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Does your internet connection speed sometimes seem so slow that you might as well be communicating over two tin cans connected by string?
Every now and then you might find that it is taking an unusually long time to load a website.
Testing your Internet connection speed can help troubleshoot any connectivity problems that you may be having.

Sometimes you’re out and about and want to test the speed of a free public wifi hotspot on your phone or other mobile device. How to Stop Apps Advertising on YouR Twitter AccountHas a third-party app hijacked your Twitter account and is secretly inserting links into your tweets? No entanto, talvez nao saibam que o SpeedTest tem uma aplicacao para android (e ainda para iOS, mas isso aqui nao interessa nada).

Com esta aplicacao podemos medir a velocidade da nossa ligacao a internet, quer seja atraves de Wi-Fi ou 3G, guardando todos os resultados dos testes no equipamento e ainda nos permite exporta-los para um ficheiro CSV e enviar por email.

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