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Through hiring a private detective, Ashley Monroe discovers that her boyfriend, Carlos, has a little something on the side. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because I would have liked to known more about Carlos.
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She’s severely troubled by his relationship with a reckless side-hoe who refuses to let him go, but that’s the least of Ashley’s troubles.

Was there a reason why he was so abusive towards women ( not that it would give him an excuse).
On her thirtieth birthday, she finds herself in a situation that no young woman in the world would want to be in. The book explained the girls growing up with abuse but didnt really say much about Carlos's background.This was the reading selection for April i the "Literary Drama" bookclub. Women's Gymnastics Team Sits Down with 'GMA' - Watch Now!Laurie Hernandez & Simone Biles Win Silver, Bronze for Balance Beam at Rio 2016! A gun is in her hand, several people lay dead and there ain’t no other way to put it, other than to say that this birthday bash is over! Ashley could never see herself causing harm to anyone, but on the other hand, a scorned woman may have those who betrayed her having some regrets.

Real regrets that Ashley and the other woman may have, when the truth finally comes to the light. Abdul is a guy from Agra who goes to London and is thrown into a fancy place all of a sudden. From teaching the Queen Hindi and Urdu to becoming her confidante and political advisor — they shared a unique relationship,” says Ali.

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