casier’s Model Kitchen (a gorgeous coffee table book filled with images and recipes from Cesar and friends like Milla Jovovich, Karlie Kloss, etc) goes on sale next week at Colette in Paris and online at Net-a-Porter. French artist and former Olympic swimmer Casey Legler is signed by Ford New York, the first time ever a woman is signed to the men’s board. Lanvin’s fascinating fall campaign had one of the most diverse and interesting casts in ages.
Not only is he an amazing model (as you’ve noted already), he has great personal style.
And Montenegro’s Noyz preferred wearing space suits to slipping into one made by Armani.

By the time he showed up at Eurovision, the press corps had fallen in love with his innovative staging, which captured the inner turmoil of a man who had lost his love. Yet being a star never made him a snob, and he gave Team Wiwi several interviews in the run-up to Eurovision.
As you can see in this photograph, it took a lot of hard work—and plenty of meal replacement bars—to become a swan.
When we caught up with him in the press room a few days later he was still rocking the streetwear. So when Farid have success here Romanians cry and say we cheat and buy votes and pay people.
We are indeed a little upset because voting last night did not work for Cezar (from a computer previously not used), and today someone said that there are many tutorials online on how to rig polldaddy.
It is in this blog’s interest to have as many votes as possible, so it does not make sense for us to do so. Kudos to Saverio Cardia for this pleasant intermission from the sweat-heavy world of fashion business.
Rising young star Travis Smith, last seen in fall’s Versus campaign, is not content to just sit around waiting as so many newbies are inclined to do.
This requires them to pump iron, drink protein shakes, choose clothes that will show off all their assets and deal with the ever-present paparazzi and bloggers who stalk them in search of that elusive shirtless pic.
After a bit of begging, Team Wiwi managed to secure the following photo, which suggests Farid’s Capoeira regime is no joke.
He spoke with us at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, at the London Eurovision Party, as he prepared for the contest in Bucharest, and even in his dressing room just 30 minutes before the second semi-final jury performance. But the swan had definitely spread its wings by the time this Vanity Fair photo shoot came up. Well, he isn’t ugly, he could be a top model in Azerbaijan though, not in Europe lol. The use of Brad Pitt, however, to front the iconic Chanel No 5 fragrance for 2013 campaign for women, was a head scratcher, to say the least, but hey, it certainly generated a lot of buzz. His charm and charisma helped turn opera fans into Eurovision fans, and Eurovision fans into opera fans, proving just how influential he is.
Anyhow, there is a lot of people thinking that all this joke of yours have been totally unfair and deeply incorrect …. It seems obvious he would do well as he already had a lot of fans PS I AM NOT FROM AZERBAIJAN so don’t start yelling at me and saying some stupid things about I am Azeri. His utterly unique performance at Eurovision drew headlines all over Europe and was, no doubt, among the most memorable of the year.
Also, I tried to vote for Farid last night and couldn’t BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY VOTED ON MY COMPUTER BEFORE. I am sorry that you are not happy with the result, but the public has spoken and Farid has won.
David was named ambassador of The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (collectively say, awwww).
There’s nothing we like more than a male model who both loves his job and is always on his game.

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