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Tirium by Vanns Kang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. One of the largest threads currently running on the BI Beans forum relates to using BI Beans with non-OLAP data sources.
After you have installed BI EE, you are asked to reboot your computer (this is for a Windows install). I could not resist it - the feeble attempt at creating this rhythmic effect with the title. Global warming is a serious yet controversial enough topic without bringing in bad data visualizations practices into it. I wrote about the obsession of Flipkart (and Myntra) with "mobile-only" without even having an iPad-optimized app! To display graphs as Flash objects in your browser, you need to have Adobe Flash version 10.1 running.
Spring is an open-source framework that aims to simplify development of enterprise Java applications. Oracle JDeveloper is a free IDE offering a visual and declarative development approach to building enterprise Java based SOA applications. In this article we'll show you how to set up JDeveloper to use the Spring framework, and then highlight some of the functionality in JDeveloper that can make your development experience with Spring more productive.
The following procedure is the way to add any third party jar files into your current project.
In the Project Properties window, click the Add Library button and scroll down to locate both the J2EE and JSP Runtime libraries (under the Extensions node), and add them to your project. Tip: If you plan to use Spring on a regular basis you should create a JDeveloper library that contains the relevant jar files.
To make the testing cycle even simpler, JDeveloper automatically deploys your application to the embedded J2EE container, and opens up a browser with your application running. Now let's open the applicationContext.xml file (located under WEB-INF) and see what JDeveloper offers.
As you can see JDeveloper's code insight shows you the options that are valid at this point. This will pop-up a window prompting you to insert the mandatory property (name in this case), and in a second tab you can set other properties.
You can also use the structure window to edit the file, for example navigate to the last bean entry in the structure window ? the one you just added ? choose it and right click -> delete.
JDeveloper includes features that enable you to interact with your database directly from within the IDE. Install the Oracle XE database on your machine and then follow these instruction to get the Spring sample working.

Expand the resource node in the application navigator and right click the jpetstore-oracle-schema.sql file and choose Run in SQL*Plus and your connection name. Still processing all the info from VMworld Europe 2009 I remembered something about vCenter Server that it was available on Linux. Out of the box most of the BI presentation beans are wired to work with an OLAP data source. The Spring framework has grown to be an encompassing solution that includes models for various layers and functionality areas of Java applications.
JDeveloper covers the full development life-cycle including modeling, coding, debugging, profiling and auditing, as well as deployment. The application definition can be placed anywhere on your disk, but to keep things organized you should specify the directory name to be the top directory of your source.
To do this, go to tool->manage libraries menu, create a new library and in it add entries for all the JAR files you'll be using. In this section will explore some features that will make your development experience with Spring more fun.Powerful XML EditingJDeveloper includes a powerful framework that provides features that simplify editing XML files based on schemas. The features will work with other databases as well, but for our scenario, we'll convert the sample to work on an Oracle XE database. The various features that JDeveloper offers can help your Spring based development be more productive. In my project there is a vcentre server(v5.0) which is managing two datacentre having 100 servers .
Its really help me to to setup vCenter Server 2.5 on Linux connecting to Oracle XE 10g Release 2 – Part I. Focusing on using POJOs, leveraging inversion of control concepts and dependency injection as well as implementing aspect oriented programming helped Spring grow into one of the more popular frameworks out there. Going beyond the basic Java IDE offering, JDeveloper offers features for enterprise Java, Web services, SOA, XML and Database development all in a single IDE. Now you can go to tools->default project properties and add this Library to your project. While developing Spring applications you'll interact with many XML configuration files, in this section will show you how to make this interaction nicer.The first step is to register the XML schemas for the Spring files you'll be using with JDeveloper's XML editing framework.
In this tutorial we covered just a small fraction of the features of JDeveloper that can help you create your Spring application more easily. The use of an OLAP data source against a relational schema requires additional metadata to be added in the form of registration of dimensions and cubes within the CWM repository.In many cases the creation of this additional metadata may not be possible, so people have asked if it is possible to connect BI Beans to a non-OLAP data source. The ability to run a specific Ant task as well as the full build file, is part of the built-in support that JDeveloper offers for the Ant framework. From now on each project you'll create will have all those jar files set-up out of the box.

You can find the location of the XML schemas in the header of each XML file in the Spring sample. Use the component palette, property inspector and structure window to further edit your file.
You can see the structure of each table and even see and change the data in the table.You can also create additional database object and even use the database design diagram capabilities of JDeveloper. Make sure to further explore such features as the java class diagram, debugger, profilers, code auditing and the support for the full set of enterprise Java components as well as Web services and SOA development. Note: You'll probably get 4 warnings about deprecated parts in the code, but you can ignore them for now. The two views are kept in synch, click on an object in the visual view and it will be highlighted in the code editor. The easiest way to do this is to use the BI Graph bean and connect this to an XML data source. I discovered just the facts I already searched in all places and just wasn’t able to come across. This is relatively easy to do and as part of the BI Beans 10g samples we already provide a UIX example that shows how to connect a BI Graph bean to an XML data source.
Now we have added a JSP example.Using a very simple JSP page we can add a new BI Graph bean and render this with data from an XML data source. The property inspector and structure window also work the same way to help you customize your pages. Like this site your site is 1 of my new most-loved.I such as this knowledge proven and it has provided me some sort of inspiration to have achievement for some reason, so keep up the wonderful do the job! The Application Navigator provides a level of abstraction when viewing the project content breaking it into specific components.
Set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to point to your JDK directory (The complete JDeveloper installation comes with a JDK directory at [jdev-root]\jdk) and run the server.bat file.
This will call the following code:For this example we connect to the Scott schema and select data from the EMP table.
The connection details to the instance are coded into this example; however, these could be stored and loaded from another file if required. Note here the lack of a BIDesigner connection, this is an area that also generates a lot of questions on the forum.

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