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Camera Details about Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera, secondary camera, front camera, flash, image resolution, video resolution and camera features.
User Memory Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's call records, phonebook, internal and external memory details.
Multimedia Multimedia features in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge like radio, games, music, 3.5 mm jack, hdmi port. Important Apps Does Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge support important apps like calendar, SNS, document viewer, voice commands and more? While the Samsung Galaxy S5 is far from being outdated, it’s slowly losing popularity due to the host of new devices coming out next month.
What the company really needs to go head-to-head with Apple is the next generation Galaxy S flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Our warriors will soon enter the ring, but which one of them can claim to be the better next generation flagship smartphone? Needless to say, Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything in regards to the S6 as of yet, but there are certainly plenty of rumors floating around.
In terms of the operating system, the iPhone 6 is pretty much guaranteed to run on the upcoming iOS 8, which is scheduled to launch this Fall. It’s difficult to pinpoint a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S6, but as mentioned, it is believed that Samsung will launch both their upcoming flagship smartphone and phablet a bit sooner than the previous versions.
As far as the S5 camera, if you are referring to mega pixels, yes, the S5 beats the iPhone.
What you did was bypass my valid point to reiterate you whining about pixels again when I never said they meant everything or disagreed with your point in the first place.
I said there is obviously more to a camera than mega pixels but saying they are meaningless is just as stupid as saying they mean everything. Im starting to think the iphone takes better pictures than the latest optical zoom canyon cameras, it just seems to take better pictures than anything on the market at the moment, going by reviewers remarks! The S5, especially the LTE-A version, is currently still the overall best phone there is out right now. It itself is the main competition to the upcoming iphone and definitely will remain better.
And the alpha may not tip the sales because of society and all the other available options, but overall is better as well. I like the part where he sounded like a dumbass when he said the camera has bad sensors and aperture.
Though it’s always recieved hate and been called laggy compared to others it was never true. Either way if it or they can be as loud or even louder than the Note 4 with same or better clarity and improved bass there would be no competition. So by GSMArena battery tests the S5 went from 78 to 83 hours on lollipop and Note 4 87 to 90.
Apple’s philosophy is very simple, create a great OS to optimize the hardware, then you can skimp on the hardware and charge $100-200 more than your competitors.
I switched from an iPhone 5 to a Galaxy S5 and honestly, it was the best descion I’ve ever made in my life. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. Hajek’s new iPhone 7 concept features a massive display that covers most of the front of the phone. All of this is wrapped up into a beautiful gunmental design that for many consumers is worthy of Apple’s real iPhone 7. While the iPhone 7 release isn’t likely for 2015, we should see Apple deliver a brand new iPhone. Samsung today launched the Galaxy Note 7, its much-anticipated successor to the Galaxy Note 5 and its next big Galaxy. The Galaxy Note 7 features a design that is similar to the Galaxy S7 edge, though it features less rounded corners. To better differentiate the Note 7 with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung will be offering the former in new color schemes.
In terms of sensors, the Note 7 packs in an iris scanner at the front which can be used to unlock the device. The rear of the Galaxy Note 7 features the same camera setup as the one found on the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy Note 7 comes with a redesigned S Pen that is capable of detecting 4096 pressure points and has a latency of less than 50ms. The Galaxy Note 7 will run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box with the new Grace UX version of TouchWiz on top of it. The Galaxy Note 7 will be available from August 19 in key markets in four colors: Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, and Black Onyx. Karalux, the gold-plating specialist, has revealed that it’s now offering 24K gold variants of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.
The Galaxy Note7 is one of the most anticipated phablets and leaks about the device started months ahead of the official launch event, which takes place on August 2. Other Galaxy Note7 specifications include a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED QHD display, 4GB RAM, and the same processor variants as available on the Galaxy S7.

In the reddit AMA leak, it was suggested that the S-Pen would get a few feature enhancements like users would be able to use it to translate words by hovering over them or mark areas in a video to create GIFs.
