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It has only released Marshmallow for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge today but it shouldn’t take too long for the update to arrive for the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5 at least in South Korea. Millenium36 months 13 days agoI have the Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925K (Korean model, Olleh KT carrier version).
Like almost all other flagship smartphones nowadays, Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge have several color versions: three of them are common to both handsets (White Pearl, Black Sapphire, and Gold Platinum), while other two are unique (Blue Topaz for the S6, and Green Emerald for the S6 edge). Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge will be released around the world next month, starting April 10. Big G continua con il rilascio di nuovi aggiornamenti sui dispositivi Samsung della linea Galaxy. Well, after tons of speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has been announced and yes a€“ the double-sided curve is real. The Galaxy S6 edge is curved on both ends, but its arches are much shallower, leaving a thick enough frame on both sides of the phone for it to be comfortably held. Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ in South Korea, with the launch coinciding with the debut of Samsung Pay in the country. The Note 5 pricing is slated to be 899,800 Korean Won ($758) for the 32GB model, and and 965,800 Korean Won ($813) for the 64GB edition.
Samsung's contactless payment service is set to make its way to other regions around the globe over the course of the coming month.
Samsung is planning to release a New flagship Phablet this year, that will be called "Galaxy Note 5". According to the latest reports, Samsung will start manufacturing Ultra HD Super AMOLED display panels with a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels for Galaxy Note 5.
These panels will use "diamond pixel", a non-standard pixel matrix arrangement that is closer to PenTile, packing a 762ppi pixel density nobody would notice the individual pixels on the screen anyway. We already reported before that Samsung Mobile has already began mass production of a 20nm 4GB LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM memory chips.
These 4GB Ram chips will be Available by Late 2015 and it's reported that the Galaxy Note 5 will pack the same LPDDR4 4GB Ram chips.
Looking at Samsung's unpacked events date in the past 3 years, we can surely expect the Galaxy Note 5 to launch sometimes during the period between September - October this year [2015]. Well-known accessory maker Spigen just revealed four of its cases that are specifically made for Samsung's upcoming and unannounced Galaxy S6.
We have to mention that Spigen previously revealed the designs of other unannounced (at the time) handsets, including the LG G3, the HTC One (M8), and the Google Nexus 5. The release follows a brief beta test program in which users were allowed to sign up to test beta Marshmallow firmware.
Apparently, Instagram is using some system files that Google has restricted, and this is causing crashes when scrolling. Word is out from beta consultant that the 6.01 beta users WILL get the official 6.01 release in the UK this week !! And I wouldn’t recommend you to mess up with it, since it can end up on misery and tears. Not long after Samsung announced the S6 and S6 edge, we ran a poll to find out which color variants our readers preferred.
If you didn't get the chance to vote in our poll when it was open, you can certainly leave a comment to let us know which Galaxy S6 color you like best. However, it doesn't look exactly like, nor does it function in ways fully similar to the Galaxy Note Edge a€“ the first Samsung phone, which introduced the intricate curved screen, back in September, 2014.So, let's recap on the differences a€“ the Note Edge's curve is only on one side of the screen, to the right, and it runs deep into the phone's bezel, leaving room only for a thin thread of the phone's metal frame to go across from its top to its bottom.

