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Scalp Psoriasis is a common skin disorder in which red scaly and thickened skin lesions arise where very often occur. Psoriasis may appear to occupy one or more patches on the scalp, or could affect the entire scalp as well, and even extend beyond, occupying part of the forehead, the back of the neck and behind the ears. It means that the skin cells on the scalp is growing too fast, creating powder scales called plaques on the scalp.
The most common treatments for mild scalp psoriasis topical medications are applied directly to the scalp.
If scalp psoriasis responds poorly to medication after repeated use, the physician can combine or replace it with another type of treatment.
Apply emollients such as petrolatum or thick creams, oils, lotions, ointments scalp while it is still wet.

Try not to use shampoos or tar shampoos with topical steroids, menthol, or oral antihistamines.
But once you do, you may be able to prevent them from returning with special shampoos and moisturizers.
However, if you have more severe or elsewhere in your body psoriasis, you may have to take a systemic medication by mouth or by injection. And wash your hair to remove the scales, using a shampoo with salicylic acid soap or leather. Check out the best natural oils for nail growth that nourish the cuticles and improve your nails.

Cover your scalp with a shower cap to improve the effectiveness of the medication, but only if your doctor indicates.

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