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In my last part 2 of this article series about breast development for crossdressers and men I revealed how I almost suddenly developed an urge to grow my own breasts naturally. My quest led me in many directions and then one night I stumbled upon this  the mysterious herb that finally could bring my dream to reality. Please note that throuout this article i will use Pueraria Mirifica and PM for short interchangeably.
If you haven’t heard what phytoestrogens are, they are naturally occurring estrogenic compounds derived from plants that have the very similar molecular structures to the biological female estrogen. Estradiol is one of the primary forms of estrogen in women that determines most of the feminine traits in females and PM so far has proven to be the best natural occurring match to estradiol.
When I started to discover all the new information about PM I was very intrigued for sure and after some online research I found a supplier by the name of Ainterol. I felt very inclined to order a supply of PM pills but at the same time was a little apprehensive because I didn’t know the exact outcome. I had told no one about my new breast growth ambitions and kept it a secret from my family and close ones. After a couple weeks of procrastination I decided to take leap of faith and order 3 bottles of PM capsules and one tube of PM breast cream. About 3 weeks later I eagerly received my package in the mail and soon after started planning my own breast growth experiment to see how Pueraria Mirifica actually performed. In order for men to be able to get the most out of any estrogen product one has to reduce the circulating testosterone in the body or else the results will be greatly impacted. Many transgender women are quite familiar with taking anti androgen medications to reduce the amount of male hormones in the body. My daily regimen consisted of 2 capsules of PM, one 500 mg in the morning with a glass of water before breakfast, and another at night with a glass of water or milk before bed. I was also applying the PM breast cream on my male breasts in the morning and at night before bed time.
By October 16, about 3 weeks after starting PM, to my amazement I started to develop breast tenderness. At first I was a little scared but after some research I realized I was really undergoing female puberty. The tenderness continued to increase in intensity and some days my nipples were very sore to the touch. I also noticed that my mood was very mellow and my masculine tendencies were much more toned down. About 3 months into my experiment I started to notice my breasts and nipples getting gradually larger.
On November 21 I went to my doctor after making an appointment to get my blood work done because I really wanted to find out where my hormonal levels were at this point.
About 5 days later I got a call from my doctor and to my amazement he confirmed that my testosterone was very low at 8.5.
He agreed and I went for another blood test after receiving a fax from my doc with the request form,  I redid the test November 28 and soon after I got my results back.
I quickly shrugged off the need to see a specialist and told him I would wait for a few months to re-do the blood work. At this time I had been on Pueraria Mirifica and saw palmetto for just over t 3 months and I could really feel the effects of the pills. My breasts were much protruded and my nipples very enlarged in the mornings when I woke up. I also felt like my lower body was storing more body fat which I was happy with because I really wanted more curves. Christmas was approaching and also my Pueraria Mirifica pills and at this point I had been on the pills for about 4 months. I had been taking my saw palmetto all along as well along with the Pueraria Mirifica pills and I really was a believer at this point because of my noticeable breast development.
I continued to take the pills and 2 per day but some days I increased my dosage to 3 pills per day. My Pueraria Mirifica experiment lasted until the end of March 2013 at which point I ran out of pills. Throughout my Pueraria Mirifica journey I did not experience and side effects other than constipation at times and had to drink some herbal laxatives for relief. After all I really wasn’t looking at living as a woman full time and still had to keep up my male persona. It was a very hard decision for me to abandon my breast development journey but under the circumstances I felt it was what I had to do.
I am glad I embarked on this personal 5 month experiment and best of all is how I got to experience female puberty in my early 40’s.
Since my PM journey I decided to apply to become an authorized distributor for Pueraria Mirifica pills and creams from Ainterol.
After much back and forth I finally got the approval and now I am able to offer Pueraria Mirifica to our members at great prices. I really believe in their products and wanted to have the opportunity to offer it to all crossdressers, as well as everyone who is seeking for breast development. My erections was almost non existent unless forced if you know what I mean, and  the over all lack of sexual interest was quite evident. I did notice more lower body fat being stored which I was happy with since I wanted wider hips and a rounder fuller butt.
