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Visual tools used to design business models, made popular by the Business Model Generation book by Alex Oxterwalder and Yves Pigneur.
KEY PARTNERS:  Businesses, institutions and professional who?s existence is necessary or important for the development of the business model. VALUE PROPOSITIONS: Are the characteristics of a company?s products and services which meet the needs of its customers while also providing differentiation over the competition. KEY ACTIVITES: Collective important activities used to develop the business plan, utilizing the key resources to generate the value proposition, presentation to clients and establish necessary relationships. CHANNELS:  Express the forms in which the value proposition is presented to the client, both directly and indirectly including support such as pre-sale and post-sale (which play a vital role in the value proposition).

REVENUE STREAMS: Ways in which the company can generate revenue through the value chain for each customer segment.
If you would like to learn more about each individual section, we recommend reading the original book, “Business Model Generation”, as well as attending one of the many events and seminars the group offers worldwide. With Plan Presto, creating canvases based on the “Business Model Canvas” is easy, simply go to the Visual Tools for Entrepreneurs explorer and you are ready to get started.
Export the canvas in PDF or image formats, along with being able to print various sizes without losing quality. There are also a variety of digital tools that help you track your work on the Business Model Canvas and other related canvases.

Usually, the value chain tends to determine the groups based on the company?s business model (different levels of relationships, various distribution channels, and various revenue streams).

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