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Es una dedicatoria a los grandes exitos de las ultimas decadas, se pretende dar un repaso a lo mejor de los 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, y 00s. It’s the first time that Smash Mouth have been to Australia and the tour kicks off tonight in the Gold Coast. Yeah, Carson Daly was a huge fan of the band and loved to hang out with us, we did everything together. Obviously you would’ve had a bit of faith in your own songwriting abilities, but even more, you must have seen a gap in the music industry where Smash Mouth were going to fit in and be successful? I was recently watching a music documentary and Dexter from The Offspring was talking about “overnight success” and how he dealt with it.  ‘Walking on the Sun’ was a massive number one hit. I was raised pretty different so to me I never took it like “I’m better than everyone”, I took it like holy shit, it’s starting to come together and I’m going to be working my ass off, and that’s basically what happened. Some of your songs and covers have been featured for movie soundtracks, and you guys gained worldwide popularity when a few of your tracks were featured in Shrek. While we were making our third record, Tom Whalley, who signed us, came to the studio and stopped what we were doing and said “hey, I really need you guys to record this song called ‘I’m A Believer’.
You don’t consider yourself to be a person stuck to just one genre, the band’s gone from ska to poppier stuff and you have even given country music a go. Not yet, we’re still working on promoting the most recent record, we haven’t even put out the second single to it, but we hope for that to be released around summer.
Smash Mouth perform at the Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, on Sunday March 10, 2013, and the Entrance Leagues Club on Thursday March 14, 2013. Recent CD Reviews[CD Review] KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Nonagon InfinityNonagon Infinity opens the door – opens the door to what? Recent Interviews[INTERVIEW] THE ANGELSThey’re undeniably one of Australia’s greatest ever rock ‘n’ roll bands. Browse Film Reviews[Film Review] GRIMSBYSasha Baron Cohen has quite and unusual sense of humour that tends to shock and make you cringe at times. Sean Frazer chats to lead singer and chief songwriter Steve Harwell about their first tour in Australia, their road to success and how to make it in the music industry. We’ve become pretty good friends with the representatives that have been hired to hang out with us. We’ve also had a few personal problems that have happened that we’ve had to take care of which was really unfortunate because Australia is one of the top two places that I’ve been wanting to tour.
He then told us a time that he was going to be playing the track on-air and my mate Greg and I were sinking a few beers and we heard the song come on.

When the record was completed I knew that we had something different, I knew that there was nobody on the radio that had that sound. I don’t think I even had time to think about what was happening because we were thrown on tour within two weeks of getting signed and we were on a bus before you could blink, I didn’t come home for two years!  We were just gone!
Our record was just out and at the same time ‘All Star’ was sitting at number one on the charts and they asked if they could put that song in the movie and pay us a bunch of money. He told us that DreamWorks had had another band record it but it didn’t come out the way that they would have liked and now they wanted us to record it. It was a natural thing for me; I felt that I had a bit of a knack to do that kind of stuff [Rap].
But before we do anything else, I’m going to finish up my country record which I’ve funded myself over the past three years and it’s something that I just have to do and I’m really close to finishing it.
Playing the funny girl, young Amanda Bynes was the saving grace for many misfits and seemed to promise the potential of a better future. They took us to a cool party last night; we got to hang out with the guys from Skull Candy and Quicksilver.
And I thought that it was going to get cancelled again and I was like “NO, this can’t happen”. I hear that Carson Daly (American television and radio personality) was a big part of the band’s initial success? Not long after it was first played on radio, the song started spreading real quickly up and down the coast of California. I thought that we were either going to be kicked out of the station or it was going to work. As you’re playing these venues it really hits you when the crowds are getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
I didn’t realise how big it was because we had put the song in a previous movie called Mystery Men and used the footage from that movie to make the video clip for the song. We put ‘I’m A Believer’ on the record that we were recording and when Shrek came out, that song became a hit too and it just took off like crazy all over again. I got signed to a record label while doing the rap thing but the record label was shady and I wasn’t feeling it. ADVERTISEMENT The Beginning Of MySpaceBefore, you knew who your friends were because you hung out with them everyday at school.
SaludosLos datos biograficos que aqui se muestran son obtenidos de fuentes como wikipedia, y otras paginas webs al igual que los archivos de audio.

We’re getting ready to rock out tonight finally, it feels like I’ve been here for a week but I’ve only been here three days!
After it was played,we got a call from Bam Magazine, which was California’s version of the Rolling Stone, they called me and said that they wanted to do a photo shoot with us. We finally made the record and Carson had been hired to be the morning DJ at K-ROCK in Los Angeles, which was the biggest alternative rock station in the country. With MySpace, you had the option to rate them online, flirt with strangers and customize your profile. I’d made friends with a heap of program directors and A&R guys to the point that after two years I could pick the phone up and call Kevin Williams from Warner Bros Music and I wouldn’t be waiting or being told that he was “busy”, they’d get me straight on the phone to him. So I was able to get out of my record deal and I went straight to my manager and said that I wanted my own band, I want to sing in the band.
We went and did the photo shoot and I asked the photographer “where is the photo going to go in the magazine?” and he said “it’s going on the cover” and I was like “what…. Pretty much straight away, every record label in LA was trying to find me, that day we were the most requested band at 5pm. I really worked on building as many relationships that I could so that by the time we did go down and showcase in LA at places like The Roxy Theatre, The Whiskey, The Viper Room or wherever it may be, everybody was there. I knew that he was also managing another band and I was interested in taking two guys from that band to start my new one. People who had access to this technology noticed their friend requests rocket and access to power boom.
All the other bands on the bill would be like “why are all these fucking A&R people here?” So we just really built a great relationship with the industry. Paul (Paul De Lisle, bass) and Greg (Camp, guitar) knew that I had a record deal on a legitimate major label and they decided to join the band not long after because they had been trying to get a record deal for years. We got to see the issue get printed and saw all these big pallets filled with this magazine that had Smash Mouth all over the front cover.

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