One important fact I would like to point out to everyone is that caffeine has a big negative impact on  the effectiveness of Pueraria Mirifica. You can now buy all the Pueraria Mirifica products Marcy used direct from the supplier in the USA. PURAFEM™ Pueraria Mirifica 350mg capsules combined pueraria mirifica cream and pueraria mirifica serum for maximum results. Used over time, Pueraria Mirifica is the preferred natural alternative to stimulate femininity, enlarge breasts and feminize the body. PURAFEM™ Pueraria Mirifica capsules combine a premium 350mg pueraria mirifica capsule, has been developed in conjunction with leading herbologists and cosmetic researchers specifically to maximize the effects of Pueraria Mirifica.
PURAFEM™ Pueraria Mirifica serum combines a premium pueraria mirifica, and  has been developed in conjunction with leading herbologists and cosmetic researchers specifically to maximize the effects of Pueraria Mirifica.
PURAFEM™ Pueraria Mirifica  premium breast cream has been developed in conjunction with leading herbologists and cosmetic researchers specifically to maximize the effects of Pueraria Mirifica. Used over time, Pueraria Mirifica breast cream is the preferred natural alternative to stimulate femininity, enlarge breasts and feminize the body. Here are my never before seen before and after photos of my pueraria mirifica 5 month journey. These pills may gain weight or may not the conclusive answer is not given by any websites!! In today’s world it happens more often and more quickly than in the past, when people lived in a clean and natural environment.

It is due to the fact that we are dealing with different kinds of  Saw Palmetto pills, various composition, quality and plant power. But remember that Saw Palmetto regulate all hormones, so taking saw palmetto along with estrogen pills might decrease the effectiveness of estrogen pills,  if will be too much estrogen in your body ( it is matter in natural breast enlargement therapy). Also, that is so great that Saw Palmetto even should be taken along with other estrogen supplements.
To start best and fast Saw Palmetto Hair loss Treatment (dosage below), find pills that contain 320mg saw palmetto extract or more.
For the consequences you wouldn’t wait for months but after several weeks will experience great improvement. You’d have to swallow several tablets on the hair lose to match the power of one small capsule containing saw palmetto extract. Many woman prefer to choose over the counter estrogen creams ’cause of them effective , others prefer taking special  estrogen pills.
Before taking  any estrogen creams over the counter or other treatments, you should  consult a physician. Attention: Estrogen products can increase the risks of certain cancers, especially in patients who have a family history of these cancers. If you do not have any significant risk for health problems, you can find many available types of over the counter estrogen and progesterone creams. Estrogen in creams can be natural (phytoestrogen) or chemical, which  mimic the structure of estrogen in the human body. If you prefer  natural remedies, probably you will want to choose these estrogen products, because they don’t contain any synthetic hormones. A-Estriol Serum is a concentrated serum which is proven to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin within days.
The leading natural progesterone cream for over 30 years and the only one backed by clinical studies. Pro-Gest, a natural bioidentical progesterone cream, can supplement your body’s own progesterone levels and lead you to a statee of natural balance. The purest most natural ingredients possible to produce the cleanest natural estriol creme available. This creme gives superior penetration for the deepest and most complete delivery of natural estriol. Light cream helps relieve the symptoms of menopause and other female related hormone issues.
Natural Phytoestrogens will reduce the symptoms of menopause without the side effects associated with synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Micronized Estriol Moisturizing Body Creme is an all-natural rich body moisturizing formula.
Source Naturals Bio-Aligned Formulas are formulations with potent bio-active  nutrients that go deep to the root causes of health imbalances and become powerful tools for vibrant health and well being.
Now Natural Progesterone Cream is a safe and natural alternative to HRT to improve hormonal imbalances. I came across your website when I was doing a research on estrogen creams, and I am pretty amazed with the results you have presented over here – great articles; very informative, filled with accurate prices and images of my potentially desired creams- keep up the good work!
