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The Australian women's water polo team is being quarantined after a gastro outbreak only days before the Rio 2016 Olympics begins.
The Stingers had been training in Italy in recent weeks before flying to Brazil, ahead of their first game against Russia on Tuesday, local time.Chiller said the sickA team members - who have not been named - would beA isolated in an area of the athletes' village that normally houses Australian team officials. A A A cartoon depicting a group of scrawny Indian people trying to eat solar panels in The Australian has attracted criticism in India and at home, with public figures and media commentators labelling it "racist" and trading in dated stereotypes. A cartoon depicting Indians eating solar panels is accused of being racist and has caused outrage in Australia and India. But the newspaper's new editor-in-chief has stood by the illustration and argued its target was not India but climate change activists.The cartoon, published in Monday's edition of The Australian to coincide with the end of the Paris Climate Conference, showed a group of thin 'Indians' clad in turbans and huddled on the ground, angry about being delivered boxes of solar panels.

As one man hits the box with a mallet, another says "It's no good you can't eat them", while a third responds "Hang on, let me try one with a bit of mango chutney."The image, by veteran cartoonist Bill Leak, attracted condemnation in Australia as well as in India and Britain overnight, with stories in outlets including the UK Telegraph, The Hindustan Times and the Times of India, as well as on social media. The country's prime minister, Narendra Modi, stressed the need for an agreement that was fair to developing countries at the recent Paris talks, saying climate change "was not of our making" but was the result of fossil fuel-propelled progress in developed countries.The new editor-in-chief of The Australian, Paul Whittaker, stood by the cartoon, which was published on his first day at the helm of the national paper after a move from Sydney tabloid The Daily Telegraph.
It's plausible that the emaciated, rag-clad villagers from his cartoon would be able to teach Leak a thing or two about solar energy. Critics took exception both to the depiction of the characters in the cartoon, which was captioned 'Aid a la Mode', as well as the perceived suggestion that India was technologically backwards. But it also has a burgeoning renewable energy sector, and reached 4 gigawatts of solar capacity earlier this year, according to a recent report in Forbes.
Sunita Narain, director-general of the New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment, was quoted in The Hindu saying the cartoon showed "the factual position of poor countries after the deal"."The poor of the world including the Indian poor have been handed a raw deal, and the responsibility for low carbon emissions, while the rich are not doing the same.

The Sydney Morning Herald last year apologised for the depiction of a Jewish character in a cartoon about the war in Gaza, which editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir said constituted a "serious error of judgment".In the midst of that furore, the ABC's Media Watch also condemned what they described as an "equally contentious" cartoon by Leak depicting a Palestinian militant in army fatigues sending his child "out to play" to "win the PR war". Our readers would have - and, in fact, have - understood this."The cartoon was also condemned in Australia, with Tasmanian Labor senator Lisa Singh, the country's first parliamentarian of Indian heritage, saying it "shows complete ignorance of India and insults every Indian". The Australian rejected the comparison between the two cartoons in a subsequent editorial, saying Leak's cartoon was about Hamas, not Palestinians in general, and was a "thoughtful provocation about an unpalatable truth".The New York Times apologised for a cartoon published in 2014 about India's Mars Mission, which depicted the nation as a man in a turban pulling a cow on a leash, knocking at the door of an 'Elite Space Club'.

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