The publication also suggests that the Galaxy Note7 will be priced at Euro 850 (Rs 63,300 approximately) in France.
Apart from the Galaxy Note7, the publication also offers the first look at the new Gear VR headset that will be launched along with the phablet. The Galaxy Note7 is likely to go on pre-order soon after the unveiling on August 2 and will be available a couple of weeks later. With a larger display, softer curves and a rounded back, this phones feels great to hold in hand.
People are always looking for the next big thing and that’s definitely not the S5 anymore.
Normally I would say that we shouldn’t expect to see the device any time soon given that both the S4 and the S5 were released in late Q1 of 2012 and 2013, respectively.
Similarly, the iPhone 6 has also been the subject of many rumors and speculations with the most interesting one being that Apple will release two variants of their popular flagship this year. The OS comes with features such as iCloud Drive cloud storage, integrated Wi-Fi calling, Health Apps, QuickType, and Tips App among others. The Galaxy S5 made its debut back in April so its successor is said to arrive around March or even late February 2015 if we’re lucky. The iPhone 6 will cost no less than $850 for the 32 GB version according to most media outlets, which is pretty standard all things considered.
I don’t know all the other stuff you are ranting about, but boasting megapixels on a smartphone will not get knowledgeable camera users to bite, and it really is an insult to everyone.
All I was trying to communicate to you is, that when it comes to photography, Mega Pixels are not the most important factors. My favorite part is where he said the iPhone 5S’s 8mp camera is somehow better than the 13mp camera on the Galaxy S4. However you having the need to reply in such a miss leading manor shows that you were offended. There poorly optimized software and 1GB of ram has given them the continuing World Champion Tittle for the most app crashes for years in a row. If you’re in an apple ecosystem, then everything has to be apple and bought through apple. My only issues with the iphone devices is at times some of the people who buy the phone act as if it is the greatest things ever. An iPhone 7 release is likely more than a year away but designers are already envisioning the iPhone 7 design, specs, and more. This new iPhone 7 concept comes with a gorgeous but simple design reminiscent of Apple’s current iPhone 6 models. The device comes with a speaker grille on the bottom right, a Lightning port in the center bottom, and a headphone jack in the bottom left. Instead, the company is rumored to have a new version of OS X, iOS 9, a new streaming music service, and a new Apple TV up its sleeve for its annual developer event.
The handset takes strongly from the Galaxy S7 edge, but comes with the usual suite of Note features that have been improved further this time around.
The top and bottom of the device also does not have a slight curve likely to keep its height in check. However, as leaks have pointed, the feature does not work properly in low light and on people who wear spectacles. The new version of Samsung’s skin features a cleaner looking notification bar and less cartoonish icons. The handsets are anodized using the same process the firm previously adopted for Samsung’s former flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, but some of the steps have been slightly lengthened as the South Korean company has switched from A7000 to A6000 grade aluminium for its latest devices, which requires a more precise disassembly procedure.
A 24K Galaxy S7 will set you back an eye-watering $1705, while the 24K Galaxy S7 edge carries a price tag of $1930. The Galaxy Note7 will also come with an improved S-Pen, which now comes with 4,096 levels of pressure and a latency of less than 50 milliseconds, which means the experience would be similar to writing on paper with a pen. Users will also be able to use the S-Pen under water, or in other words Samsung has ensured that the Galaxy Note7 retain its water resistance even if the S-Pen is removed.
It will be interesting to see how Samsung prices it in India, considering it went pretty aggressive last year by launching the Galaxy Note 5 at Rs 53,900.
Considering the Galaxy Note7 is the first Samsung smartphone to come with a USB Type-C port, the old Gear VR headset won’t work with it. Also follow BGR India on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned with the latest technology news. Samsung has been steadily losing customers after the LG G3 was released and they will surely lose even more once Apple’s iPhone 6 is launched.
Although common knowledge by now, this is interesting because each model will compete with a similar device coming from Samsung. The later might be a bit of a stretch, but the former is definitely feasible and very likely to be actual resolution if you ask me.