Starting from the already existing hormone insulin, which burns extra fat and releases energy and by including low calorie foods in the diet you cut the level of fat. If you eat a big amount of bread and eggs, those proteins will turn into glucose that will increase the level of insulin. Awareness: This is for diabetics only because the level of insulin in their blood must be optimal.
Hypothyroidism is a state of reduced function of the thyroid gland that may lead to slowed down metabolism. Hyperthyroidism is an increased function of the thyroid glad that results in fastened metabolism.
Iodine should be taken in the organism more often through sea salt intake, various types of fish, shells and other seafood. Pole Hormones. Women usually suffer from endocrine disorder, decreasing of the female hormone – Estrogen. Men, on the contrary, suffer from decreasing of the level of male hormone – Testosterone. This leads to weight loss and decrease in muscle mass. All of this can be easily solved by taking a suitable therapy – testosterone for men and estrogen for women. Doctors Are Speechless: Boil These 2 Ingredients, Drink The Beverage For 7 Days, Lose Up To 5 Pounds! This Exercise Is More Powerful Than 1,000 Sit-Ups: Spare 60 Seconds A Day And In Only A Month You Will Have A Flat Stomach! Massage is one of the best and the most relaxing methods for increasing your breast size especially if you are having small or medium size breasts.
However, you have to be patient in this because the results are visible after 3 months or may be more than that. There are various pills available in the market which claims to enlarge your breast by 1 or 2 cup sizes.
Creams are used in combination with the pills for increasing the chances of breast enlargement.  When a cream is applied around the breasts, it increases the blood circulation tones the breasts and make them firm. Unlike pills, creams don’t go through digestion process which helps in getting faster results with creams.
Apart from taking pills and applying creams, you should also take care of your food consumption. There are various other alternatives to enhance your breasts and some of the best tips are listed above however; one needs to be very careful in choosing the method because what works on one may not work on the other woman. After the kelp noodles have soaked in warm water for a few minutes, rinse them, and let them drain in a colander. This  native plant found in deep forests of the northern regions of Thailand has been well known and used by the  local people for many generations due to its distinguished properties and effectiveness as a safe alternative medicine. The Pueraria Mirifica plant grows in the form of roots and it has one of the highest concentrations of phytoestrogens currently known. Soy for example is high in naturally occurring estrogen however Pueraria Mirifica has over 100 times more phytoestrogen than soy and many other estrogenic herbs like Red clover which is also very high in phytoestrogen but not as much as PM.
There were hardly any credible before and after photos online that I could find so I was really on my own. This supply would last me about 5 months I figured if I took the recommended dosage of 2 pills per day. Saw Palmetto is an herbal supplements used by many men to reduce the risks of prostate cancer. One Sunday in early December during a family dinner my sister made a  funny comment at my nipples saying how big they looked under my t-shirt, which was soon after I removed my lose sweater because the room felt a little hot. My cream had run out a couple weeks before so I decided to mix the contents of 4 capsules of Pueraria Mirifica with some body cream and use that was a breast cream.

I didn’t want to go over 3 pills per day even though I have read some folks take up to 5 per day. I contemplated ordering more pills but after some intense debating within myself I decided that if I continued on taking the Pueraria Mirifica pills I would most likely reach a point of no return  and then how would I hide my breasts from the world  as my  a male self? As a crossdresser getting a chance to experience female puberty was an amazing feeling and a pure joy.
Well it for sure works when taken for a period of a year or more, the results will be quite visible and permanent.