That may be good and all, but the phone lacks the Edge panel functionality of the Note Edge.
The Galaxy Note 5 will be sold in White Pearl, Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum color variants, while the Galaxy S6 edge+ will be available in Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum options. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S6 edge+ is only listed with the 32GB variant, which will retail for 939,400 Korean Won ($790). As we used to every year, we are hearing a lot of rumors and reports about the Note 5 regarding the device's specifications, release date, hardware components.. We would like to remind that this is all rumors and reports that are not officially confirmed yet. Samsung's Semiconductor and Display Technology leaked road-map workshop last year hinted again at having higher-resolution UHD smartphone displays in the pipeline for late 2015. Using the 20nm manufacturing process, these LPDDR4 chips will be reportedly 50% faster than the fastest LPDDR3 memory chips on the market and consuming 40% less power (1.1 volts) too. The Korean giant will held a 2nd episode of it's 2015 Unpacked event for the Note 5 and will probably unveil a New Galaxy Gear VR and Gear Smartwatch.
All four cases are currently listed on Amazon, and include what could be the S6 itself inside. Have at it, and check out the rest in the slideshow below.Download all HTC One M9 official wallpapers here.
We’ve already posted a lot of images of all the interface changes and new features that are included in the Marshmallow update.
Given that it has started the rollout users in other markets may not have to wait for too long now.
Samsung has contacted Instagram about this issue and will resume the update process when everything is solved.
As you can see below, Green Emerald is the color that received the largest number of votes (1540), followed closely by Black Sapphire (1328 votes) and Gold Platinum (1277 votes). The curved display is home to various Edge panels, most of which act like active widgets a€“ for the calendar, for recent news reports, weather, data usage meter, S Pen apps and input, Favorite apps panel, active apps multitasking panel, and others. Now, this may be either due to the fact that the handset's arches are not as pronounced, or because Samsung decided to go a different route with the Edge ideology, but still, the S6 edge's curves are more about show than function. Of course, since the handset is encased in Spigen's products, we can't take a proper look at it, but we can clearly see its rear camera next to an LED flash and a heart rate sensor, plus its front side - including a home button, and various sensors above the display.The smartphone showed by Spigen kind of matches the images of the Galaxy S6 that we showed you earlier today, and yesterday. This information comes just one month before the alleged launch of the device at the Barcelona-hosted Mobile World Congress. They can still house a night clock, they can display your favorite contact, and some Samsung apps will still have the controls moved around to better fit the Edge concept.So, what do you prefer more? Samsung is expected to officially announce the Galaxy S6, as well as the Galaxy S Edge in early March.
La mise a jour vient de demarrer en Pologne et ne devrait plus tarder a atteindre toute l’Europe.
A deep, pronounced arch on one side of the screen, which tries to enhance experience with a variety of widgets and app shortcuts, or two shallow curves on both ends of the device, which have limited functionality, but look very classy?
Both smartphones should be powered by octa-core Exynos 7420 processors (with no Snapdragon 810 variants in sight), sporting Quad HD displays. This is a clear indicator that the tech company is looking towards user customization, a fact confirmed by the upcoming Theme Store. Samsung is also known for offering certain carriers the possibility of launching exclusive color variations, so that remains a possibility for the future.

What’s also interesting is that Dutch carrier Belsimpel has slipped a teaser page past us which shows some information about the upcoming device. The tech specs seem to have remained the same as those we’ve been hearing about for months now, though they have changed pretty drastically since the first rumors started rolling out. At this point, we speculate that there are multiple variations of the device with different designs, processors, colors, and more, but nothing is certain yet.
What we do know is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a huge improvement over the previous device, and it will be a total game-changer for the tech company. Most of the time you can find him hunting for the latest tech news, and new things to experiment with his gadgets. On a achete nos appareils avec une version X, la X+1 sort, le constructeur l’adapte, plus long si surcouche et on attend. La preuve le Note 5 a ete mise a jour en beta avec des gros bugs dans je sais plus que pays Donc ne pense pas voir la maj pour le Note 4 avant l’ete et je crois que ce fut le cas pour mon ex-Note 3qui me manque vicioso3Et si tous les constructeurs decidaient de mettre a jour leur tel le meme jour! Il yaura tellement de bruit ce jour la sniffarEt une plus grande obsolescence pour passe au s7 et s8 :) comme tous les constructeurs font !
Skworien sur SamMobile pour le moment… TrollmanJe viens de la recevoir sur mon oneplus x ! ALQUIMISTAOui ce matin en smart switch et la par internet juste pour voir apres vos commentaires. Il y a eu un boulot monstre de la part de Samsung et Google qui ont collabores ensemble pour obtenir cette ROM tres bien optimisee d’apres mes premieres impressions. Deverrouillage par empreinte eclair, fluidite extreme, refonte graphique propre, plus de Lags dans certaines interfaces sous L, le RAW, meilleure gestion de la Ram (enfin!).
S6 Edge Vincent VM Mammonetoujours rien de mon cote aussi, Sgs 6 edge nu… RAAAAAAAAAH ! WdiesBonjour, juste pour information (c’est ecrit lors de la mise a jour, mais on ne sait jamais).
Pour les telephones cryptes, il faut le decrypter avant de lancer la MaJ, car Android M ne peut decrypter un chiffrement fait sous Android L. BenoitJe voulais ajouter egalement que la charge rapide ce desactive maintenant a la fin du chargement.
Je pense que je vais le faire aussi tantot JulDesole pour ce retard je les pris juste au dessus le lien que ALQUIMISTA a poste. La fonction que je prefere est Google Now,un appui prolonge sur la touche d’accueil, que se soit sur une page internet ou sms et ils proposent pour un endroit connu par exemple, street view, maps, numero de telephone, site internet, wikipedia. Franchement au top JulBonsoir ALQUIMISTAAlors la aucune idee mes je c’est que elle et toujours pas disponible sur sammobile. De toute facon le firmware XEU est une firmware officielle europeenne avec la France inclus qui est sorti pour les allemands etc.
Hier,j’ai vu une emission sur la marque automobile Tesla avec leurs batteries qui tiennent beaucoup plus que les autres.
JulSi tu peut tester on pleine lumiere et dans un endroit sombre cela me fait juste dans un endroit sombre.

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