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Although it may have taken off in a somewhat different direction, the new S-Cross’s styling isn’t drastically different from that of the old model.
Kerbside presence is crucial to a crossover’s appeal, and while this is not a design to trouble the likes of the Kia Sportage or Hyundai ix35, it manages to faintly appeal while you’re in its company and stick in the memory banks long enough for you to log it as a satisfactory choice.
As standard, it comes with a five-speed manual gearbox, although there is a newly updated CVT automatic transmission on offer which actually marginally lowers the claimed CO2 emissions. The oil-burner is a Fiat-sourced unit and comes exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox.
The company's history with four-wheel drive stretches back to the original Jimny, a model designed to fit off-road capabilities into Japan’s famous Kei car sector. Allgrip is a new development for Suzuki and is lighter than the permanent set-up on the Grand Vitara.
When a signal is sent to the magnetic clutch, the balls move, forcing the clutch plates together. Suzuki claims Sport mode automatically diverts 20 per cent more torque to the rear in response to sharper throttle inputs. Trim levels comprise of SZ3, SZ4, SZ-T and range-topping SZ5 models, but even the entry-level versions are comparatively well equipped with remote central locking, cruise control, air-con and USB connectivity. Grand touring version of McLaren's mightily impressive 570S Sports Series model lives up to high expectations on UK roads.

The front end is certainly reminiscent of the original compact’s kindly frown, and there’s a familiar high-shouldered profile to be found behind it. The suspension comes courtesy of MacPherson struts to the front and a torsion bar at the rear, and there’s an additional 100mm of length on the 2600mm wheelbase (whose measurement is fairly representative of the breed). The petrol unit is a belt-tightened development of Suzuki’s own ‘M16A’ engine intended to improve efficiency through detailed weight and friction reductions.
A variable-geometry turbocharger helps it supply the S-Cross with a healthy, if unremarkable, 236lb ft of torque, available from 1750rpm.
The emphasis, therefore, has always been on a lightweight solution to driving all four wheels, and the S-Cross’s latest Allgrip solution is no exception. It is an on-demand system that uses an electronically controlled magnetic dry clutch with ball bearings in a run to manage torque distribution to the rear axle, and it's offered on both petrol and diesel versions. Snow mode is actually intended for all unpaved surfaces, and, along with a recoded ESP, it defaults to 4WD, while Lock mode is intended to replicate a locking diff by sending an equal amount of torque to each wheel.
Our friends at Cardisiac have made a posting on the future model laying down details on the size class and positioning.Contrary to the common belief, the S-Cross Concept, shown at the Paris Auto Salon last year, is not the direct route to the SX4 replacement. We have only just known about Hyundai’s plans to launch the Creta earlier than expected. Suzuki has seen fit to counter the diesel’s Italian chatter with a sound-deadening engine cover, insulated windscreen and a cowl top panel brace.

In the default Auto mode, it remains in fuel-sipping front-wheel drive unless significant slip is detected between the front and rear wheels. Now it seems, is the chance of Maruti Suzuki to get their ball rolling on their all-new S-Cross.The Maruti Suzuki S-Cross will hit our market before the Hyundai Creta.
Engineers are tasked with the job of endowing the crossover with the handling characteristics of a sedan, while retaining the ground clearance of a crossover of that size.[Launching a five-seat S-Cross is a brave decision for India, but Maruti know mighty well that fortune favours the brave!]The S-Cross may not have seats for seven, so selling it in India is risky in the 10+ lakh rupee segment.
The best way to work around this problem is to have two wheelbases with room for a small seat at the back.
It could be an immediate hit product considering its similarities to crossovers and high GC.
Reply madhava says:January 26, 2013international models will have higher standard equipments which may not be necessary in India.
Reply Vejay says:January 26, 2013maruti should bring a sub 4m s-cross specially for India.

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