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What are the some of the most innovative eyelash services you perform and why are they so popular?
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Aesthetician extraordinaire Crista Nicole is one of the most skilled permanent cosmetics artists in Toronto, so skilled she even has male clients coming to her for my lash and brow definition that they don’t want a soul to actually notice. Lash lift is a new age lash perm and it is an instant root lift for the natural lashes; add a lash tint with it and the results are unbelievable! What are the most requested procedures and what are the modern techniques that make it so desirable? I offer the latest techniques and services and I am always staying on top of what’s new and I use the highest of quality equipment and pigments available.

There are so many amazing interesting neighbourhoods, I think it’s a really special city and there is never a dull moment. I love a good shellac mani-pedi as much as the next girl, but I think skin care is so important, so I’d have to go with a facial treatment such as the hydra facial!
I like to post some of my personal life so people can get to know me, but it is mainly my portfolio work so you can see lots of what I do! We strive to give you great stories with different perceptions, opinions and viewpoints while also covering the latest trends in food, fashion and beauty. The brand naturally established itself as a voice for fantastic vibe videos, restaurant reviews, trend stories, and more. My goal is to provide my clients with the best treatments and results, which is why I have traveled internationally to be trained by some of the best master trainers in the world. Lash enhancement is a permanent cosmetic procedure where little dots or a line is placed through the lashes to simulate a fuller lash line and define the eyes.

First I create a template with the client so there is no confusion regarding what the shape will be, and then fine strokes are penetrated into the skin for a hair-like finish. It is such a beautiful treatment and especially perfect for the days you want to go au natural.
Virtually anyone can benefit from this, ranging from someone who has good brows but wants perfect brows to those who have lost their brow hair due to over-processing or from an illness.

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