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The default text size used by Terminal app in OS X can be quite small if you’re using a large resolution display. The simplest and quickest way to increase (or decrease) the text size shown for Terminal app is using keystrokes with the Command and Plus or Minus keys. If these command keyboard shortcuts sound familiar to you, it’s likely because you may have used them before for the same font size changes in browsers like Safari, Chrome, TextEdit, and many other apps. As we mentioned, this is a session based approach to adjusting terminal text size, which can make viewing command line details significantly easier to read.
If you’re doing this to make the command line look a bit more attractive, keep in mind there are plenty of other ways to improve the appearance of Terminal app and make it more readable too. Most Web browsers include functionality to let you increase or decrease the text in a Web page. Alt + Shift + Tab X X X X X X X X Switch backwards between open applications.
Alt + double-click X X X X X X X Display the properties of the object you double-click on. Ctrl + Tab X X X X X X X X Switches between program groups or document windows in applications that support this feature. X X X X X X X X Create a screen shot only for the program you are currently in. Ctrl + Alt + Del X X X X X X X X Reboot the computer and brings up the Windows task manager. Ctrl + Shift + Esc X X X X Immediately bring up the Windows task manager.
Alt + Esc X X X X X X X Switch Between open applications on taskbar.
F5 X X X X X X X Refresh Contents to where you were on the page. Ctrl + F5 X X Refreshes page to the beginning of the page. Shift + F10 X X X X X X X Simulates right-click on selected item. F4 X X X X X X X Select a different location to browse in the Windows Explorer toolbar. F6 X X X X X X X Move cursor to different Windows Explorer pane. Alt + Space bar X X X X X X X X Drops down the window control menu. Alt + Enter X X X X X X X Opens properties window of selected icon or program.
Alt + Space bar X X X X X X X Open the control menu for the current window open.

Holding Shift X X X X X X X X Boot Safe Mode or by pass system files as the computer is booting.
Holding Shift X X X X X X X When putting in an audio CD, will prevent CD Player from playing. Alt + Down arrow X X X X X X X Display all available options on drop down menu.
X X X X X X X Expands all folders on the currently selected folder or drive in Windows Explorer. Below is a listing of Windows keys that can be used on computers running a Microsoft Windows operating system and using a keyboard with a Windows key.
WINKEY + UP ARROW When in the side by side viewing mode, this shortcut takes the screen back to full size. Shift+Right-Click on a file: Adds Copy as Path, which copies the path of a file to the clipboard.
Shift+Right-Click on a folder: Adds Command Prompt Here, which lets you easily open a command prompt in that folder .
Change+Give a blow to the secondary key of the mouse on in a file: Add the copy as the road, that copies the road of a file to the briefcase. The Mac Messages app has long had the ability to change the text size and font of your messages and conversations, but the adjustment functions have changed a bit in OS X El Capitan and Yosemite. Fortunately, changing the size of the messages text is really easy, so if you think the default choice of text is too small or too big, you can very quickly adjust the text size of conversations within the Messages app using either a slider or keyboard shortcuts.
Note that both the text size slider and keyboard shortcuts will hit the same maximum font size and minimum font size limitation.
Changing the text size can be helpful if you find the Messages text size to be too small or too big to read comfortably by default.
A similar trick can be used on the iOS side of things if you find the iPhone messages font to be too small or too large as well. I’d really love help in figuring out if there is any way to enlarge ALL the text on the screen itself.
I too agree OS X needs a global setting to increase font size, especially as we move to Retina screens and larger monitors. I’m 57, do wear glasses, don’t have a retina iMac, and I really don’t have any problem with reading the fonts onscreen. You can change the font face in Messages on Yosemite now, as well as the specific size, but you can’t seem to change the weight. What I really miss is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to change the style of any word or sentence in the text message (bold, underline, italic).
While you can change the font to be better suit your preferences, and increasing the line spacing helps reading too, another simple solution to boost readability is to simply increase the text size shown on screen while visiting the command line.
This will adjust the size of the display font for the currently active terminal session, but it does not change the default font size for new terminal windows or sessions, making this more of a quick solution for when you need to increase readability.

Thus, if you want to go smaller for whatever reason, or you made the text size too big with the prior keystroke, hit Command+Minus (-) key to reduce it. You can instantly return to the active Terminal profiles default text size by hitting Command+Zero. Much like the instant Preferences shortcut, this is not quite universal, but so many apps use the Command+ and Command- trick to adjust the visible fonts that it’s nearly universal for performing that function.
If you want to change the displayed text size permanently, you’d need to adjust the Font itself, which also offers precise controls for font size, font family, and font weight. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
You are an expert and a scholar at leaving irrelevant and useless comments, surely you have this level of commitment to the command line. You can change, e.g Basic Terminal fonts size from 14 to 18, but after you restart Terminal app, the setting with return to 14. The following table explains where and how to change the text size in different Web browsers. In Messages under OS X, you now have the option to increase or decrease the size of the San Francisco or Helvetica Neue system font used in conversations, but there is no longer an ability to change the actual font face or font weight.
Tap each repeatedly to go to the maximum size text, or the minimum size text, respectively. The minimum size looks to be about size 6, whereas the maximum font size appears to be around size 18.
Another tweak which may help some users without a retina display is to change the font smoothing anti-aliasing setting in OS X Yosemite too. Starting with the signin on my computer (new Mini, older asus monitor), it’s all just too small. Adjusting all font sizes is an Accessibility feature that is sorely needed in OS X, but Apple has long ignored it for whatever reason. So, OS X needs a similar overwhelming feedback (outrage) campaign otherwise nothing will be done regarding the inadequate font and text accessibility in OS X. It’s worth noting that setting Increased Contrast makes no difference on the messages conversation appearance, though it will impact how user interface elements appear within the Messages window, and will prevent the transparent effect of the message window and sidebar. This has been highly desired by many users but they have not voiced their opinion adequately and directly to Apple to be heard.
By using this shortcut, you will be able to copy sentences, words, pictures and even number.
For using this take a short cut, will be capable of copy sentences, words, cinemas and even number.

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