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A pill-sized camera which would travel through the gut looking for signs of disease is being developed by scientists. It will contain a micro-chip which functions as a camera, producing pictures which would either be beamed directly to a computer or be collected after the capsule has passed through the body.
The capsule, which builds on technology developed by NASA to measure temperature inside astronauts' bodies, would take the place of endoscopes traditionally used by doctors to see inside patients. It is hoped the tiny camera will be able to pick up the presence of chemicals, called metabolites, which indicate a particular disease is present.
Dr David Cumming, lecturer in electronics and electronic engineering at Glasgow University, said: "It will be sufficiently small to be comfortably swallowed by any normal patient.

A combination of two existing, proven technologies - cameras on chips and mini, portable devices for analysing data - are being combined for the first time in the "lab-in-a-pill", as it has been dubbed by Dr Cumming and colleagues. A mini-lens on the tip of the capsule would be connected to a tiny "engine" running off electrical signals. Developing the power source is a key challenge facing the scientists, who are applying for a grant of ?1.4m from the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council to develop the capsule. Dr Cumming said the technology could eventually be used to allow diagnosis by GPs rather than hospital consultants, or even for the patients themselves to collect data. A small, pill sized video camera is swallowed, recording vision of your small intestine as it passes through.

The procedure is very safe, non-invasive and complications are very rare when a specialist gastroenterologist performs the test. If attending Direct Endoscopy for Capsule Endoscopy, please click on the link below and carefully read the preparation information.
An antenna would take in the electric signals and send out the data collected and the "brain" behind the whole system would be a micro-chip operating with hi-tech fluids.

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