Some members were asking my if my sex drive and ability to have an erection was affected by my low testosterone and Pueraria Mirifica. During my doctors visit the sexual topic was brought up and I told him I was having no erections but didn’t make a big deal of it. Pueraria Mirifica has been proven to be the strongest natural estrogenic compound discovered so far. I spent an hour on the net looking for a conclusive answer – whether is it normal to gain weight when a woman is taking birth control pills. You need to focus on the repair of your endocrine instead of buying  shampoos for baldness. What‘s more, all that medications for the prostate include saw palmetto, because it is the only natural remedy for prostate treatment beyond surgery. You can also add the Wild Yam Pills which blocking  excess of progesterone combats testosterone – what causes hair lose.
Most important is your  individual medical history.  Second is the strength and composition of products. Also you should check your hormonal body type and do some hormonal blood tests, just to choose  the best over the counter estrogen product for your body.
This tendency to take fewer calories than to burn, without starvation and to lose weight in the meantime is a process of Optimal Ketosis. Those are energetic molecules in blood such as carbohydrates that turn themselves into “brain fuel”. That is why the intake of food with saturated fat is recommended – you will low the intake of proteins and carbohydrates, and you will low the level of insulin. In states like these, you will be given a therapy, of course, with consultation of your family doctor.
This can cause the occurrence of poly cystic ovary that increase the level of testosterone and insulin.
However, we must take into consideration that the abnormal doses of these hormones, can be fatal for your health. So, in order to achieve large breasts, you will have to keep on doing the massage on a regular basis. These pills consist of herbs such as wild yam, fenugreek, dong quai and dandelion which stimulate estrogen in breasts tissue that helps in enlarging them. Although the creams contain almost the same ingredients which are there in the pills, but creams are dilute in nature which is considered to be more effective. One should apply breast enhancement cream twice a day and results will start showing in 2-3 months.
The chances of breast enhancement increase if you take food items high in estrogen, bromine and manganese. If not the size, the shape of your breasts is certainly beautified by following a regular exercise routine.
This herbal extract works by regulating and reducing the amount of testosterone produced in a men’s body.
Of course I did not let on and just told him it’s probably the saw palmetto and that I wasn’t really worried about it. If you have hormonal imbalance, it doesn’t matter it you are man or woman, Saw Palmetto is the best choose for you.
That means, the saw palmetto is like a sentry who guarded your body to avoid overloading estrogen. If you lose your hair now, it means that you have a male hormonal imbalance, and within a few years the problem will be so serious that you can expect the  problems with prostate.
Some woman prefer to choose herbals and make the homemade creams ( adding estrogen herbs to natural baby creams).
It contains no artificial preservatives and due to the presence of Rose Hip oil, is fast absorbed into the skin for a smooth and silky texture. This is the optimal ketosis and it is highly recommended for getting rid of the excessive pounds.
All of this can be the reason for overweight disorder in the period, infertility, acne’s, stickiness and physical fatigue. So, the desire to have big, round breasts forces women to think about breast enhancement surgery. It is also a healthier way to protect your breasts from any kind of health problems such as breast cancer. The pills which you can take for breast enhancement are breast success, breast actives and Mammorex. The food items recommended for breast enhancement include soybeans, wheat, barley, rye and dairy products. After about 3 months on PM I noticed that my mood along with my male sex drive was much more mellow. I was a little apprehensive about posting due to the obvious reasons but decided to after much thought. Therefore, if baldness, it is necessary for your own health to add saw palmetto  permanently into your diet.  It is the only herb used to regulate the male hormones. So, to reach the optimal ketosis one should avoid carbohydrates such as, bread, pasta, potatoes etc. The normal function of thyroid gland has an essential influence on the lose weight process, but also on the complete healthcare of your body. Instead of opting for surgeries which involves a lot of risk, it’s always better and safe to do breast enhancement in a natural way.
Although there are various other pills that one can take, but one should always check whether the manufacturer of the medicine is reliable or not.
Disorder in the night sleep and stress situations exposure, are the main reason for increasing the level of cortisol.
One should take pills and other medicaments’, in such situations with consultation of a specialist.
This awesome yummy sea-veggie  is also rich in calcium that is easily absorbed and is also a great source of iodine….AND these kelp noodles are completely grain free!!

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