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That anarchism and disorderliness will allow UN and AU to deploy more troops to South Sudan with a view to control the situation and taking over the affairs of the country and implement trusteeship or may be allow the participation of some neutral and moderate South Sudanese politicians to work with the UN and AU temporarily to run the transitional government leading to an election sometimes in 2020s if trusteeship is not a popular option. The other option may be, the government will allow the UN’s regional deployment but again will continue to sabotage implementation of peace by shifting to skirmishing the opposition forces rather than implementing the agreement. The IO forces might be obliged to attack Juba in self-defense as claimed and might sustain the war for sometime if their presence around Juba is in large number with enough weapons and ammunitions as alleged but the main dilemma would be the challenge of controlling Juba when Kiir’s forces are attacking them on one side or different directions.
Alternatively, the only hope for South Sudan to avert trusteeship is by forging a large democratic coalition that comprises of all ethnic groups to revolutionize the war and efforts to stabilize the country diplomatically and politically but will depend on the expedite involvement of the UN and AU to maintain peace in South Sudan.
The writer was a former Political Affairs Officer at South Sudan Liaison Office in Canberra, Australia and a PhD candidate at Monash University, Australia.
NyamilepediaMalual Community Development Association(MCDA) Juba National Capital of South Sudan. The Republic of Kenya is a nation located in East Africa with a southeastern border on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In April 2009, a coalition of women's organizations known as G-10 called on Kenya's women to boycott the bedroom. Excavations in Kenya's Rift Valley have discovered the remains of human ancestors more than one million years old, and many paleontologists believe that it was from this area that humans eventually evolved and spread out across the globe.

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Some measure of whitening can be achieved using basic dental techniques such as scale and polish. However, they can still engage differently to bolster regional and international efforts to implement peace in South Sudan. That proposal by the government has been seen as a way to manipulate the mandate of force and possibly allow them a ground to negotiate some of the provisions of deployment to suit their interests mainly to incapacitate peace implementation. Ateny Wek yesterday on Aljazeera news network revealed that government’s clear intentions to object and obstruct the deployment of regional force.
Sovereignty represents pluralism of South Sudanese ethnic diversity and not subject to one ethnic group as claimed by president Kiir and the cohorts.
Hence, it is subject to peoples’ will to withdraw their mandate once they have lost confidence in their leaders.  Clear examples were the persecution, oppression, raping and the planned extrajudicial killing of Nuer citizens, Chollo, Equatorians and Fertit ethnic groups in Bhar El Gazal by the so-called government forces in the broad day light while the whole world was watching. The only means for him to resume temporary powers is through committing to the current peace agreement. First, the government may insist on its rejection of regional force and the UNSC might not change its decision to send forces. The war may not start in Juba but it may occur in peripheries and then escalates to Juba or it might even start there like what happened in July 2016 in J1. Therefore, restoring peace and order would be another challenge for IO once they have managed to capture Juba which in turn will prompt the International Community to get involved and settle the situation through the previously mentioned scenarios.
There is a lot that needs to be accomplished in order to reboot South Sudan and establish a viable political system and rule of law. It is not right when you are a rebel and using highest South Sudan’s diplomatic passports ,while most of them are thieves.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Kenya is bordered by five other African nations: Uganda, Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Sudan.
The sex strike was held in order to protest political gridlock in the strained government coalition led by President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. I want to impart knowledge to the local DJs and music producers.” These were the words of South Africa-based Black Coffee on the sidelines of his show on Saturday night. Every workout is trialled and tested at our Headquarters before it gets released into the market. You will find on this web site information about one on one personal training, group training, in home training, Mike's fitness boot camps, schedules, pricing, registration, testimonials, and much, much more. More advanced techniques require the use of laser and technology and home user whitening kits. He wasn’t voted into the office in the claimed 2010 elections by his Dinka ethnic group alone but the process involved all South Sudanese regardless of their ethnic backgrounds.
Unfortunately, the President has shown negative attitudes towards signing and implementing peace accord.

In that case, president Kiir’s forces will continue attacking the opposition forces to the extent that the war will escalate all over the country again with an intention to remove the regime that has lost its mandate and is persecuting its own subjects. The government is lacking the political will to implement peace and therefore will work hard to scrap it and reverse the country back to war. Therefore, involvement of the international community is a vital aspect of stability in South Sudan whether through trusteeship or including South Sudanese in governing their country. Eventually all had enough (the population had emough a long time ago but have been prevented to say so by lack of free press and threat of killing).
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The role of the UN forces will be limited to protection of civilians and installations but might go beyond combating forces that are seen to be disturbing peace. Therefore, the UN and the AU will seek an alternative means to govern the country and restore peace and security.
But the 20th and 21st Centuries have been characterized by advancing secularism and moral decline. The UN and regional forces will attempt to restore law and order as South Sudan will become lawless and out of control. This is so that I can do workshops with local DJs and producers and teach them about the industry and about music,” he said.Black Coffee said in the workshops he would tell people on the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. Machar and President Kiir to work together to implement the current peace deal because of lack of confidence and trust that had accumulated for a very lengthy time.
This youngest generation can be accurately described as post-Christian; most are thoroughly secularized and ignorant of biblical truth. The aging population and overall spiritual malaise contribute to a general decline in youth ministries, but a new spiritual curiosity is starting to build. Even though he has to share his small room in the athletes village with the office for the Kosovo team's chief of mission, he's not complaining."If I can help them, I will be happy. In addition, President Kiir intends to dominate power as long as his whims will allow him to stay. Culturally relevant youth-focused ministry is as vital as ever.b) The indigenous Saami peoples (20,000-25,000 in Sweden) of Lapland in the north speak four languages, and at least some of them retain their traditional culture. Translating the Bible and publishing Christian materials in Saami is a slow and expensive process; praise God for the NT completed in two Saami languages. Pray that there might be an authentic Saami expression of the Church.c) European immigrants from former Communist nations are one of the faster-growing groups. We should stop trying to be like Americans and Europeans and start localising and using platforms that can uplift people,” he said.Black Coffee said gaining knowledge about one’s business was the key to his success. Pray for genuine Christian witness and ministry to the spiritually needy Bosniaks, Serbs, Poles, Russians and others.d) Muslims have grown from a handful in 1960 to around 330,000 in 2010. I met one of them today I was saying to him where have they been since I was given the CD with the tracks,” he said.On the night Black Coffee showed that he is still the brand to beat in the house entertainment industry when he gave a mind-blowing two-hour performance at Horizon Pub and Grill in Bulawayo on Saturday night. Large swathes of these populations never learn Swedish or successfully enter employment, potentially creating a Muslim underclass. As soon as he took over the decks, the mood changed and revellers filled the dance floor as he was performing from behind the pool and a tent was covering the DJ’s booth.Those in the VIP section had an opportunity to take selfies of each other with Black Coffee after the show. Hlabangana wanted Mntambo to perform just before Black Coffee went on the decks, while Mdlongwa had put her on an earlier slot.When Chronicle Entertainment spoke to the two parties they both did not have kind words for each other.
Pray for more awareness, more workers and more resources for this challenging task.e) East and South Asian peoples, of nearly 35 nationalities, number from 6 to 15,000, depending on the group.

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