While the larger version is said to come with better specs, the small iPhone 6 is definitely also an improvement over the current model. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will most likely run on the Android L as the latest version of the OS will definitely be released by the time the device comes out.
The iPhone 6 on the other hand will be announced in a matter of weeks at an Apple event scheduled to take place on September 9th.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to say anything about a possible price for the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it should stay relatively close to the price of the Galaxy S5, meaning $650 for the 16GB version and $700 for the 32GB model.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is certain to come with more processing power, display resolution and camera capabilities than the iPhone 6, but this is nothing out of the ordinary. I believe the iPhone still takes better pictures do to higher quality optics, and larger aperture. It overall takes better photos than any camera phone except 1020 and purview and possibly the k zoom.
Let’s wait and see what the final product is, but it better be far better than the s5 camera if they expect my business. It has features and security that other Android users wait to get in the next updates and that other are all imitating. The display, SoC, modem, radio chip, ram, memory, UI have all seen dramatic efficiency gains. If you want a phone you can customized, rooted and unlock bootloader, then android phones are for you. This is also another of Apple’s philosophy, Suck them in and make them buy everything from you.
Like the S7 edge, the Note 7 also features a curved Super AMOLED screen with Quad HD resolution. The device will come with 64GB of speedy UFS 2.0 based internal storage, a welcome change from the 32GB storage that almost every other flagship Android device offers. Other sensors include a heart rate monitor at the back, a fingerprint scanner embedded into the home button at the front, gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer. This is combined with Dual Pixel autofocus technology that will allow the handset to focus on subjects in almost real time. All images, logos and trademarks used on this site are property of their respective owners.
This suggests the Galaxy Note7 would be marginally narrower, which could be the result of the curved edge display and the lack of a side bezel. This includes not only announcing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in September, but also launching it during the same month. The flagship might also feature a flexible glass display, which would be very interesting to see indeed. However, Samsung is well-known for offering some of the best devices around when it comes to hardware so we can expected them to equip their upcoming flagship smartphone with truly impressive specs. Samsung has their own operating system called Tizen, but this will probably be reserved for wearable devices seeing as how the first Tizen-based smartphone, the Samsung Z has yet to be launched and rumor has it that we shouldn’t expect to see it any time soon. We might see an increase in cost depending on how many improvements Samsung throws at it, nothing too crazy though. Apple will once again rely on customers who prefer iOS instead of Android to sell millions of units and we can’t really blame them for than. The curve on the 5.7-inch screen, however, is less pronounced which should make it less of an ergonomic disaster than they are on the S7 edge. The redditor had earlier mentioned that the edge is less pronounced than on the Galaxy S7 and is more comfortable to hold.
It also offers a wider angle of vision (110 degrees compared to 96 degrees on the first generation Gear VR). That being said, it’s possible that the Korean giant might also launch the Samsung Galaxy S6 a bit early to compensate for the poor sales of the S5 during the third quarter of this year.
However, most sources claim that this is just wishful thinking and we shouldn’t expect to see the flagship sooner than September 19th.
The iPhone 5s was the best selling smartphone in 35 countries by the end of May with the Galaxy S5 coming in closely behind on second place.
Just because a given phone camera is 12, 16, 20 MP does not mean squat if all the other components are garbage! In fact I hope that Apple keeps putting out great phones, so I end up with a better Galaxy Note in my hand every 2 years or so. The company will be offering up to 15GB of free cloud storage space to Note 7 users for storing their data. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is also said to be announced on September 9th, but this larger version will probably only launch later this year or even in early 2015 as to not enter direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from the get-go.
The next generation of flagships might end up ranking similarly, but we’ll just have to wait and see. And just like the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the Note 7 features an IP68 certification that makes it dust and water-resistant for up to 30 minutes in 1.5m of water. I switched to apple on iP5 while I still had my GS4 and it’ll take more than pseudo specs to get me back!
The GS5 is so far down in sales they are giving it out buy one get one free, and are thinking of rebranding.

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