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You get from A to Z as per your liking and things get delivered in solid packing without the least fear of damage on the way. In another unique feature of this site, this e-commerce site also makes available to you the services from restaurants, spa and entertainment events. It gives you services for availing so many good products through multiple payment-making options.
Give your Order ID in the first box, email ID or telephone number in the second and third boxes and then click on submit. You can also know the current status of your Snapdeal order by calling to the customer care no. Sir i booked one sweater book from Snapdeal on 15th of Dec and they said that your order is ready and dilearved any time within 12 hour.
Karbonn has announced the launch of three new Android smartphone A9, A7 and A5 along with Smart Tab 1 in the country today. Karbonn A9, A7 and Smart Tab 1 are already available in the market, and A5 will soon go on sale.
Karbonn Mobiles, which has redefined telecom mobility across the world with its range of affordable and technologically rich mobile products, has announced its refreshingly new gamut of operations under the brand extension of ‘Karbonn Smart’.
Entailing to create a distinctive niche’ for the smartphone and tablets segmentation in the highly engaged Indian mobile market, Karbonn Mobiles has introduced its nuevo brand extension christened ‘Karbonn Smart’ under whose umbrella the new range of technologically advanced products from the stable will be marketed. It is in continuation of this technological marvel that Karbonn Mobiles introduces the Karbonn Smart Tab 1 which is definite to bring about a technological revolution in the already dynamic Indian Tab market.
Servicing the needs of the ever prospering smartphone market, Karbonn Mobiles has also introduced its latest range of smartphones which includes the Karbonn A9, the Karbonn A7 and the Karbonn A5; making it one of the most technologically advanced mobile phone ranges to look out for.

On the new brand extension of Karbonn Mobiles, Shashin Devsare, Executive Director, said, “After creating an unprecedented buzz in the national and international market by bringing in technologically advanced and feature rich product range for the masses, we at Karbonn Mobiles intend to engage the audience with our latest offering of the ‘Karbonn Smart’ ecosystem.
Pradeep Jain, Managing Director, Karbonn Mobiles, says on the way forward, “Karbonn Mobiles aims to massify technology and is envisioned as a brand which is here to stay. With the purchase, Snapdeal seeks to obtain a strong position in the fast-growing e-commerce industry in India. Doozton helps online shoppers to pick out clothes and complete outfits for various occasions. I am glad about this acquisition by Snapdeal, which will allow for a much larger canvas for our mission of enabling intuitive and fun merchandising of fashion products,” Doozton-founder Singh said. Initially, Snapdeal started out as a daily deals platform but developed into the largest online market place of India.
As of now, it has grown in to a full-fledged e-commerce website.  With successive additions of products, it has become a complete e-commerce site in every respect. The best part about this the Snapdeal is that you get your products deliver at your door step in 3-5 working days which is faster than any other e-commerce sites in India. This facility has helped a number of local manufacturers and sellers to sell their products through snapdeal. In the announcement, the New Delhi based conglomerate has also stated the launch of its revolutionary product range encompassing the ‘Karbonn Smart Tab 1’ and ‘Karbonn A9’ Smartphone along with a range of affordable and technologically advanced networked devices, which will help strengthen its position as a global leader of affordable mobile solutions. Intended to become a one-stop-shop for all the technologically advanced needs of the highly enlightened Indian mobile consumer, the ‘Karbonn Smart’ eco-system will make them privy to all the technical and mechanized developments in the Indian mobile ecology.
We wish to solidify our positioning as a major player in the technologically advanced networked devices market, and intend to make engaged mobility solutions a reality for the consumers around the world.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.Snapdeal, the biggest e-commerce marketplace of India, purchased Doozton, a start-up that was founded less than one year ago.
At Snapdeal, we have seen a 10x growth in our fashion categories in the last 12 months, and we foresee the benefits of this acquisition will further boost this growth,” said Snapdeal co-founder Rohit Bansal. Users can ’Dooze’ fashion-items that they found, which can be compared to a Like or recommendation, and collect them in their online wardrobe. Since its founding, Snapdeal received funding by several investment agencies for an estimated total amount of $240 million, including eBay’s $134 million investment in the beginning of 2014. The acquisition follows less than two months after an estimated $134 million investment by eBay in Snapdeal. Based on the principle of affiliate marketing, Doozton’s earnings are generated by users that eventually make a purchase at one of the online shops included in Doozton’s fashion suggestions. The online marketplace uses this funding to obtain a strong position in the growing and highly-competitive online Indian fashion retail market.
An improving Internet infrastructure will make it easier for India’s 200 million online population to shop from their homes.

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