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Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. The father of slain Queens jogger Karina Vetrano had a bad back a€” and a worse feeling a€” when his devoted daughter left on her nightly run. The vivacious 30-year-old, who typically jogged alongside her dad, ignored his warning to avoid an overgrown trail and ran right into the hands of a merciless killer, cops said Wednesday. Though cops say it appears she fought desperately, her father, Philip Vetrano, found her lifeless body a€” strangled and likely raped a€” facedown amid the towering weeds about 15 feet off a desolate path in a Howard Beach park.
Neighbors say the 10-foot-high growths along the trails allowed predators to lie in wait and partiers to drink and do drugs without fear. Police believe an attacker tore at the victima€™s clothes during the killing, with the jogger suffering scratches on the lower part of her body and scrapes on both legs.
Philip Vetrano, an FDNY retiree, had begged off joining his daughter on their nightly run because of a balky back.
There were no arrests in the killing, although police interviewed two homeless people who may live in nearby Gateway National Recreation Area.
Cops were also examining recent rapes in Brooklyna€™s 75th Precinct, just across the borough line, for possible connections to the murder. Philip Vetrano had a very close relationship with his daughter, Karina often took to Instagram to post photos of the two. Cops said the victim wasna€™t currently dating anyone and interviews with her co-workers produced no leads.
A candlelight memorial vigil held Wednesday night drew more than 200 people to the nearby Vetro Lounge, where she worked as a caterer. A devastated Jackie Hartstein, of Bayside, Queens, met Vetrano while the two were in Miami in 2011.
She said Vetrano, whose two passions were writing and running, had surgery on her legs when she was young and was told she might never run again.
Edward Schnepf, 37, was outraged by the failure to trim the wild growth inside Spring Creek Park.

The concert came after the two drove cross-country with stops in Chicago, Arizona and Kansas along with a trip to the Grand Canyon. She loved to travel, and described herself as a a€?thrill seekera€? and a€?day dreamera€? on Instagram. Philip Vetrano was a retired firefighter who spent 14 years with the FDNY before becoming a contractor. Steve Monte, 30, who lives one block over from the Vetranos, said he saw Karina go onto the path alone sometime after 5 p.m.
Dozens of police officers descended on the crime scene Wednesday in a painstaking search for evidence, clues or whatever else they might find. Cops recovered a€?a lot of forensic evidencea€? and were reviewing video surveillance footage from nearby homes as they hunted the killer, Boyce said. Cops were using infrared cameras to look for anyone possibly still hiding in the tall grass.
Philip Vetrano reached out to an NYPD commander who lives in the neighborhood when his daughter failed to answer several phone calls, according to Boyce.
The police official called 911 before the dad a€” at one point smoking a cigar a€” led police along the paira€™s usual running route and came upon the murder scene around 11 p.m. The path is an unpaved roadway typically used by joggers, bicyclists and all-terrain vehicles. Neighbor Frank Guglietta, 67, said a cop with an NYPD bloodhound was walking near the park Tuesday night.
The Kansas stop was inspired by her favorite movie, a€?The Wizard of Oz.a€? The hashtage a€?Likefatherlikedaughtera€? was on one of her photos. She posted a photo on Instagram from Nice, France, a day before terrorists left 85 people dead. A photo on his Facebook page shows he was part of the cleanup at Ground Zero following the Sept.

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