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Enjoy our seasonal menu of snacks, light meals and indulgent treats at your local Starbucks store. View our Global Responsibility Report 2012 for information about our commitment to working with the community. Use our Store Locator to find your nearest Starbucks coffeehouse - we might be closer than you think! The warm, aromatic flavours of chai tea have their roots in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of India, where roadside tea merchants can be found preparing black tea with traditional healing spices like cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper. June 24, 2016 by The Jenny Evolution 12 Comments How’s everyone’s summer going? 5.0 from 1 reviews Copycat Starbucks Green Tea Latte Recipe   Print Everyone's summer just got a little bit better with this Copycat Starbucks Green Tea Latte Recipe!
Bryce Gruber is a Manhattanite mom who can be found jet-setting off to every corner of the globe.

Not sure where you did all this research but I believe you have some impersonators in your data base. I paid $4.25 for a 16-oz Grande (30 cents more than their regular Chai, but 25 cents goes to charity). If you've ever had chai tea at an India restaurant, Starbucks' rendition is way milder and mixed with a lot more milk. Compared to Starbucks' regular Chai Tea Latte, you get stronger taste of the cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves but still not much of the black tea nor the rooibos.
Featuring ingredients gathered from around the globe, our version of this beloved beverage is wonderfully sweet and spicy – and every bit as soothing. I think it might have just gotten a little bit better with this Copycat Starbucks Green Tea Latte Recipe!
It’s a game-changer – Thanks much for coming to Throwback Thursday and sharing!!

She loves exotic places, planes with WiFi, summer clothes, & Sucre brown butter truffles. If you like their regular Chai Tea Latte, I find this to be a better version with a bit more flavor.
And pop a Danish in your mouth, because here goes the list of penis size by nationality stats you’ve been looking for. If you're looking for a more "authentic" chai tea, I can't say that I've come across one at a chain restaurant yet.

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